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  1. Also... using the supershot centre driveshaft cups and the TT02B centre driveshaft upgrade - looks nicer and sturdier than the standard thunder shot thin driveshaft with plastic outer cups setup.
  2. Seems the DF02 and DF03 driveshafts are the same length as the thundershot series. I have all of them including the original TS front universals, and laid out side by side the differences are minimal and within tolerance for my TS.
  3. Apart from people having more disposable income and rediscovering childhood nostalgia, there does seem to be an element of large corporations taking advantage by limiting supply… eg the re re Avante Black was really hard to source in Australia this year… with release delayed and when finally released, was sold out immediately to those that got in early with a pre-order. I was on the pre-order list and missed out. Spares is an even worse situation, with spares even for re re cars that just came out being hard to get, and certain chassis types that are still available at hobby stores being hard to find spares for. Being in other hobbies as well such as action figures (GI Joe, Star Wars, MOTU), the situation is similar, with limited releases of nostalgia items… free enterprise then results in certain sellers snapping them up and posting them on eBay etc for crazy sums.
  4. Ah… so a case of very low stock making it to Oz. Interestingly, I have now found 2 different hobby shops in BKK with stock. HK online stores seem to have it too. Guess Asia gets priority
  5. Yeah that was going to be my backup plan. Luckily I am currently in Thailand and discovered that Tamiya stores here have them in stock. They had other stuff in stock too that are really hard to get in Australia.
  6. I missed out on the previous re res of the Avante Black and so was super excited when it was announced there would be another release for 2022. Living in Australia, I found two local but on-line hobby stores that allowed pre-orders and also an email subscription list to notify when the stock is available. Just checking the websites for each hobby shop this week, they now list the Avante as not available or sold out, and I never received an email confirming stock was available. Has anyone else tried to get a 2022 re re Avante Black? DId you succeed? Biggest question… did anyone in Australia manage to get one?
  7. I actually really like the smell of Tamiya acrylic and polycarbonate paints… as with Saito2, I do not huff etc, and I do work in a well ventilated hobby room… but the paints have a nice kind of sweet odour… probably nostalgia from my childhood, as my wife gets upset if she can smell the paint fumes.
  8. When I recently bought some Tamiya gel from Japan it came with some sort of printed notice from Tamiya warning that it was a hazardous substance. Seemed to be a government mandated notice, but was all in Japanese, so I am not sure which gel (or grease) it applied to, as I ordered a bunch of things at the time.
  9. Check Plaza Japan. Last time I was on there I saw an upgrade kit for sale there, and I recall thinking the price was a lot better than what I have seen on eBay.
  10. I have used all three. For 1/8 nitro off road, we used loctite red on all important metal to metal... especially the motor mounts. Using good hex or torx screws and drivers was a must with red, and I definitely stripped screws, bolts etc in my earlier 1/8 years. I agree that Tamiya gel seems a bit weak for any rugged/high vibration running. For my classic cars and re re's I tend to use it (trying to keep it as much original/tamiya only), and those I only run very lightly just for nostalgia. For my newer/hopped up buggies that I do like to thrash around more with, I will use blue instead, but only a slight dab. In late 1980s, before I had even heard of loctite, I kept losing flange nuts off the suspension connections on my Terra Scorcher... so simply fix was red nail polish!
  11. Okay... my old Porsche 959 from way back in 1985 is almost fully restored. This old car (a Christmas present back in the day) was built, smashed into a concrete wall on its first run, and from then on only worked as a 2wd because it was hard to find parts for it (I was living as an expat kid in the third world at the time). Over the years, I have slowly been seeking out the missing/broken etc parts and restoring my Porsche so that it may, for once in its life, actually be complete and drive once again (for more than 0.5 seconds) as a 4wd. Now, some 37 years later, I am almost there. I am missing two parts, and it would also be nice to get new/good condition versions of another given they are worn/crached: 1. Rear plastic spoiler. I have the rest of the white plastic parts... just missing that spoiler and the plastic under bits to attach the spoiler to the body; 2. Metal retainers for the front headlights. I have the lights, the chrome plastic light holder... but the two little metal retainers that hold the lights in are missing. 3. New/good condition wheels and tyres. I have both, but existing tyres are worn and cracked and existing wheels have curb rash due to me and my friends' (and their parents) excellent driving abilities. For those interested, the Porsche handled okay on road in 2wd mode... but terrible off-road... would lose front end and spin at the drop of a dime... made it a very fun car to drive LOL. Unfortunately it meant it took a beating in the 1980s... and it is now amazing to see it slowly be reborn. Anyone with any parts, let me know how much you want. Postage is to Western Australia.
  12. Darn... not seeing many on Ebay... there's someone in Japan selling one (with a bunch of extras inc radio, charger etc) for US$1.2k
  13. So that is why the DB01 hop up hubs suddenly became hard to find?
  14. No worries mate... my fault for not checking back sooner. Are you willing to disclose roughly how much you sold it for?
  15. LOL... I read this after I splurged on hi caps for my TS! Oh well, it will mostly be run on grass ovals anyway.
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