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  1. Yup, made by Sharpie. I had a hard time finding one locally. Finally found one in one of the local office supply/art stores. The bigger box stores like Office Depot only had the larger tipped ones, which I don't think would work very well. Just make sure you get the "extra fine" tip.
  2. I use a Sharpie ultra fine white oil-based paint pen to do the lettering. Try it on an old tire to get the hang of it then do your good tires. It's pretty easy. I soak the wheels in bleach to rid the chrome as per some directions I found on another modeling website years ago. After an hour or so it required an old toothbrush to get it all off, but it wasn't much work at all, just some light scrubbing. I was gonna dye the wheels white, but I had some white paint laying around that I figured would look fine until I can find a deal on some original white wheels as they aren't nearly as hard to find as the tires.
  3. I picked these old Javelin wheels/tires up from Ebay a couple weeks ago. Tires had cracks and the chrome on the wheels was worn. Won the auction for only $6.50. I was curious to see if tire glue could work to somewhat restore these old tires and sure enough, it did. These things had some pretty bad cracking all over them and after dome tedious work with CA, the cracks are only noticeable if you are actually looking for them. The glue seems to be holding up rather well also, as I can flex the tires a lot and the cracks don't open back up. Painting the lettering white makes them even less noticeable. I then stripped the wheels of the remaining chrome and painted them white. Also, I set this car up with some electronics and a motor. An old Circus Hobbies 2channel JR radio system, a Novak T-4 ESC and a LeMans 360PT. It's like the 1980's all over again.
  4. Painted/decaled the standard Optima body yesterday and today. Turned out okay I guess. The blue is a bit darker and purple than I had though, but it doesn't look too bad. I'd like to find some original wheels and tires, but these Tamiya units will have to do for now.
  5. After a complete teardown and refurbish of the old parts as well as a few new parts thrown in, I finally painted the repro body yesterday and applied the decals late into last night. Got a couple pics outside and figured I'd share. Now I just need to paint the body to my standard Optima and finish the resto of my Optima Mid. It's the start of what I think will be a nice collection.
  6. The market decides/warrants the price. Whether people bid right at the beginning or at the end of the auction, they're going to pay what they think said part is worth. Usually, those that wait until the end of the auction are the ones that have the excessive money to spend anyway, killing the chances that the early dreamers think they have at getting a collectible item for way cheaper than market value.
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