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  1. Yeah, We were actually only in the gas station to get gas. The blowout was discovered by accident. Looks worse than it felt obviously.
  2. So this happened... Just got it in hand. Had to drive down to Nashville with a trailer and import it into Canada myself. The interior is kinda gross and the brakes don't work but overall I'm pretty happy with it. If anyone's got a source for grey fabric bucket seats, I'm all ears 🤣🤣
  3. Haven't touched this since buying it years ago, and I'm trying to free up some space, pending a house move. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Tamiya-Egress-ReRelease-2013-Item-58583-NIB-Avante-Vanquish-Astute/232921128747
  4. < reply snipped on second thought> Yikes. I just read the latest replies in the thread and the withering condescension is breathtaking. This is really a thread I should have rolled my eyes and passed by. MAP doesn't affect me ultimately since I've got all the Tamiyas I ever wanted already and the bits I need for my projects I get second hand anyway.
  5. The argument isn't that Tamiya isn't employing standard business practices. The argument is that the practice they are employing isn't likely to have their intended effect. Business practices aren't universally correct regardless of market or situation. Businesses make silly mistakes all the time at the recommendation of people far more knowledgeable than either you or I. It isn't enough to just assume they must know what they're doing because they're a big or old company or have had no doubt countless meetings to come to the decision. "Activities designed to erode sales" isn't just my narrative. The attempt to increase the value of physical stock doesn't really count for much if that stock sits in warehouses unsold. We can't dismiss threads full of dyed in the wool enthusiasts swearing off the brand as "anecdotal" or "a few sales" when Tamiya already caters to a niche within a niche. Who is going to buy the premium priced product when the nostalgia of the enthusiasts have been exhausted or they've jumped ship? What happens to that percieved value the first time that new customer sees the cheaper competitor backflip over a house?
  6. This makes no sense to me. If I accept that it probably COSTS Tamiya money to stay in the NA market, why on Earth would they engage in activities designed to erode the sales in an already tenuous market? Why wouldn't they just pull out altogether? - especially if I accept that the NA market is of at best tertiary importance when compared to the other more lucrative markets. Bonus points for the old "unless you have insider info" Barb followed immediately and predictably by a hypothesis charitable to the company.
  7. Completely on a whim, changed my region setting on my ebay app and cam up with this (to match my red one from 2010) https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Rare-Tyco-Nissan-Baja-Truck-Turbo-4WD-Truck-Only-Untested-L-K/163162689102?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&amp;_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648 *sound of excited screaming*
  8. What's the trx4 wheelbase? Someone should drop one of those bodyshells on it and create the best of both worlds.
  9. This is actually the second run. I broke the body mounts with a backflip during the first in a parking lot so I had to wait for new ones to come in (also I used weaker velcro so the body would pop off instead of breaking the mounts) You can see itès a bit hard to keep the wheels down at the beginning, and the whole vid is at ~1/4 throttle because I'm driving one handed and filming with my phone.
  10. I don't think the Market for the Bruiser is the new to RC customer. Most will have no idea what it is, and if they compare it to other trail trucks it's unlikely to stand up. The chief market I think is the enthusiast of a certain age to whom the Bruiser means/represents an iconic time in RC history
  11. For this to be a reasonable expectation, the objective of business would have to cease to be maximizing profits. Also, someone else has already posted up thread that the "exploitation" element isn't so black and white since it raises the cheap labour force out of poverty.
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