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  1. I am really happy with mine. Agree not the best looker, but it was an great build, and I have no used in three races, and it is getting better and better. I know have all the hopups for it, and look forward to see if it ads some to the handling. But already I am really happy with it.
  2. TopCat is sold, but the rest NIB
  3. Todays arrival. Long awaited preordered Optima Mid, and a Thunder Shot which I have beaten myself for missing out on, since the last rere.
  4. 46 and started out at age 13, but with a 13 year brake and got back in, when I was 26. Took some years before I got into collecting Tamiya/Kyoshos, but that is where my focus are now.
  5. Not much traction onroad, as raptor1410 says, compound is rather hard. Agree Proline might the way to go.
  6. These came with the chrome edt. They don’t have much traction though.
  7. I have the Le Mans 490 in my Beetle, and it not alone looks good, it also performs pretty good. Not the craziest top end, but I am quite happy with the torque and speed.
  8. I tend to say you are right. But that most people in here are 40+, can also be due to younger people use the social medias more, and not a forum they to pay for to be part of. But I guess RC is still alive, but more all the rtr’s than old Tamiya, at least for younger people. I was heavily into skateboarding in the 80/90’s, and it suddenly died. Now it is back, more than ever. Maybe Tamiya can do the same. Lately Tamiya has come out with new chassis’s, and not only all the old stuff. Maybe it can help kickstart the Tamiya interested for young people again, I really hope so.
  9. Been waiting for this for some time. Finally showed up today.
  10. Fresh produce vegetable buyer for a Danish retailer.
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