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  1. Ok just saw this thorp diff on ebay(I removed the item number because Im not sure its allowed in here..) The add says: "Tamiya blackfoot thorp used/new", and description only says :"Thorp it looks like it was never used.new gearcase and arms. full bearings. you can use stock wheels or after market ". I want to buy it, but is this a a thorp dirtburner balldiff or another type of thorp diff? I asked the seller if it was a dirtburner balldiff and he said it was a balldiff, but said nothing about it being dirtburner..I dont know anything about thorp diffs, other than that dirtburner is good (and rare and expencive) so can anyone tell me what this is and if its a good buy(current bid is 50$ but will likely rise at the end of auction) If its good, dirtburner or not, what is a fair price for this thorp diff? Whats so good about dirtburner balldiffs anyway and where can I learn about the thorp diffs? thanks for any advice edit..removed the ebay number so this post now probably makes no sence without pictures of the diff, but I want to learn about thorp diffs so if anyone have any advice for me or can tell me about the thorp diffs feel free to educate me Tom Erik
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