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  1. Anyone tried Rcdecals from the UK? Any good?
  2. sorted Is there someone living in France who could help me buying and relaying a buggy from eBay to me? Seller won’t send to Sweden for some reason, claiming it’s too expensive to send. Bought cars from France in the past with no trouble but not this time. I’ve gotten help this way before and helped others here to get stuff from Sweden. I hope someone can help👍🏻
  3. Thank you guys. Seems like I’m not alone with this issue. I’ll try backing my whites and hope it improves the result! Will also try pearly paint In my opinion the hardest is an all white body, partly white on some panels doesn’t seem to reveal the difficulty of getting it right. I think some of the pics posted here supports that. But good work guys, looks far better than my efforts so far👍🏻
  4. Would like to get some input from people more experienced than me in the art of paintwork. I think polycarbonate bodies painted in white always look horrible. Just looks like something is off, can’t put my finger on what it is but it doesn’t look white enough? Tried myself a couple of times and it turns out white but not the way I wish it would. Got the new Tamiya porsche that is supposed to be white and it too looks bad on official pics, professionally built and all. Are there any tricks to make a good looking white body except painting it on the outside?
  5. Totally agree futureworks. I know the market allows this kind of behaviour, so won’t comment on that. I for one will not support these dealers, I’ll rather pass on this kit. Saw that Tamico only allowed one per customer, a sympathetic move I think.
  6. Thanks Andy. Yes I’ve seen the hiked prices both in the uk and in the EU. If I don’t find a kit now I’ll just wait and see what deals that can be made if the scalpers have unsold stock.
  7. Hi guys! Anyone have a spare kit to sell? Missed out due to illnesses and a temporary complete loss of interest as a result. But the cravings are returning now. Not to keen on supporting scalpers though. I’m based in Sweden and I’m 100% serious. paypal waiting or trades for are parts if interested. /Martin
  8. Looking for a boxed supreme hornet preferably in Europe due to import costs. *bought*
  9. Looking for the a-tree for the tamtech hotshot. 10004627/0004627
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