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  1. Sounds like he is. Anyway... My declas might be hear today but I might not put them on my Avante. I might try & get them copied & printed out so I have a set of originlas for future use, as these are going to get rare indeed!
  2. Last message from him. "hi dare you give me the money back ? if next week you received the item?? if you not give me the money back then you are the scammer time will tell..... i know if you received the item...you will be disapear with my decal for sure if you give me the money back then you are the champion but i know you are not.... dare you removed the feeback if you received the item??? you are chicken ****...if you are not given me back money... i am sure you will not removed feedback for me....becuase you want FREE item i will wait for you to see if you are REAL !!!! i know you will not give me back money but i HOPE you removed negative feedback PS i saw you got NEgative you try to scam that guy you sold old ****stuff at brand new price !!!!! those 2 guys will removed his neg shortly then only you left.I got korn by you this time weldone mate!!! good luck EVERYTIME YOU PLAY WITH YOUR RC CAR...REMEMBER THAT DECAL IS MINE YOU OWE ME AND YOU WILL PAY BACK....... YOU AREADLY HAVE MONEY BACK BACK" If the decals come i will indeed pay him for them. But not for shipping i can tell you!!
  3. Yeah he did lol. I think I gave him more than enough time. I don't think I'll ever see them decals come through my door.
  4. Just thught you would all get a kick out of last message I got off herohilux4x4. "Ebay already refuned you the money PLEASE SEND MY ITEM BACK when you received it and let you who is scammer I bet you will not send my item back or pay me either. TIME WILL TELL!!! whatever you said to me.at the end you get free item plus money back and thank you for your negative feedback and pls leave me alone you korn me this time and leave me neg now i got ban from ebay regards herohi PS you are the real scammer at the end of the day you watched!" "I bet you will keep my item and ebay already return you money .but remember everytime you used it. it from ME!" What Item??????? Funny guy!!
  5. Well I go a refund off E-bay. So I ordered some decals from PyramidModel. I don't know, What a mess & a waist of my time this has been! As for sitting the main Avante decal, I remember getting my kit back in 1990. I mucked up putting the decals on. The model shop owner was saying what a mess I had made putting them on. Ha funny thing is, he did the same thing when he built his sons
  6. I wonder just how many peole he's scammed? Or how many accounts he's had?
  7. Well I did escalate my case. Now I gotta wait for E-bay to do some thinking!! Will I get my money back I wonder? The cr*$p he's feeding you is unbelievable. I'm not interested in his other customers getting their decals. I'm more interested about me getting mine!!
  8. I think I've been done Time to escalate the case!
  9. Yeah he give's a 12 digit tracking number when Thieland post want a 13 digit number. He keeps saying "wait a few mpre days". I think I waited long enough!!
  10. Yeah me too. I'm gonna ask him for a refund. I can't wait for him any longer!!
  11. I have to say, for a Tamiya forum that quite disappointing! Oh well
  12. Yeah I got an e-mail from him today stating the same. I have opend up a case against him too!! Oh and I think he's going under a new user name on e-bay now, "rcperformance_goods ". So heads up peoples!! Just sent him a friendly message too!! hmmm!
  13. Is it herohilux4x4 of the bay by any chance?
  14. Soon as I get my Avante 2001 decals I'll post pics of mine on here. I got some coming from a guy in Thieland, but he's taking his time with them. Any body tried these two places? http://www.pyramidmodels.com/shop/product....eb50911dc4aa9ab http://oneofftees.com/zencartPGFX/index.ph...products_id=123
  15. Has anybody got a copy of the old Jame Booth Tamiya Egress artical from RRCI ( I think it was in) from about 1990? I've looked everywhere on line with no luck at all. I would love to have a read of it. I got the Manta Ray one, which was interesting!!
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