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  1. I finished mine with most of the carbon upgrades. It is a sweet thing to work on and look at, goes well too. Now to get the bug version assembled
  2. I just put 34 on mine, it is a very bright red, more so than the box art but it is a colour I like
  3. Just about finished mine, these are fantastic kits to throw together, a real joy
  4. I am not a fan of rc4wd quality, they sure have some nice looking stuff but it is not the sort of quality I want.
  5. well done, I have too big a mess to even start organising it
  6. Brushed motors will certainly become collectors items(or special niche items) in the near future. Sensorless brushless are cheap to produce and have no wear items. The power most expect out of their toys is also beyond most brush motors (think 40,50 and 60mph out of the box). esc's will available for a long time for those that want them and nimh batteries will become hard to find. Lithium tech is filtering thru to the main battery market in a massive way (power tools), once there is no demand for large scale production it will stop
  7. massive overkill me thinks but should be mucho fun
  8. From my experience, brushless 540 motors on 2s lipo work the same as a 12-15 nitro motor ( motor winds tend to cover the different state of tune and nitro content of fuel). A 550 brushless on 2s lipo takes care of the 21-28 sized motors.
  9. Dualsky have been doing this for ages, its a great idea for our non demanding applications
  10. I have the same impression, no more dealing with the big companies (K and T) shame, I love dealing with banzai
  11. I have never really considered justification for my "toys". I like the look so I collect
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