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  1. hi , i think i posted in here a fair while back , but carnt remember when .. so , as i have just bought a 3rd car i better put up some pics ' or it never happened '' ..lol this is why i haven't done much on the rc car front recently .. heres old faithfull , an 1989 vn v6 fitted with a powerdyne supercharger running 10 lb boost .. next is my 1990 vn calais , 5lt v8 running big cam and head work ,bought it caused i misse the rumble of a v8 . and my newist addition is a 1968 australian built pontiac 4 door, pillarless parisienne running a 327 ci chev motor and 2 speed powerglide auto .. amazing thing is she has had only 2 owners , the bloke that bought her new in 68 and that son the inherated it in 97 when the old fella died .. its only ever had one registed owner ..
  2. got heaps of bits but ......i ...........am .......a......................long way away away ..
  3. yeah ! the old 50's and 60's fobia of '' better dead than red '' is still alive and kicking in the good ol' usa ..
  4. my user name is from the aussie slang name for my 2 real life cars , holden vn commodores , one is a 1989 3.8lt v6 fitted with a powerdyne supercharger and the other is a 1990 5 lt v8 calais , we commonly call them '' commodes '' , '' dunnydoors '' and '' commiedoors '' ahh amongst other things ! lol on a side note , im commiedoor on most web sites , except for an american gun site because they wouldnt allow the '' commie '' part of the name on it as it could be associated with communism ??
  5. i have a superclod , different shocks and no rear steer , and a codzilla modded to the max running a traxxas 14v twin motor esc .. its like chalk and cheese ..if i want to just run around the dirt parking lot aross the road ..the super clod is fine and fun .. but if i want to rip up the sand dunes at the beach .. nothing beats the clodzilla .. it depends on what i want to do ..
  6. i have a new body complete and new wheels ,if thats any help ??
  7. come over for a holiday and finish some of mine ! ..
  8. oops , yup my blue ! too hot here today and not enough beer .. i took the extended axle out and put a tl01 hub in with mini axles i think .. to get a hex drive for the fronts ..
  9. the man has a ''willy'' fetish thats for sure ! lol
  10. ahh only the ww1 had the bearings in the front rims .. the ww2 has 12mm hex drives front and rear . i put a set of '' land rover'' type wheels on my ww2 .. either that or i got a '' special '' willy 2 ! ..lol
  11. i have a few of them , they would quite well with a silver can and up to a 21t .. brakes work good .. for the price ,they are ok .. there are heaps of them out there ..
  12. you could alway make an army type 6x6 flat bed transporter or build a trailer for it .... or grab a bull head body and cut sick similar to my hornet 6x4 ..! just use google images and type in rc 6x6 truck ..
  13. looks a bit like a red poison arrow frog .. they have red bodies and black running ( hopping ) gear .
  14. just finished up the resto on 3 buggies , tamiya a wild one , a marui galaxy and a marui samurai .. not much of a problem really till you work out that the bench is covers with bits of red roll cages .. all 3 have red cages !!! .. mixed in to all that was the old red stuff i was replacing ... found out you can get a bit muddled late at night after a few ales ... was left seeing red !
  15. the samurai with it's new clothes and decals .. just waiting on the'' rare as rocking horse used grass '' driver to turn up in the post ..
  16. the wild one is finished .. w00t .. period decals and all . not much left over , only the old red cage and other red bits .. cutting out the driver cockpit was a pain .. thenagain the whole body was , its so fiddly and flimsey . ..
  17. got around to nearly finishing my galaxy , still need the 360 rs motor .. but every thing else is done ..
  18. where do you find these wacky things ?? tyres ... songs .... more tyres ...lol
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