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  1. Trying some wheels I collected over the years
  2. I gave up years ago getting anything other that Tamiya paint here in Melbourne, Australia.
  3. The sleeve is something I had already, not sure where I collected it from. The kit supplied pinion fits these little motors, I was just concerned about slippage so I used metal. The motor adaptor is also something I have collected over the years
  4. sort of, the esc is, the motor is as well but they need an adaptor to get the correct bolt pattern to fit. I had some adaptor plates laying about from the old gws airplane days. Also I used a metal pinion with an adaptor sleve and set screw not the plastic pinions supplied
  5. mine arrived, cute little kit. I have put a little brushless motor in it with a metal pinion not the plastic kit supplied one. looking forward to seeing if will survive
  6. I finished mine with most of the carbon upgrades. It is a sweet thing to work on and look at, goes well too. Now to get the bug version assembled
  7. I just put 34 on mine, it is a very bright red, more so than the box art but it is a colour I like
  8. Just about finished mine, these are fantastic kits to throw together, a real joy
  9. I am not a fan of rc4wd quality, they sure have some nice looking stuff but it is not the sort of quality I want.
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