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  1. 5 months of waiting paid of today.
  2. Not at the moment. But might go into a Frog.
  3. Bought this lot locally today 1 x TL-01 1 x TA03R 1 x Tamiya F1 1 x Kyosho TF-2 2 x Corally C-10
  4. Probably difficult to compare, depending on where you live. I am in Denmark and have primarely used these: Tamico.de Modellbau-berlinski.de Banzaihobby.com
  5. Klausen

    Turbo Optima Mid

    Looks absolutely stunning.
  6. I will like to build and race more. 2020 was actually a good year on the building part, as working a lot from home, saved me a couple of daily hours, which sometimes were used to build a few kits, that I more or less bought to support the hobbyshops, I ussually buy from. Not many races in 2020, so it will for sure be more in 2021. Hoping to increase the collection. Tamiya already have a few cars coming out I plan on adding (Escort/Fire Dragon/Fighting Buggy). Hopefully Mr. T will ad more cool cars during the year, and then I look forward to the next Kyosho rere, and maybe we are even lucky enough to get another rere from Schumacher.
  7. Celica gr. B 959 Super Sabre Hotshot II Juggernaut II
  8. Check my Clod in my showroom. I have 2 Castle Sidewinder 3 combos on 1 x 2s lipo.
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