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  1. Bluefoot, I just recenlty joined this fourm came across your posting. I realize the information I am sharing maybe too late. No matter, it is the thought that counts, right? Here goes. Tamiya still has a number of parts for the Tamiya Yamaha Round the World including the spreaders, mast, sails, decals and some molded parts. They also have copies of the original installion instructions. This may be of interest to you or others needing parts for this very fine boat. Go to http://www.tamiyausa.com/search.php?q=5620...3&image.y=7 The web site lists the parts they have in stock. I was very fortunate to have aquired a new in the box Yamaha at the end of last year. I just finished the build and am thrilled with the final result. I made a few minor modifications that have transformed this boat from a very good sailing boat, into a great sailing boat in all kinds of wind conditions. If you are interested in details of these modifications, just let me know. Best regards Windchaser
  2. Clarkey. I have recently joint this fourm and read your message. I don't know if you were successful in securing the Round the World Crew kit but here are some photos for you either way. If you need more information or if you still need the crew shoot me an email at rharcflash@aol.com I maybe able to locate a set for you. Windchaser
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