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  1. BUMP! I've stuck this on eBay but thought I'd post a link to it here, just in case! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181575608819?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks.
  2. *BUMP* Shameless bump. I decided not to sell this after all the work went in but now I've changed my mind. This would be a sale for EVERY spare part/charger/batteries etc I have, and of course the car. That would be a pretty large box of stuff. I will list each component later but I believe a lot of it is already listed through the thread. Two years to make and countless hours spent. The car is in mint condition. I may end up stripping it down and selling each part seperatly as I'd probably get more for it that way but would rather it went all in one hit. Price wise? Offers
  3. My circumstances have changed and as a result I'm going to have to sale my MB. I'm not desperate for a quick sale and I'm more than willing to hang on to it until I can get a reasonable price. Full details of the car can be found here; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...mp;#entry431238 I've also got enough spares to pretty much build another care including a faster brushed motor and ESC etc. Too many items to take individual pics of but I'll put up a job lot pic shortly. I also have a few spares for a couple of other Tamiya's that would be included. I'll include a seperate pic of those though. Serious offers only please Any questions please ask.
  4. I think I'd keep some for use on this one but not most. I would have to go through them all to see what would also be required. All the other parts have been used as this was a runner.
  5. TBH the MB is the only Tamiya car I know anything about. I quite like another truck/off roader though. Thanks mate. The shell isn't perfect though and I had a mare getting the windows in etc and it's still not quite right! That's a tricky question! I know I'll not get back what I've spent on it that's for sure. I did a quick calculation for what I'd get if I stripped in down and sold it and I'm sure I could get over £500 doing it that way, probably more. I've also got two boxes of spares, nearly enough to build another car including ESC, motor, 6600mAh batteries etc.
  6. A swap for cash? Er, to be honest probably not but I'm interested in what it would be...
  7. Few more pics; Not sure what to do with it now! Seriously might sell it and do something else from scratch again
  8. @SteelRat; Thanks mate. Almost finished so I'll post some pics of the final setup asap. Some nice pictures there matey and some good suggestions. I'm gonna have to go through my spares bag and fish out what's useful so I can see what I'd need. @backtomyroots; You couldn't afford it Only kidding mate. I'd never make back close to what I've spent on it let alone the time I've put in. I gave up working out the cost when it nearly got to 1k Thanks again for the comments guys. More pics to follow...
  9. I would be a hypocrite though! Maybe I should sell it to someone who'd like it on their shelf?!
  10. Cheers guys. Yeah two years it's taken me to get to this point. The car itself has changed about four times during those two years and I now have enough spares to create another MB. The body is very easliy dented so it took quite a bit of fiddling to get the glass in, headlights on etc without crushing it lol. The whole thing is mint and I'm now reluctant to run it like I did before especially as it has a 9T brushless motor. Not sure what to do with her as I swore it wouldn't be a shelf queen! Um. I'll post more pics when the shell is on.
  11. OK nearly there. Few adjustments to make like securing down the sun roof properly etc but...nearly there.
  12. OK, after waiting a while for it to be made it has finally arrived; Custom made Alu body It needs to be finished off a bit in terms of edges but nothing too much is needed. I'm planing on leaving it bare apart from decals. Once it's on that's IT for this project lol.
  13. Gotta agree with you on that. Nice work restoring and rebuilding. What are your other two MB's like? Any hop-ups or mods?
  14. Thanks for the comments! Well I must admit it looked a little too clean and prissy ha-ha. I need to take it out and run it through it's paces again BUT... I had a slight accident I was trying out an old Futaba transmitter. I connected everything fine. Steering - check. Reverse - check. Forward - check. Stop!!! STOP! Fail. For some reason it didn't want to stop and went flat out into the living room wall. The shell nose came off along with a piece of the front mud guard and various other bits. Oh and I need to replace the front wishbone as it, and the bumper, are now at a 90 degree angle from where is supposed to be. Luckily I have a new spare but the shell will take a little more work. All I could do was laugh. It was that or cry.
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