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  1. Actually they have a lot of nice Tamiya offers. I have used them a few times, and they have been very reliable.
  2. I have been racing my TD4 for two seasons now, and I am really happy with the car. I also bought a second one, plus all hopups for it, to build up as a shelfqueen. But I guess it haven’t been the fastest seller for Tamiya, but I think it is quite underrated.
  3. In general I enjoy these Youtube channels, as they are kind of TV shows, with my favourite hobby. I primarely watch: Nordic RC Vision: Entry level stuff showed in excellent quality, from a very nice guy. Tamiya Legends: Well everybody loves Glenn, and his passion to RC is absolutely amazing, as well as his many amazing builds. RCKicks: Love Gavins energy, and he has a lot of great builds. I know you guys complaint a bit about this prediction of the rere Falcon, but ok he was wrong there, but been on point so many times, on other stuff. I really like the many videos of all kind of old and new stuff. He’s giving all kind of RC’s a go, and for me it is very interesting to watch. Matteo: Awesome videos. He has some serious skills making these videos, absolutely beautiful. Probably a lot of other good channels, but must admit I am far behind on the ones already mentioned, so haven’t really got time to watch more, if I should have time to build and drive myself as well 😀
  4. Bring it. Dreamt about the Super Sabre back then, so this is one of the best RC news for me this year.
  5. Perfectly agree, I also have a couple other hobbies, karate and running to keep me fit, and then I have my RC’s to build, collect and play with at the same time. Fortunately my wife and kids have the same mindset, so it is perfect for us as a family. I will never stop playing and do what I think is fun. Doing grown up things, and acting like I really think knowing stuff about vines, soccer and spending 70 hours a week at work is not for me 😀
  6. Here in Denmark there are almost no shops stocking a decent assortment from Tamiya, not even online.
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