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  1. Heh, no way I get rid of the old chap . I use it only for fun driving a few times a year. I managed to get rid of the silver paint from the wheels (they were soaking in brake fluid for a month and whenever I went by rub little paint of)and currently I am looking for tires, though they are very expensive. So now I am using 1:10 wheels/tires from current Tamiyas. It is an excellent car, hopefully I will manage to slowly repair it. It would need also new body, but this will come maybe later. Everything is expensive with this chap. Heh, the original price is a bargain . Anyway alternatives are thoroughly discussed in this post: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/lofiversio...php?t60390.html PS: I responded to your PM, but I do not see it under Sent folder. Did you get it?
  2. Sadly not yet, though now I am looking at alternatives. Please check and let me know if you have it.
  3. Interesting information. Though, when the motor was new, it was turning nicely, without ''stopping'' on some point. So shouldn't be this cogging effect present also in new motor? Do you need some special comm lathe or professional (electricians use them for large motors) comm lathe would be fine? And which comm lathe would be ok for cutting original Tamiya TT-01 Mabuchi motor, LRP Runner Special 4 and Technigold RX540-VZ? What are approximat costs of these? Also one other question. When you cut the comm, do you always have to use new brushes?
  4. When I try to run it really slowly or when I accelerate slowly the car starts working with strange sound and as if gearing would be worn. So I checked all the gearing and they are perfect, then took out the motor and when I tried to turn it with hand I could feel that it is not turning nicely, but it turns than on some point there is as something is stopping it and so on. When I run it fast there is no problem with it and turns ok. Does this mean that I have to change brushes or is something else wrong?
  5. Thx, everything what I needed to know, though I am a little disappointed since it looks like I will have to true commutator and for now I do not even understand what that means . Will have to give a call to my colleague that is electrican.
  6. Does anyone know where I could get brushes for this motor? A year ago they were available on Ebay, but now nothing...
  7. I will check also all the cables again, though I have checked them already. Anyway gearing is correct. I have installed appropriate gearing to the hop-up motor with taking into account the possible combination of pinion and spur (see picture below). Also original motor with original gearing became very hot after driving it for cca. 15 minutes at the temperature of 30 degrees of Celsius, so I would like to go for a heatsink with fan. I am checking these three: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=400207670087 http://cgi.ebay.com/Super-Light-Twin-Fan-H...=item336596cb69 http://cgi.ebay.com/36mm-x-65mm-540-550-Mo...=item3352e0f100 Especially the last one looks ok, I will have to cut the heatsink on the side that goes to the middle and in front, because there is plastic chassis, but the rest should fit. I did this on current heatsink. Of course the plastic cover of a motor that comes with TT-01E chassis had to go...
  8. I will check next time if servo is overheating. Original Tamiya TSU-01 servo is installed.
  9. I have checked few things and have remembered that this started to happen after I have changed the batteries in the car without switching off the car. So I did a test today and changed the battery with car switched off and there were no problems. I will do few more tests during weekend. I have checked the manual of RC controller and there is no fail safe mode described. Anyway, does anyone use alu heatsing with cooling fan? Which do you use, since there is very little space for this in TT-01 chassis?
  10. I have A TT-01 with following hop-ups: - ESC is regular from TT-01 - motor is LRP Runner Special 4: http://www.lrp.cc/en/products/electric-mot...cial-4/details/ - radio set is LRP A3-STX Deluxe and A3-RX Deluxe (http://www.lrp.cc/en/products/transmitters...gs-set/details/ - oil dumpers, etc. The problem is that after cca. 10 minutes of driving the steering just turnes fully left and then it does not react to anything. Then I was checking it and it started to work again (I changed batteries, etc.). It took some 5 minutes to work on it. When the steering is blocked forward and backward works, so the car runs in circules. What I have noticed is that now when the temperatures are higher (cca. 20 degrees of Celsius) the motor is quickly hot. Is there some kind of temperature sensor or where should I look for the problem? Is it radio set? Anyway, I am using NiMh batteries, could this be a problem, to little of power from batteries? Because one time that this problem occured, I have changed the batterie to full charged and it started to work normally. I also have additional question: currently I have an alu heatsink, but I will have to buy heatsink with cooling fan. What should I buy that will be compatible, since TT-01 has very limited space around the motor?
  11. Thx for your help. Finally I got them (from Farnell) and it works perfect.
  12. I am trying to find connectors for Tamiya TLU-01 light unit for already two months, but no luck. I tried in different stores with electronic equipment but no go. Does anyone know what type of connectors are they? And where to get them? I do not need complete set with LED lights, because this I already have. Only connectors. The picture of connector that I would need:
  13. I would need the following two spares for my Tamiya TT 01E chassis. I do not need alu hop-ups (though if the price would be acceptable also this would be an option (link to parts would be appreciated)), but an original plastic parts (also used would be ok). As I have checked for front upper arms set 51003 Tamiya TT-01 B Parts ( http://www.fusionhobbies.com/Tamiya-TT-01-...m-p/ta51003.htm ) should be ok. But since I would need only an upper arm, is it possible to get only this? Or is the only option to buy complete set? But for front upright I found this 51318 Tamiya TT-01E A Parts - Upright ( http://www.fusionhobbies.com/Tamiya-TT-01E...t-p/ta51318.htm ). but I am not so sure, since there is only one upright. Shouldn't be two uprights in a set? Thx for useful advices.
  14. I have one new question. Is it possible to get the year when one particular car was produced? I know they have started to build these beauties in 1986. When was the last car produced?
  15. Since my car had a few meetings with walls and other stuff (especially with previous owner) its body is in quite bad shape. Few parts are broken and barelly holding to the rest of the body. Is it possible to fix this in DIY way? The car is Tamiya 959 so new body is not an option, since it would cost a fortune.
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