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  1. I'm sure I will get flamed for this, but I'd avoid the CC01. I finally sold it after trying to fix the crappy steering including trying to fit the GPM steering upgrade which never worked properly. Even with the upgraded servo mount, there servo horn (stock) would contact the inside of the chassis. Had a 55T motor in it and it was still fairly fast as a scale crawler. Had my CR01 much longer and enjoyed the build more and running it more. It's far more capable as a crawler and a trail rig IMHO.
  2. Anyone need a Super Hornet Body? As fas as I can tell, it's new. If it's used, it has never been run as far as I can tell. I can post pics later. Make me an offer I can't refuse. I'm in Canada (West Coast).
  3. This slipped my mind...sorry about that. I will take a look over the weekend. I should have a bunch of those things that you are welcome to have. Mark
  4. I have a lot of CR01 spares because I built a Junfac Joker with mine. I will try and take a look tonight for you. Mark
  5. I accidentally used the wrong paint (TS) on some small pieces of polycarbonate that are to be fastened to the body. What is the best way to remove the paint without damaging the polycarbonate or turning it cloudy? Thanks, Mark
  6. My only experience with an ORV is my Re-Re Frog. It was my first foray back in to the hobby about 6 years ago or so. I built it with full bearings and a Sport Tuned motor. I have never had a problem with the gearbox and I have put at least 100 battery packs through it. The last 10 or so packs through it have been 2S Lipo packs FWIW. I have never broken anything or had a dog bone come out. Hope this helps. Mark
  7. Thanks Waterbok. Washers arrived yesterday. Mark
  8. Thanks. I did look there and noticed a number of screw bags come with them. The problem is the cost of those screw bags (if available) are pricey shipped to Canada. I'm all sorted now thanks to Waterbok. Mark
  9. 4 would be great. I think Tamiya sells them in packs of 2.
  10. Anyone have extras they would be willing to sell? Nothing available locally or on ebay. I'm in Canada so local parts support is difficult. Alternatively, anyone know if any of the other manufacturers (Traxxas, Axial, Durango, etc.) have these washers for their buggies? Thanks, Mark
  11. Hi Steven, I took a look a couple of nights ago, but forgot to post. I thought I had an extra rod bag, but it is the Screw Pin Bag that I have. I also measured some of the spare steering rods I have laying around, but I don't have the lengths you need. Mark
  12. Hi temmerms, I didn't get a chance to look last night. Will try tonight. Mark
  13. I may have a set. I will take a look tonight. Mark
  14. Will any brushless motor run on any brushless ESC provided the ESC has a high enough current rating to support the motor? The reason I ask is because I have two Hobbywing EZRun ESC's but not a suitable motor for my project. I just want to make sure I can buy any brand brushless motor and not be limited to EZRun motors. Thanks, Mark
  15. Hey Taliesin, The 2 screws showed up yesterday! I really appreciate you sending such a "risky" package through mail to such an exotic location! Sounds similar to the trials and tribulations I go through when trying to send RC parts outside of Canada. Thanks again, Mark
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