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  1. Received this NIB beauty with its box today.
  2. It is on Instagram tamiya_australia under the info with the Renault 5 turbo rere. I cannot put in the link somehow.
  3. Been wanting one since the eighties. Saw something from Tamiya Australia about a rere announced. But it is the only place I have seen it. Hope they are right though.
  4. It is a direct swap with the balldiff. You cannot fill it, as it can’t be sealed. So just grease it good, and you are good to go. The balldiff didn’t like the Castle motor!
  5. Good choice. Actually the TopForce coming out now, is just a new batch of the 2017 rererelease. I race mine and it is a great and fun runner.
  6. It is available in shops again. 549€ from Tamico.
  7. Preordered from Tamico. Let the waiting begin.
  8. Fantastic, love the Kyosho Beetle. One of my most pleasent builds the last years.
  9. Agree, Red Lunch Box though, but guess it is s bit boring.
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