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  1. Yes it is the Quick Drive 1/14th version,I guess the deciding factor should be, how much would my Blackfoot could sell for now - against what I need to spend on it for more power etc , Has anyone got any ideas what it would sell for ?
  2. Hi This is a bit of strange question to ask but bear with me. I have recently rediscovered my Tamiya Blackfoot 46016 which has been up in my parents loft for the last 20 years. It is totally original, still boxed and in very, very good condition (even the box is perfect), After I overhauled it this weekend,regreasing the gearbox etc, I carefully took it out at the weekend to enjoy it with my young sons. My dilemma is, I want more power etc, rather than modifying such an original item, would I be better off selling it to a collector and buying a well modified later version - or should I just go ahead and start modifying ? Darren
  3. Steve, I`m sure you are right - its the gearbox grease required, when I stripped it down last night it had a minimal amount of a white grease present ,I will buy some at the weekend to repack it & rebuild it - testing as you described, thanks again, Darren
  4. Hello Steve , I thought also that it is gearbox related.I have stripped in down but everything seems to be ok with no obvious signs of wear,It doesnt seem to be too tight ( although ive no experiance to compare it to ), it still has some of the white grease in the gearbox - how much should be there ? Darren
  5. Hi this is my 1st post - so be gentle please, I have recently discovered my Tamiya Blackfoot still boxed in my parents loft which I purchased back in 1990.Although its in very good condition it seems to have a slight fault.Although it runs well when off ground ,when attempting to pull away from a standing start its very juddery,but if placed on the floor whilst already running its like a rocket. I would love to get it working correctly, what do you think could be wrong ? I cant remember it having the fault when I last used it - but it was around 20 years ago so I could be mistaken. Any help would be appricated, Darren
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