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  1. Fantastic, love the Kyosho Beetle. One of my most pleasent builds the last years.
  2. Agree, Red Lunch Box though, but guess it is s bit boring.
  3. Yes 2.2 wheels from JC. They will be for some Optima/Optima Mid builds.
  4. Today’s arrival from Modelsport and Tamico.
  5. Bought a TA03 Audi A4 on the bay for no money some years ago. When it arrived, there were also two NIB Dynarun motors in the box 👍
  6. I am sure the missfit in the neighborhood, being 43 years old, and play with my cars in the street, and sometimes cruising around the streets and ramps, on my old G&S skateboard. Never had any people saying anything to me, but sure the “real” grown ups think I am crazy. But I like it, my 2 boys like it, and my wife likes to see us all happy, so couldn’t care less what people think.
  7. No interest in collecting these, but do have 30ish in a bag here. All well played with, but anyway fun to look at once a while.
  8. When the summer is coming and it is finally nice weather to run the cars, I often tend to loose interest, and then when the weather gets bad again, I gain interest in buying, building and so on. This year I will be racing for the first time, so the interest is higher than usual.
  9. + 1 on these, works perfect without further parts used.
  10. You cannot see pictures, but on wikipedia there us a quite good timeline for most of the models from Kyosho, if you just search kyosho. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyosho
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