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  1. Well, not much has happened recently... Between work and other commitments I've not had much time to spend building but... This is where we are. Being recently returned to the hobby, I will admit I am struggling to mount the steering parts to the servo. Just doesn't seem to want to sit further back. Servo is an AGFRC B55DLM. I do think it's user error and not a fault with the kit or servo. Meh!
  2. Hiya folks! Not much has happened due to work and awaiting parts arrival. I'd like to say thanks to L&L Models, I approached them after having an awful experience with another local model shop and Lee sorted out my missing parts issue and I bought some servos from him too for both my builds. Fantastic service and he took the time to talk with me about my builds, really appreciate that. I'm still adding some hop-ups whist I build but only the ones that are difficult to get to once it's completed so I can make faster progress. Bought a cheap tray (which I carpeted) so I can easily get out/put away the build whilst I work and await parts arrival. Some more parts have arrived! (some for my WR01 build too) Some progress, albeit minor... Just waiting for the one-way front unit to arrive and can then start on the front end.
  3. Well, today was filled with mixed emotions! Mostly happy with a huge massive disappointment… Managed to get some time this afternoon to make a start on the chassis after the bearing kit arrived… As you can see, along with a some parts for my WR01, I can finally make a start. And then horror… I have missing parts! Both A parts trees are missing. FUMING!
  4. Hiya folks! So the postman was kind enough to drop off another purchase: With the condition of the gearbox outers, I thought it would be prudent to replace them. Of course, this means I'll have 2 spare for some future shenanigans! Beater WT01 build maybe or test boxes for some gear fun! Still cobbling the list together of needed bits, my next spending spree will be screws. Most are perfectly fine but worth looking into as I have an account with Accu who manufacture high quality screws and bolts. The question is: Do I get stainless steel for the DH as it'll be going places RC cars shouldn't go and would be better for corrosion. The weight difference is only like 6% max so wont be noticeable for a non-competitive car.
  5. So, off the back of this great question, I scoured the interwebs for all the chassis that use the same gearbox joints (9805368) as that would stand to reason that the joints would be used on common diffs (or at least, compatible ones with the same width etc) and here are the chassis that have those joints: Chassis: Falcon Chassis: Blackfoot Chassis: Thundershot Chassis: CC-01 Chassis: DF-01 Chassis: DT-02 Chassis: FF02 Chassis: GF-01 Chassis: GF-01TR Chassis: GF-01CB Chassis: G6-01 Chassis: G6-01TR Chassis: TA02 Chassis: TA02-S Chassis: TA02W Chassis: TA02SW Chassis: TA02T Chassis: TA03F Chassis: TA03F-S Chassis: TA03R Chassis: TA03R-S Chassis: TA03R-S TRF Chassis: TA03R-TRF Chassis: TA04 Chassis: TA04-S Chassis: TA04-SS Chassis: TA04-R Chassis: TB Evolution Chassis: TB-01 Chassis: TB Evolution II Chassis: TG10-Mk.1 Chassis: TGM-01 Chassis: TL-01 Chassis: TL-01LA Chassis: TL-01B Chassis: TL-01Ra Chassis: M-01 Chassis: M-01M Chassis: M-02 Chassis: M-02L Chassis: M-02M Chassis: M-03 Chassis: M-03R Chassis: M-03L Chassis: M-03M Chassis: M-04L Chassis: M-04M Chassis: WR-02 Chassis: WR-02C Chassis: WR-02G Chassis: WR-02CB Chassis: WR-01 Chassis: WT-01 Chassis: WT-01N So to answer the question, yes! it would appear that they are the same (output joint wise) as the TL01. Of course, the length of the dogbones/UJ/CVD will differ chassis to chassis but that is just a matter of knowing which length is needed for the WR01.
  6. That’s an excellent question! as it stands, I’m still just getting back into the hobby so I’m not sure on cross-compatibility of parts yet.
  7. Hiya folks! Hermes/Evri strike again! Yip, I am playing with an idea and snagged a brand new half chassis on eBay but it was snapped in transit! Why anyone still uses them between item damage and being "Lost" is beyond me! Not much more ordered yet as information on tasty upgrades is hit and miss (looking at you, UJ/CVDs!) but I think I've narrowed it down. Thinking about changing the shell for the WT01 Amarok one too (fits as I work with VWs) but everything is fluid at the moment!
  8. Hiya folks! Not much of an update as I am still awaiting parts to arrive But some have started to arrive! Unfortunately the bearing kit was falsely advertised as in stock by a forum popular supplier (had a call to offer me "alternative bearings at a fraction of the cost" which I declined but they are still advertising them as in stock) so I've had to order these from elsewhere and delay the start even longer. Still toying with what to do about the suspension. I fancy some TRF items but is that too much for a hobby model and not an intentional racing model?
  9. Thank you for replying... I have just collected some parts and looking to order some more and I noticed something, which I think you've answered in your thread but I'll ask anyway... You've used the 39mm blue rear swing shafts but then opted for black ones up front, is that to maintain the catalogue replica or because they're rear only. Follow up question: any reason why they can't be used up front? It bothers me somewhat that they aren't the same front to rear lol!
  10. Fab, I recall seeing the same but couldn't find the reference. If they're an update on the original part then I'm happy to use them but just wanted to ensure that it wouldn't have a negative impact on the rebuild. cheers bud
  11. I am indeed. Thanks for that, carbon too!
  12. And listed for the WR-01 too. Just found it odd that they list it as a Hop Up when it’s just a standard part. Has this happened often before?
  13. Nice spot! Worth saving 12 year old never serviced bearings or just replace them all? I’ve had the most fun with my DH. My TL01 chassis was fun but didn’t stand up to my style of bashing! Browsing parts and one of the parts I wanted is seemingly difficult to find in stock: alloy shock mounts! Some in Hong Kong and some in USA… Both with hefty import charges (for what they are).
  14. I am scouring for information about my WR-01 chassis and came across the gearbox internals that are black and packaged as a "Hop-Up" instead of the white gears supplied with the kit. Picture from RCJaz.co.uk - Source Link on RCJaz Website So is this an upgrade or just a colour change? If it IS an upgrade, what is better? Materials prehaps?
  15. The body looks fantastic on the box. In general, it's going to be very enjoyable building the body as the end result will look great. I just have a dark streak that runs through me that really likes things out of the usual spec. The choice will be made when the time comes!
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