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  1. No idea as it's not mine, not sure where I found that picture either .
  2. Looks like the wheels are moulded in grey but the chassis & driver is moulded in silver !
  3. What do you guys think of this Tamiya 415 MR Gold Edition then ? http://www.rczone.net/modules.php?name=New...cle&sid=755
  4. Borneo, Malaysia. (another chinese here...)
  5. FAV/Wild One please, please ! because there're realistic looking buggy imo .
  6. What's the difference between the M-04L & M-04M chassis ? & what does the L and M stand for ? Thanks .
  7. The TRF415MS Refine 2 kit includes: main chassis 2.5mm thick carbon frame designed for use with new bulkheads upper deck short-type, 2mm thick carbon deck designed for use with new bulk heads f/r bulkheads features newly designed upper mount (without stiffener) f/r damper stay 3mm carbon, designed for use with new bulkheads steering post short type steering linkage designed for use with new bulkheads rear bulkhead elongated towards front, improved durability and maintenance built in motor mount heat sink The TRF 415MS Refine 2 will be available for Christmas sales in December.
  8. My favourite buggy ~> Terra Conqueror favourite car ~> Lancia 037 Rally favourite truck ~> Twin Detonator
  9. As a die-hard Mitsu. fans, sooo..... Evo 4 Evo 5 Evo 6 Evo 7
  10. Anyone here read Japaneese ? Can someone please explain ? How did they do it ? Please click ~> http://www.tamiya.com/japan/rc/kaizou/twis...twistdagger.htm Thanks...
  11. If that is the reason why Tamiya cancelled it shopkeeper, then it really is a pity because the Pajero Rally Sports is probably the best looking body shall on the XC/CC type chassis ! Do you guys think there will be another kit release sometime in the future that uses this type(CC01) of chassis ?
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