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  1. Hilariously, this just made me pull the trigger on a grey one
  2. The plan for the first one was to only have front steer and fab up an "in front of the axle" solution since there isn't much room for the standard BTA setup. For the second one, I'm just gonna use the stock TXT setup, since I have everything already. Still dithering on whether I want to stay with the original mwb plan for the new truck or just make another swb monster with the spare sunny body I have. I would only need to modify the plastic rails and put a few more holes in the aluminum plates as planned. Maybe even a Vorza brushless system as a tribute to @MadInventor who started me down this path in the first place.
  3. Finally some updates. I decided to abandon the cantilever design because it's fiddly and because I prefer the multi-shock look on my monster trucks. Really wish Tamiya had done more parts bin specials with the Jugg/TXT platform.
  4. Sayer

    Project X

    "limited modelling skills" LIAR!
  5. I have questions about this cable steering? setup
  6. This has been a heck of a ride Autotrader/Nissan Feature
  7. Thanks! Here's a few more pics (trimmed the decals) and the start of the new chassis layout.
  8. Coming soon; a more TXT inspired version for the m chassis medium wheelbase
  9. Yup on the drivetrain. It'll happily accept brushless with bearings and a steel pinion
  10. #tamiyadoesntcareabouttheusmarket or at least that's the usual refrain 😂
  11. I'd like to throw jugg tires into the mix, though they're not recent at all
  12. Dear Tamiya, please release the TXT driveline as a kit in the same way you did the TLT-1 axles. Thanks in advance and signed: Sayer.
  13. Does Tamiya fulfill domestic interests though? With other manufacturers now offering more capable vehicles and scale appearance getting better and better (and more of them being released in kit version) is the Japanese market still shackled to Tamiya's quirky offerings?
  14. Lol And then they call it the "Black Edition" wait...
  15. Yup. That second pic in my last post is an rc4wd swb trail finder that's gonna have the rubbish axles swapped for jugg 2 axles ( once I source internals) and possibly a body spliced together out of 2 different versions of Blackfoot if I don't just use the proline on it now. Way easier ways to get a scale looking monster truck but 🤷🏾‍♂️
  16. No problem with RTR here, but I think I'm good for building 1 of 1 vehicles out of bits. Sometimes you just want to drive something without screaming at your tools. I would also argue, that in my experience, until that flat brimmed cohort started backflipping their cars over houses for impressions, john and Jane Q public would just think you were some sort of emotionally stunted child playing with toys at the level of the trucks in my first pic. I promise you they do not know the difference. The amount of New Bright ads I've been sent because "You like RC cars right?"
  17. I too have found some of the complaints very "All I did was flog it with a golf club for only 15min and it broke! Trash!"
  18. Same. Got kinda bored of the same 6-10 kits being discussed, and then the resto of a 1:1 stole all my extra money. Thought I was out for good (though wasn't inspired to sell) Moved house recently and both packing and unpacking managed to reignite the spark.
  19. Didn't I read somewhere that the cage was adjustable?
  20. I met him in this thread and I was heartbroken anyway. Munchy forever.
  21. I mean I kind of get it, but also I have 3 custom juggernaut based trucks and boxes/bags of parts, because for a while there rcrecycler on eBay seemed to be parting these trucks out exclusively. Don't much care what the seller's motivation is since they're guaranteed to be selling to someone more hobby minded (who else would buy assorted bits of 20+ year old obsolete rc?)
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