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  1. Thanks again, Max. Have you come across the Savox SC-1258TG Titanium Gear Digital Servo?Dan
  2. Hi Max, Thanks for your reply. Would the CC's Mamba Max Pro with a 4600/5700KV be too much of an overkill? Am also looking at the Hobbywing series due to it's lower cost. Thanks. Dan
  3. Hi kontemax, Sorry to bump this thread back up. Thanks for the valuable tip. Can I enquire what modern day electronics (ESC, Motor, etc) would work well for day to day running/bashing? Dan
  4. Morning everyone, hoping to find a better home for a used Spektrum DX3R. More details here. Thanks for viewing. Take care.
  5. Afternoon everyone... what ESC/motor combo would you recommend to power her? Would the HobbyWing ESC Combo (EZRUN series) be good enough? Suggestions please
  6. Hi Willy, Straight but rusty. Length wise will need to check when i get home tonight. Thanks for your reply
  7. Anyone? Dear Mods/Admin, Item found. Please delete when it's convenient. Thanks in advance. Take care.
  8. Looks like i have to search for the original pinion rods then Thanks James, appreciate your reply
  9. Will the Hotshot Rear Oval Block (9805111) Tyres fit the Tamiya Avante (50347) wheels?
  10. Hi everyone, am currently rebuilding the shocks and would like some advice on which current day piston rod (if any) will fit the front and rear dampers.
  11. Good day to all... am in need of a Radius arm protector (BT7 - #6275024) for Tamiya Avante (50872) and was hoping someone would have one to spare. Thanks in advance.
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