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  1. As we are discussing the Futaba Attack series, am I right in thinking that the control sticks are removable? I think I have some gold additions lying around somewhere that might look a tad tasty on there.
  2. Many thanks guys for all your input. I was pretty sure about the 27Mhz, but would have been really annoyed if I bought it to find I'd missed something and in fact it wasn't going to work for me. It should be here next week some time, and even though it's old now, and this maybe shows my age, I still think the silver Attack series is one of the best looking sets of Tx's.
  3. I just love them. I had one when I was a kid, and I'm on a retro kick!
  4. This should be an easy question for somebody out there... I've done a bit of searching and I'm pretty confident I've answered it myself but I want to be doubley sure before buying one. Am I right in thinking that the FUTABA ATTACK R FP-T2NBR is an AM Tx and will work using a 27Mhz crystal? Thanks
  5. Guys, I already have an Acoms AR-227FE Rx in my MB, and I am looking to replace the stock steering servo with a high torque one such as the Hitec HS645MG. Can you tell me if the Hitec Servo is compatible with the Acoms Rx? If it isn't, can you recommend an equally good high torque servo. And lastly, am I right in thinking that in addition to the servo I will also need a high torque servo saver? And is this purely because of strength? Thanks Flawed
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