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  1. awesome day, thanks to the club and to thommo!
  2. Guys, I have an issue that is stumping me. I have a a original scorcher that has a modified casing that accepts black can, black sprint and numerous other motors, the only other change is that it has a twinset chasis. When set up it works fine untill I try to get any distance away from the car with the transmitter, then it starts spluttering i.e. motor. I have tried different, recievers, chrystals, motors, esc's wiring configurations and nothing works, I walk 5 feet away and the motor starts spluttering........please help!!!!!! as I really want to give it a drive! Is the motor shorting, is it the chasis plate? whats going on nothing seems to work. take the motor out of the casing and it works!?!?!?!?!?!!?
  3. please join my frog sig - frog lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. guys I have crp shocks and various other coil springs ready to fit to my scorcher, front is easy and done. Back is fine untill you get round to removing the original spring. The rear arms are held in place by the spring and a brass collar, without the collar the arms do not work and the spring is part of the collar. So what is the solution for fitting the coil springs? cut the original spring from the brass collar.................or am I missing something totally....sorrry for being a bit thick!
  5. let me know, Ive got 3-4 cars with me over here, I can bring a couple of scorchers or whatever, do you know anywhere good to go???? send me a PM if you want
  6. so any body doing anything with tamiya in perth?????????????
  7. tried that, i am a bit confused really unless its interference? only thing ive doe is unplug the motor before I brought it here, i also added a alluminium chasis plate maybe that is causing interference? dont know really maybe aussie crystalls are different - have tried to re set the esc but it wont seem to let me, the red light just keeps flashing with the steering going nuts
  8. help in am in australia trying to get my 2010 scorcher to the beach, i forgot my crystals so i have purchased some futaba ones 27.095mhz, put them into my acoms gear and the whole thing has gone nuts? what is the problem are the futaba crystals not compatible?they are am? help i need to hit the beach
  9. i used MR muscle oven cleaner and lots of elbow grease, worked really well
  10. just aquired and original ss, the body it came with is tired, quite badly painted but I sort of like it! with some indicators, number plate and rear lights it might come alive!!! should I strip it or not???? if I decide to to go down the brake fluid road would a rub down and coat over the top suffice?
  11. cheers, wow, thanks or the effort on the how to, the people on this site never cease to amaze me! once i have some time I will attept, cheers Jacko
  12. hi, i have been playing with my original ss today, trying to put a newer 540 in, it does,nt seem to want to go, I dont think the old perspex cover will marry up, any thoughts? I would like to drop a sport tune in, how is it done? Thanks
  13. hi guys I may be over on that side of aus later this year on buisness, I am a pommy with a couple of sand scorchers, a madcap and 2 rc10 b3's can I drop by for a blast? do you guys do this most weekends?
  14. working in subiaco, moving to the northen burbs, maybe we can hook up for some SS action? let me know dude
  15. G,Day Anyone over in Perth WA playing with vintage Tamiya/RC stuff, any bash's, events or race meets. I will be living there from the 1st July and will need somewhere to play. Cheers
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