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  1. I have bought a few kits from Berlinski, and they have been excellent.
  2. Received this one from a very nice TC member.
  3. Actually like this A8, and might even buy my first tt02, but you are spot on, the RS500 would sell like crazy.
  4. I race a Castle Sidewinder 3 combo in mine with a Castle 4600 kv motor on 2s lipo. I have dialed it down to 80%. It runs good on the track, as has some good speed on straight lines.
  5. I keep mine. Fill them with leftovers, spareparts and radios.
  6. I have no interest at all in this type of car, and I have nowhere to drive it, but hey it is Kyosho and it looks crazy good, so I will definately buy one, and even more certain one of the blue/green Le Mans motors.
  7. Yes have seen them, and I agree. Looking forward to drive it.
  8. Brandnew rims for my Turbo Optima Mid SE showed up today.
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