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  1. Okay, is the TB03D what I am looking for?
  2. Wow. Thanks everybody for the great replies. Hunter, I appreciate your input. Based on what you, Sirandy and Taliesin said, the TB03 might be the best bet for me, even though I do think the TT-01 would suit me, based on Taliesin's assessment. However, I don't like the idea of the nonadjustable suspension, nor the excessive plastics. So, TB03 with a Ferrari body it will be. Since there is only one on-road track within 300 miles of me (and not a great one at that), I'll be doing alot of "park bashing". Thanks guys!
  3. Thanks Paul. I don't mind doing the upgrades, kind of enjoy it actually. Helps to keep me from getting bored with something. If I get something that is fully upgraded to begin with, there is a 100% chance I'll lose interest quickly. Little upgrades here and there are fun for me. I guess my main concern is the shaft drive, since that is permanent. My cars have always been rear drive, so I have Zero experience with 4wd. Wanting a Ferrari style RC is what pointed me towards Tamiya to begin with. Can you put the ferrari body on any of their chassis as long as they are the same scale?
  4. Ok, so I'm looking at finally jumping into a 4wd on road car. Currently, I have a carisma Ferrari model that bears no original parts. It is Frankencar. However, I've decided that it was way too much work for the return. So, I've been looking at the Tamiya F430 ferrari. It is the TT01 chassis. Does anyone have any experience with this particular platform? Pros and cons? Forgive my ignorance, but what is the benefit to belt drive over shaft drive? I'm assuming it's the same as in motorcycles but on a smaller scale. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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