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  1. Thanks for that info too - I've had issues with Royal Mail and parcel force "losing" items before, so I tend to avoid them. But if other couriers have stipulations that mean I can't send the items, then COD is fine with me, if people are willing to travel. Much appreciated, Martin
  2. I thought the bubble had burst at least for the cars that have been re-re'd? Ie vintage Bruiser prices would not be anywhere near what they were prior to to the re releases?
  3. Thanks for the info - I never realised that FB would have a Tamiya Group (stupid really!) <
  4. Thank you for your reply. I'm not in need of the money particularly, but at the same time, I can see it getting damaged when I have to move everything out of the loft into storage for some building work. So I think I will put both up for sale on here. But they have to have a sale price, don't they - ie "not best offer"? I'd rather sell on here than ebay. Thanks martin
  5. Hello! Merry Christmas to you all and I hope everyone is having a nice break? I have quite a few old Tamiya kits, NIB that have been sat in my loft for about 8 years. . Having been out of the collecting game for so long and not finding much as a reference on eBay, may I ask your opinions of what they are worth (either on eBay or for sale here).? If that’s allowed of course? (I will be selling them, as I need space and I think they need to goto someone who will enjoy them) The Bruiser box is pretty knackered - which is how I bought it, but the Blazer box is in really good condition, given it's age. Both models are as complete as far as I can tell, and everything is unopened and like a time machine from the 80’s Here are some pictures
  6. Thanks everyone, your replies are most appreciated! I have a NIB Vintage Bruiser up for sale soon. I have a horrible feeling I paid over £1000 for it a few years back, but they aren't worth that now?
  7. If I am way out on price, let me know, anyone?
  8. Hi all, Just checking that I'm not putting up an unrealistic price for the item I have for sale? I have been away for the scene for about 3-4 years now, so haven't a clue about prices. On ebay, they are listed at upto $1300 - but they never sell. So I thought £345 seemed about right from what I could glean from sold listings..
  9. Hello all, I bought this of another member about 3 years ago. Sat in storage and I haven't the heart to build it. So it's up for sale. . It's mint, having been in a large storage box so the model box itself is in vgc. Comes with the limited edition bag - it's the Japanese version no parts have been open or touched etc. More pictures are available if you wish Posted at cost, or cash on collection from Caterham, Surrey welcome Thanks for looking
  10. firstly, sorry if this is the wrong forum for asking this sort of question... I have been out of the game for a few years now, but have a vintage Bruiser NIB in my loft. Ive tried looking on the classified section and searched eBay etc, but have no idea what it's worth? The box is tatty, but the blister packs inside are all fine (from memory it has been a few years since I have looked at it). Thanks in advance for any feedback. Martin
  11. Excellent. I like the "interest" part. Sometimes life needs to teach people a lesson Hes had 5k out of just us, and you can bet your ******* we're not the only ones
  12. Thanks Lee for the kind thoughts - very remiss of me not to offer you my condolences too - I was so riled up with writing about the snake! i do hope whatever happens you don't take it to heart - everyone else i have dealt with on here is a gent (or a lady) I didn't think i would be gullible enough to fall for any story , but sure enough i did!! Lesson learned the hard way, he's made a a mug of everyone. Still I do believe in karma, so one day he will suffer because of this (sooner , rather than later, i wish!) If there is anything i can do to help, then let me know.. 2000 miles is long way to go Lee, but you have 3600 reasons to do it. If you do find him, be sure to punch him for me... Martin
  13. He conned me for $1400 for a part built Bruiser a few weeks ago. I have been trying to tract down his home address in the states. But so far no joy. I'm asking a debt collector friend about ways to recover the money. In the meantime, I have found out that he's also a member or a Rolex forum and that he lives in Boston, Massachusetts. If anyone has an idea of how to locate him, please let me know. I'm more than happy to let a debt collector go round and get all my / our money back and keep my share. Just for the satisfaction of knowing that he's been found out. Or if anyone lives in the US and has an idea of how to trace him, LMK.. I have his Bank AC details and email / ISP /IP address and various other user names he used in the past. Im sure we can track him down, if we all work together. martin
  14. Hi all, Im still looking for a Bruiser if anyone has one for sale or is thinking of selling one.
  15. Cheers Greg. i think the main confusion was how the board is a separate thing to the main website. getting my head around it now..
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