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  1. I'm going to triple check tonight and post a pic - just in case!
  2. Thanks for the info. Ordered an ABC Mitsubishi body set (they don't come with the LED's anymore), but as mentioned they don't sell them as a seperate part. I also have the Controlfreax RS200 body set already - the light pod is modled in one piece with the body. Redzone - if you do repop the ABC pods i would be interested in buying a couple. thanks Gareth
  3. Does anyone make a light pod to attached to 1/10th RC cars? Would like to add a set to this; to make it look like this; Same for the Lancia from this; to this; Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Colin Which rear suspension arm did you use from the Kit E3 or E2?
  5. Hi All After a life time of never trying an RC car (of any type!) i bought a Tamiya Lanica Delta Inte on the DF03RA chassis (along with the Toyota Celica on the same). Very much enjoying the early stages of building and have a few questions: Simple one first - When building the rear motor/gearbox/suspension there are two options on the instructions for a short wheelbase or long - bascially part E3 or E2 plus a 2mm difference in the connecting rods. - which is right for the Lancia and Celica? Next - a can of worms - i suspect? Recomendations for hop up parts? - i have the heat sink bars, Turnbuckle rods and battery pin. I know most are (or appear to me to be cosmetic) but that is part of the fun of building them. I have found it tricky to get a comprehensive list of suitable parts (Tamiya or Yeah Racing) and confused by the differences between the DF03RA and DF03 chassis types. Next - Tyres - the tires that come with the kit (Rally block) do you recomend foam inserts? Last - Interior - i have bought a Tamiya Driver/Navigator interior - any tips on mounting etc. Many thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong place to post questions etc.
  6. Sorry for this post, but this is my first RC porject. Building the Lancia Tamiya DF-03Ra chassis - very quick question. On the rear suspension/arms - should these be set to a short or normal body, i.e. use part E3 or E2 and 4mm or 6mm? Would the dust cover you are talking about fit under a tamiya interior (driver/navigator). Thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong place to post.
  7. Dinball (HK) Ebay Ordered on Sunday - Delivered Friday, plus most items were post FOC!
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