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  1. I have gotten parcels from Tamico last week and having one coming monday again, so they are in business. I am in Denmark. Maybe going to the US is more difficult at the moment.
  2. I think you’re doing the right thing, supporting the modelshops we all love, and need in the future. I do that myself too. The drivers take their precautions here, where they instead of having me sign, they take a picture of me with the parcel or sign themselves.
  3. Any iconic rere released right now, will sell like crazy, if they can get it distributed around the world. Falcon - 959 - Celica gr. B - Vanquish - Optima Mid among others.
  4. For me it is more buying and building.
  5. Sure, picture will come when done. So far these two are on the shelf.
  6. My black Monster Beetle is next in line. Just finishing the paint on a rere Ultima. I build a metallic Blitzer Beetle a couple of years ago, excellent kit and the body looks sooo good.
  7. Yes it is done with a white ball pen. Fades over time, but fairly easy to draw up again.
  8. Back when I got my first Tamiya (Falcon), I also had one of the guide books. In that there was an action photo of the HSII, and for years it was all I dreamt of. Finally a few years ago I landed one on Ebay, which I restored, and it is one of my favourite shelfers.
  9. Banzai in Japan used to sell Tamiya for very good prices. Tamiya didn’t want them to sell this cheap, so when Banzai wouldn’t do as told by Tamiya, they stopped selling through Banzai. A real pity, as they did a really good job.
  10. I only have the rere TopCat of the two, and it was a really easy and enjoyable build. Each step in the manual has its own bag (smart). Only a couple issues. The axles are not that easy to assemble, and then setting up the belt in the gearbox has caused some trouble. Maybe just me being an idiot :o) Keep in mind you need the upgraded gearbox to go brushless. Do run a Castle system in mine with standard gearbox without issues, but can’t really say I have tested it properly.
  11. Received this NIB beauty with its box today.
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