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  1. In order to extend the rear i just have purchased sets of 10mm rear hubs (10,98 USD) and color matching 5mm front hubs (12,- USD). I only need 2 of each. So if someone is interested in the other pair (2 x 10mm + 2 x 5mm) wheek hubs let me know. Would sell for 11,49 USD (half of the price of the 4) plus shipping. OC http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n114/mika_77/Unbenannt-1_zpsc52c7ba9.jpg
  2. Thanks for the tip! I checked ebay and i can find the long axles. But not the hexes. Is there a certain term for them to find them? OC
  3. Hello! I am currently working on a TA 02 project with 58144 Nissan 300ZX Imsa Chassis parts as a base. I want to make the rear axle/track wider by 5 mm each side. Wheelbase is 257 mm and should stay as is. Are there parts from other TA models that i could use to make this properly? Has someone done something like this before? OC
  4. I am restoring a vintage AYK Buggy and am right now working on the Lexan body. Most of the paint is already off with the help of "Paint Killer". Paint Killer worked really well but on some aeras the Lexan got milky. Does anybody know a trick how I can get away the milky spots and bring back the transparency? Should appreciate your thoughts and inputs. OC
  5. At least I tried it 5 times. Yesterday, the day before yesterday then this day before. I hope they take care and [REMOVED] reply and give me support soon!!!
  6. If THIS is the way to get their attention then if feel pretty sad for them.
  7. Recently I logged in into my account on Tamiyaclub.com. Changed my e-mail adress in the setup section. From that on I couldn't login into my account anymore. I sent several e-mails to TC and asked for help and support. No response, no help. I feel quite disappointed how TC treats paying members by simply ignoring them ...
  8. Allright man! I am mainly after somebody who can print me custom decals. No repro decals needed, so I just was using the term as these people may be able to produce custom decals. Can somebody recommend me a printer?
  9. Hi! Can somebody recommend me a source that can do proper repro/custom decals? Any help appreciated! OC
  10. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that in the past time many people/collectors are selling their showrooms. A sign of loosing interest in this hobby - maybe because of the Re-Re's ...
  11. I heard a rumour that there will be a Re-Release of the Durga in 2020. So, watch out.
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