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  1. Hi. Anybody have an idea which company produced the Brat/Frog under-guard pictured below? Judging by the pics, it seems to be professionally manufactured. Thanks. dabigbozz
  2. Looks really cool in yellow - you don't see many of those. Mine is black - might have to change that color to yellow now
  3. Hi there, a (unused) Conrad 240826 sold tonight on e-bay Germany for Euro 8,50 + 2,60 (shipping). Was that a good deal? I thing so ................. Regards, dabigbozz
  4. Interesting topic. Thought about improving the handling on one of my SRB's by installing the Tam-Tech aeration damper set (part number 40513). The longer dampers for the front and the shorter ones for the back. Has anybody here on TC done this yet? This damper set seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere. Cheers, dabigbozz
  5. Hi there, great looking SS - love the alu bits. Did you paint the body yourself or is this one of the factory finished bodies? Cheers. dabigbozz
  6. Hi there Waterbok, thank you very much for your input on this matter. Your pictures of both the WW1 (LWB) and the Willy's Wheeler chassis are very helpful and show the differences clearly. As for racing them together that does seem like a great idea. However I have just recently moved from Frankfurt to Nantes in France (did not change my TC details yet). I do have some friends in Frankfurt which I would like to meet up with again soon. Couldn't take those along unfortunately. Will be in FFM in the middle of April 2015 for about a week. Maybe we could meet up then if you are interested? Best regards dabigbozz
  7. Hi there, I have a spare complete WW1 chassis (LWB) at home and was wondering how much effort it would take to convert it into a pseudo original Willy's Wheeler by purchasing just the re-re body & decal set, wheels, tires and driver figure. Being "old school" I don't fancy the WR-02C chassis and would therefore also prefer not having to buy the complete kit. Has anyone attempted this before? I am aware that one would need the A7 Part (rear roll-bar to which the rear body is attached). This part does not seem to be included in the re-re kit. I am not too concerned about sourcing and attaching the Willy's Wheeler front guard and bumper. Looking forward to your input. Cheers dabigbozz
  8. Hi there, looking at the front page pic of the SS I am sure you too have noticed that the rear lights, wheels, exhaust pipe and rear number plate are all chromed. However, the text does not mention why (or how) this has come about. Funny that. Best regards dabigbozz .
  9. Hi there folks, as I am not too fond of lexan bodies (not very detailed and a pain to cut properly) I was wondering weather a Tamiya SS body would fit the Kyosho Beetle or scorpion chassis for that matter (wheel base wise)? Has anyone ever attempted this and if so could they please post pics or at least a link to some possible build thread? Thanks. Bets regards, dabigbozz
  10. Hi, maybe this might help: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=94451&sid=23692 Very clever and simple upgrade by mongoose1983 He used the cross-member bar from a Subaru Brat. This part is threaded on both ends. Fits perfectly. I have installed this upgrade on both my MB and BF - works really well and doesn't cost the world. Cheers, dabigbozz
  11. Hi, maybe this might help: http://www.tamiyaclu...011091853_3.jpg It's a cool MB from Jacko Boy. Cheers, dabigozz PS: Here are more pics: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=111460&id=33277
  12. Hi there folks. You might want to check the following topic about the new TXT-2 release: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=68945 Cheers, dabigbozz
  13. Thanks for the hint about the link GregM You're right about the body styling of the TXT-2. It looks better than that of the TXT-1. I might get the TXT-2 body to fit on my TXT-1 (but with more realistic stickers) Cheers, dabigbozz
  14. Looks pretty cool and lighter than the TXT-1. Frame looks to be plastic?
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