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  1. The price doesn't come into it, only how good the buggy performs, money is just RC paper ready to be exchanged !!
  2. Sorry to disappointed but I bought a Kyosho MP9E hahaha.....yeah I know, nothing like I was going to buy, strap a Flight max 4s lipo and have some fun....Cant wait. You know what, Ive just looked at the TRF201 and loved it....guess what...Ive bought one...OMG.... I have a spare mamba now as I have shelved my D4 due to getting fed up with the saddle packs so that will be perfect. I've also soooo blamed you to the other half and told her to email you to explain why she cant have her new washing machine just yet .. Am I still your hero?? LOL Zak...
  3. I was looking at at b4.1 just yesterday...... I have a lipo charger and quite a few buggies and trucks, from Tamiya to Traxxas to HPI but nothing associated. The Team Associated B4.1 Brushless RTR 2.4Ghz is only around £200 with a reedy 3300kv, does anyone know if the brushless reedy is any good....Ive only have mamba's but for the price would that be a good way to go or would I be wasting my money?? Thanks for all your replies so far, with so much choice its hard to know whats best to get, I wont be racing with this one either, this one is just for bashing and general fun with my eldest son... Cheers...
  4. Yeah maybe that is even worse than the fire dragon
  5. Yeah I was thinking of getting another 2wd buggy, so yeah I think thats the way Im going but which one is the question....maybe I could do a super upgrade to my DT-02 chassis lol
  6. Hello Mark...that mod and info is very useful to me and I will now be doing the same with mine....so thanks for that ! Real big help.
  7. Took a short break from RC but I have got £400 floating about to spend, Im after 2.4 ghz radio, lipo battery and some sort of kit/rtr off road buggy or truck, can you guys recommend anything?? Cheers Zak
  8. Hey gresh, looks like you are really getting into the hobby...dont forget the pics and good look with your new projects...its all good fun. My lunch box is finish and all mods done, its also brushless....crazy thing ..
  9. Hey JeepnMike...you'll have the mods after you saying stuff like that...although Its not as nice as the one I married lol...sssshhh
  10. Before anybody thinks about 4WD on a Monster Beetle, the first thing Tamiya need to do is replace those awful weak gears. That been said its better off been 2WD.
  11. Never had a slash but do have a Traxxas rustler VXL, they are very tough and loads of fun, yes there is better for handling but they really aren't that bad, no good for racing. hard to beat for bashing. Its not true you need loads of upgrades to make them good, they are very good stock,people that say this usually dont own one. The VXL series have all metal gears with a planetary diff, very strong gears. I put a mamba max 6900kv in running 2s lipo, over the top for the rustler and found the motor was to hot, geared 14/90 and with the alluminium tranny case thats the sweet spot, now everything is fine. I guess it depends what you want, the rustler, pede and bandit share lots of interchangeable parts, I made my rustler into a bandit (same chassis) but prefered the rustler so when back. For bashing you cant beat traxxas, very good value and you can get parts anywhere, if you want something a little better for handling then Id get the HPI firestorm flux, I have both but Id pick my rustler any day Sorry I cant help more with the slash. http://www.racersedgemachine.com/ http://www.rpmrcproducts.com/newprod/trxparts.htm My rustler vxl upgraded with rem and rpm....... the chassis has made a great difference, metal bearings in the bellcrank and a digital servo have made it handle pretty well.
  12. Today I received this beauty, top class ! Took me 4 hours to complete, cleaned everything and changed damper oil ect. Zak. So what have you done today?
  13. That is just terrible, really sorry to here that. Zak.
  14. I like the df03 wheels and tires, pretty cheap on ebay too, but yeah most modern wheels/tires will fit now as stated above .
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