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  1. Thanks for your reply. Yes, that is the hummer, Im pretty sure the gears are fine for now, as i have tried the hummer again with another esc and motor. Ohh, very useful information about pinion gear, now i know what im looking for I found an Ansmann sirius SE esc, 18T limit, and an ansmann clash 21t for it. I think this esc is faulty, as forward and reverese keep changing on its own lol. And almost blown my heli lipo 7.2 800mah. Hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky. Im getting a etronix probe 12T esc tomorrow, that should run the 21turn no probs. And also, im using a tower pro MG995 servo, Traxxas 27am rx and traxxas tq3 tx. I will let you know how it went. Just 1 more thing, i use a NX82 dual output auto peak charger 5amp charger, and my batteries can get pretty hot. Takes about 15 minutes to charge 1800mah nimh pack. Is it ok or should i invest in a proper charger? If so, what would you recommend? Thanks again for your helpful advices.
  2. Hi guys, im new to rc. I bought a used Tamiya Hummer recently. It did not come with a motor, therefore, no pinion. First i tried a silvercan from a twin motor monster truck, i think it was a clone of the dual hunter. I assume this is 27T. Found a 20t pinion from a tc3 touring car that fits. Wehey!!! I used a mtronics Eco 27 esc, it ran 5 minutes maybe less, in my back grass garden, then started losing power and just stopped. i thought it was the nimh 1800mah battery so i changed it and used a 7.2v lipo off my rc heli, and it was the same. Oh and both batteries became quite hot too. Please HELP!!!!
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