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  1. HI!... I'm looking for a new set of Tamiya Tyrrell P34 rear rubber tires. Not mounted on rims. Just the tires only.
  2. HI!... Wheels came in today. Just going with the huge rear foams until I can find a set of the original rear rubber ones.
  3. HI!... A few things came in today.... Redcat Backdraft 8E parts : Got all this for $18 off E-bay. :wink:
  4. HI!... Well some more parts came in for the Backdraft 8E today. Just got to get some time to put it all back together now.
  5. HI!... Well I got a body and cut it out. Now I just need to paint and and find some decals.
  6. HI!... Got some more work don on the DS the other day. Installed some nice wheels and finished off applying the decals. I still have to make a rear spoiler out of some left over lexan I have. The original was butchered by the previous owner.
  7. HI!... Well I picked up the powder coated parts today. They look good. Hopefully I can start assembling it soon. What I still need to find is the rubber tires that came on the TYRRELL P34. I know the re-re had the same tires. But I can't seem to find any. People would have to replace the ones on the re-re eventually, so where do you get them from? Anyone?
  8. HI!... Are you trying to upgrade the Bigwigs axles? If so the CVD from the Tamiya Dark Impact is a direct replacement for the Bigwig.
  9. HI!... Well I got a bit of work done on the Backdraft 8E today. All the blue anodized parts have been de-anodized. I got about 70% of the rolling chassis built. Then I realized I missed a few parts when I put the large parts order in a few weeks ago. Still need to get a pinion gear for the rear diff and some steering linkage. Here's a few pics so far.
  10. HI!... I have two. I run the Weller 260/200 watt for large gauge wire for RC and automotive purposes. I also run a small cheap P/A 35 watt one.
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