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  1. Hello from Luxembourg Before I throw everything out of the wondow :-) , now that I made youtube videos, I would share my rc car and rc boat collection, before I start to sell models on this platform or before I buy new models like the Tamiya Blazing Blazer... enjoy the 5 parts of the video and you see a great chronological evolution in RC car history. Have a good ride. Youtube channel: Rccarlover Luxembourg
  2. Hello For all Nikko, Technotoy, Gama, Joustra, Schuco, Taiyo etc toy rc car lover, I finally brought my 108 rc cars and 3 rc boats, with lots of NIB Nikkos together in youtube videos. The first 3 parts include toy cars, what follows are more professional model radio controlled racing cars. Enjoy as much as I did in positioning the rc cars the best way. Greetings from Luxembourg. Youtube Channel: Rccarlover Luxembourg
  3. Hello Ok so I finally found you. Thanks @ all from TC and see you soon here with my page. Tamkytechno will be my name here :-) because I like Technotoy, Kyosho and Tamiya practically on a same level :-)
  4. Hello I would need the Tamiyclub name of the man who sells nib Marui Big bear on ebay to get in touch with him in private. thx. nc
  5. Marui Big Bear New in box I want it badly for a little boy, for me :-) Thanks nc
  6. Hi dudes I found a guy from work who will do me that favour. First I have to manage my address change and then around mid may I get my showroom. some sneak preview enjoy nitrocrushy http://www.youtube.com/user/jrdippy#p/u/0/pd3kj4ZkNHo
  7. sorry it is a video diaporama-no music call it a snake preview lol cheers Nitrocrushy
  8. Here's my models : Kyosho Inferno MP-5 Kyosho USA-1 Nitro Crusher Tamiya TA03 F Pro Audi A4 DTM Tamiya TA01 Ford Escort Team Associated RC10 T Tamiya Tamtech Porsche 962 C Schumacher SST 99 pro (3x) Schumacher Axis 2 Serpent Vector Serpent Impulse Tamiya TRF 414 M Tamiya Ta03R TRF Tamiya TB01 Evolution Tamiya Bruiser Tamiya 1: 10 Buggy xxx limited edition released 2004 Tamiya F103 GT aluminium fully hopped up Team Associated RC18T brushless Mamba aluminium fully hopped up LOSI XXX-S G+ LOSI XXX Kinwald Edition Losi Mini-T Alu fully hopped up brushless Mamba Losi Micro-T Schumacher Cat 2000 (2x) Kyosho Scorpion in black Schumacher Fireblade X-Ray M18 X-Ray FK'05 JConcepts BJ-4 Tamiya Tamtech F1 Tamiya TA01 Lancia Delta Integrale Corally SP12M Corally Pro10 Yokomo MR4 TC Special Tamiya TT-01 BMW M3 CRC 1:12 HPI Pro 2 fully aluminium got 4th on EC 2002 Tamiya Wild Willy 2 Tamiya Juggernaut II Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin Tamiya M-Chassis HPI Micro RS4 BMW M3 Graupner Pistenbully Corally F1 Hotbodies E-Zilla Graupner Megadrexter Boat Robbe Boat Technotoy Audi V8 (1981) Technotoy Toyota Hilux Big Joker (electronic speed control installed) (1981) Tronico Jumbo Truck Tronico Ford Escort Police Car with Sirens (1983) Tronico Big Frog (1984) Tronico Police Car (1983) mint condition white/green Taiyo Radio Racer (1980) Carrera Structo Golden eagle (1982) Nikko Danzas Truck 18-wheeler Nikko Shell Truck 18-wheeler Tamiya 1:12 Shot.... (2x) with steering wheel (1989) Nikko Porsche Martini Racing (1978) Mercedes G-Class Safari Jeep (1979) It would be interesting to know before shooting and filming, on which models I should focuss and which models will not find any appreciation at all at TC PS: because I wanna show the complete evolution, I will surely not neglect my Danzas 18-wheeler or Audi Quattro or my Big Joker Nikko was never **** and surely today has not completely thrown away its philosophy on building moneyworth toys...but I do not like Nikko design after 1990-so what :-) regards nitrocrushy
  9. Hello The Carson CE-4 costs 8 USD and is a little faster stan a stock Mabushi 540 http://cgi.ebay.de/Carson-Tamiya-CE-4-Elek...=item5ad6b3e628 27 turn will be sufficient (47 instead of 38 km/h) -23 turn will get 55 km/h greets nitrocrushy
  10. Hello How do the TC owners of a showroom prefer the showroom of new members? All at once-400 pictures and the movies of all cars, all movies in one movie of 10 min or 30 different movies of 20 sec of each car. I wanna show at least 3 pics of each car, starting in chronological order from childhood to now. 1 picture of the chassis from the top, and one from the front, 1 picture of the car with the body and 1 picture where body and chassis are one next to another. Ideas from the videos will be: every car 20 sec with a luxemburgish castle in the background, or some nice view. It's important for me that the noise of the car movement fits well. perhaps no music at all but I think music is important. I count on you that you explain me what software to use for mixing. Afterwards some action photos. That's what I planned for 2010 cheers Nitrocrushy
  11. Hello A friend has Paypal but his Visa Card is invalid. I will ask one by one to do me that favour...and I live 15 km from the member Heypas but we do not know each other and he never answered my questions. Thank's for the reply Nitrocrushy
  12. Hello I need some help to become a member and to get my own showroom. 2 years ago I attempted a try but without Paypal I'm not able to pay the amount. What possibilities to show you my photographs do I have in this forum and how could one help me. I do not understand why I cannot send the money via bank transfer. I had so many trouble with Paypal that I do not wanna be member again. I spent 10 years of collecting and painting my models and I am nearly finished. I jhust want a Sand Scorcher and a red muddy Toyota Hilux (like in my vintage Vedes toy catalogue). I finished 1/3 of my pictures and they are on the hard disc but I have problems with converting pics in a diaporama. Youtube can't manage to upload. I tried windows movie maker-also failure. I have my collection on youtube but I think it is the nicest way to show them one per one in my own Showroom. I possess 20 Tamiyas, 1 Bruiser, cars from Team Associated, Yokomo, Schumacher, Kyosho, Tamtech, Hotbodies, Venom, HPI, Serpent, CSC, Corally, and 7 vintage Nikko Cars from 70s and early 80s. I'm 34 years old and from Luxembourg. Hello to you all :-) Nitrocrushy
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