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  1. Did'nt think £23 was that cheap really,and they fitted fine
  2. How long can you safely run them before they get to hot?
  3. Have ordered two METHOD SV2 23X2 motors off Modelsport (for both of my TL01's) with the 19t steel pinions since I have fitted Viper rv11 ESC and ball raced them both
  4. Hi ,Ive got 2 TL-01 models and ones motor has just given up,any recommendations on what motor I should be ordering? Thanks in advance James
  5. Yes I have it running past ESC,will move things around so can avoid it!
  6. Take it thats the steering motor/servo that controls it (sorry still learning )
  7. Will check out the above when I get home tonight ,thanks for all the help
  8. I have now ballraced & fitted an ESC to my TL-01 but have occasionally noticed the steering when just sitting "self pulsing" (moving side to side by itself) sometimes worse if transmitter switched off ,anyone have any ideas
  9. Ive searched back at Muds old posts and see he had a couple die on him,hope mines ok
  10. I have a AS12 if thats any use?
  11. Just got one of these myself The link : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/rv-11-electronic-spe...=item35a7851c1d
  12. Hi all, new to this so bear with me,i've just bought a vintage st205 gt4 with the TL-01 chassis,I have upgraded the model (with help and advice on here) with full ball race set and an RV-11 esc,I have it now ready to run but was wondering,what advice I can get if was going to get another model but wanted a faster one,struggling to understand the TL-01 OR TT-01 etc chassis and how to build a faster machine
  13. Sorted some of the above anyway
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