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  1. Anybody got an idea if somebody makes replica tires for this models? Who got a contact with Tamiya? Please ask them if they won't consider reproducing them... they will make a killing...... Come on okes!!!! Let's vote and email Tamiya!!! Or better go and voice a vote on their Facebook site!!!! I posted a Topic there!!!! http://www.facebook.com/#!/TamiyaUSA?ref=ts
  2. Ok thx will sort it out. Yup sadly there is allot of scammers in AFRICA! Lucky I have a 330+ positive Ebay feedback with none negative. SO I might just go that route for safety also! I'm away from my house the next week or so, when I return I'll get some pictures together. Cheers
  3. I have 2 old M38's... not bad looking but a bit dusty etc. What to do???? Break up and sell as spares??? Any suggestions? If anybody wants pictures please PM me.
  4. Hi there, you still looking for a striker? Email me Magoebaskloof@gmail.com then I can forward you some pictures. Thx.
  5. Anybody interested in a used Harley Davidson motorcycle? 1/6 Kyosho Harley Davidson FLD-80 RC kit Please PM me for pictures. Else who has spares for these old bikes, maybe I'll consider restoring???? Thx.
  6. Hi check there is 2 or 3 W0109 kits on ebay.. brand new...
  7. Unused R/C Tamiya Audi Quattro Rally and/or Opel Ascona 400 Rally roll bar. Part # X-7617 Tamiya Sponge Tyre No. 137 x 2 NIB Tamiya NIP Sponge tyre + rims No. 217 Open to offers on these. Paypal accepted, shipped from Cape Town.
  8. Hi all, First of all I forgot to introduce myself.... Mid 30's from Cape Town South-Africa... Do all sort of RC stuff.. mostly helicopters and planes but had Tamiya cars in my life from mid 80's due to my dad's love for them..... So the bug bit again... NIB: 30th Anniversary Porsche RSR 934 Metallic Midnight Pumpkin In Restoration process: 1987 Midnight Pumpkin... not a re-release!!! Monster Beetle Wild Willy 2 Super Hornet Mad Fighter Kyosho Turbo Optima In two minds on the following: 2 x Wild Willly's 1's 1 x Strike Master 2 x Grasshopper 1's (if anybody interested in these please PM me... ???) Tell me how do you start a showroom??? Thx to all that helped so far!!!! All the best! Johan
  9. Hi there, I've been hunting also for spares now for more than a month... those bridgestone tyres is very expensive!! Fireboy has the best prices on EBAY... the other okes are of the wagon... you can email him he will sell direct also, a little bit cheaper due to no ebay charges. Rims same thing... search Ebay weekly and bid on them if available... I found 2 pairs for $20.. my luck.... It's time consuming.... but sadly most spares only on ebay available...
  10. Hi all, Ok RS500 have a new owner he collects Ford's.... I found replica wheels in Germany... don't care about the Bridgestone name on side.. still want to use my optima and not going to buy $100 pair wheels for that... Found other bits and pieces on Ebay.. time consuming but got a few bargains and then again not.... ebay is evil!!! Found repro body with decals from guy in Kuwait... finished painting... tape tape and more masking tape but got it done sorry for size... I'll start a new rebuild blog at some stage...
  11. Got a question, What is the best on a Turbo optima the chain or a belt conversion?
  12. Ok guys, I'm open for offers on the RS500 Cosworth chassis and body... Or trade for whatever Turbo Optima spares you got..... Feel like a wheeler dealer.... lol
  13. Hi there... very nice.. I'm in the process of sourcing spares for my personal owned turbo optima from 20 years ago... Can I ask you to paint my new body..... very nice indeed! What a shocker on Optima prices on the net.... wow some okes lost it!!!
  14. Hi there, I will post some... cleaning all my models been in storage for way way to long.... Here is some pictures of the RS500.
  15. Thx found some well price parts on ebay... some other parts are really crazy priced... I'm checking ebay daily now... seems some parts are well priced if you wait a bit...
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