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  1. I've been looking around for a vintage Wild One recently with no luck. Looking to add either a really nice complete one to my collection, or restore one if everything is complete. Just looking for one to add to the shelf, not to drive. Any help is greatly appreciate!
  2. Somehow I found this about 5 years ago. To me, the Holy Grail of Tamiya cars.
  3. Thanks for all of the comments guys, I really appreciate taking the time to comment! Brad
  4. We must be around the same age (45) because I felt the same way about them in the early to mid 80s. They were exotic and all I could do is dream about owning more. I now own 24 buggies and feel the same way about all of them. I will probably keep it NIB for now and keep looking for another one to build and display. Gotta thank eBay for keeping the love affair with Tamiya buggies going! Brad
  5. Hello Everyone, I have a quick question. In 1985, I had the option of a Fox or a Wild One at the age of 13. I chose the Fox as the guy at the Hobby Shop said it was a better performer. Turns out it was. But, like many of you, I have collected several Tamiya buggies including the Wild One I looked at back in the day. Here is the question, around 2001, before all of the rereleases, I purchased a NIB Wild One kit in absolutely mint condition. I probably paid too much for it, $600 US. They won't fetch that much on eBay anymore, which is ok as I don't want to get rid of the buggy. I would really like to have a vintage Wild One to display along with my Wild One rerelease. So, should I build it or keep it NIB? A perfect scenario would be to keep it NIB and find another vintage one to either restore or build, but there doesn't seem to be many for sale right now. If there are, they seem to be in really bad shape. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, Brad
  6. Thanks for the responses guys, I really appreciate it! Brad
  7. Hey Everyone, I am in the process of restoring a vintage Hotshot that I plan to run around the beach a little and various other off-road spots. I am keeping somewhat of a "Vintage Hop-Up" theme, and I am planning to run a Tamiya Super Stock RZ motor. My question is, what ESC would you recommend to run with that motor? Thanks in advance! Brad
  8. The Bigwig has arrived in Texas!
  9. Just ordered mine here in the states. I might be the first guy in Texas to own a re-re Bigwig! Can't wait, never had one as a kid, just keep adding Tamiya cars to my collection that I wished I had as a kid!
  10. I'll take them if no one else wants them.
  11. I need to replace the old drive shafts in my vintage Fox. I drive this car, so I need something better than the factory shafts if possible. Can anyone tell me what re-release versions will work in the Fox? I have been searching on eBay and can't really find anything. Thanks in advance! Brad
  12. Hello, I'm currently looking for 2 vintage Wild One's and a vintage or re-re Hotshot. Looking for something that is complete and in good shape, doesn't have to be perfect. Looking for 2 Wild One's, can be vintage or re-re, prefer vintage for the Wild One. Thanks, Brad
  13. Great question! I'll add my take on this if possible. In 1983, I was 11 years old, my dad, me, and a couple of buddies walked into a Toy Store/Hobby Shop and were blown away. There in a glass display case sat a Frog, Super Champ, Blazing Blazer, Wild Willy and a Grasshopper. We couldn't believe the scale realism and overall awesome look & feel of these cars. From that point on, me and ALL of my friends lived & breathed Tamiya cars. Having said that, during the time frame of 1983 to early '87, I would say the Frog would be the most popular/iconic. At the time, they were not as challenging as the Hotshot to build and were more affordable. They ran better than the Grasshopper or Hornet, but didn't really handle all that well. I had around 5 or 6 friends who had one, all of them had hop-up options done to them, and the funny thing was, NO ONE painted them like the box art. Painting that lower stripe on the bottom towards the front was very tough to mask off... I guess The Frog was the most iconic for a few years, but once the Hotshot gained popularity, I think it might have taken over. So, I vote for The Frog or The Hotshot to be Tamiya's most iconic buggy. That's just my .02 cents, being a kid during this time truly was a blast playing with our Tamiya cars. Out of all my friends, I seem to be the only one who is still into them...
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