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  1. Hi been bashing a while but my lad and I fancy some light-hearted track fun. I live in Mid Wales and was wondering if anyone know where the nearest track is (for fun practising) Thanks in Advance Mark
  2. Hi all Thx I will check on the HPC site and on the hobbyking site someone said they used a spur from a kyosho so I will try a 48 pitch thanks again Mark
  3. scorcher-tec

    ultima db

    Hi I have one of those turnigy brushless buggies which is a copy of the ultima db. the brass pinion is shredded does anyone know what pitch the DB's pinion is as they are supposed to fit thanks in advance Mark
  4. Hi Good point 2wd - 1:10 -1:8 scale baja type off roader thanks
  5. Hi All I am sure this topic has been covered somewhere but i never get much success searching the forums. I am planning a custom built off road rc and need a good gearbox/dif as a starting point want a good strong one for brushless power also easy to get parts for. It does need to be available now so a vintage one would be impractical. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Mark
  6. hi all I have a scorcher with a sensored 13'5 turn brushless in. It runs lovely loads of slow speed drifts etc. The problem i have is when i start from standing the take off is really bad, it sounds like the ball diff is slipping but it seems tight enough :/ not sure what to do i have thought of putting the old final drive back in for the sand Thanks in advance for any advice mark
  7. Hi TA-Mark I am gonna use a 13.5t brushless and 2 cell lipo in my scorcher I have seen the slipper clucth mod by yourself and Rulok which both use the 78t 23t combination. is this not the best ratio? is 82t and 19t better? if I use the set up I am planning will I not need a slipper? it is only going on the beach thanks in advance Mark
  8. hi i am trying to track down a 78 tooth spur gear for a df-03 so i can do this http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...4&sid=28851 i have found a pack of gears on the bay but can't get any info on the amount of teeth. can anyone point me in the right direction to get one. thanks in advance Mark
  9. hi all thanks for the advice and the pics there is a big difference in size best save up )
  10. Thought it might get a response
  11. Hi all I have my eye on a slash and was wondering what the 1/16 ones were like and if any one could post a picture to show me their size next to a 1/10 slash and or a srb to help me decide. Thanks In advance Mark
  12. Hi Thanks guys i am looking into that part no. I will reply with my findings.
  13. Hi All I have searched the forums and not come up with this topic. Does anyone know what part no the Tamiya srb Ball plates are i have a broken one. Not sure why or how ( probably a badly built i am a noob after all). Need to gat one from somewhere no idea where i have checked the bay but don't know it's part no. Thanks in advance Mark
  14. hi yes it supports loads of battery types nicd nimh lipo life etc thanks for the info
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