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  1. Problemchild, Great Pics, plus a sweet scheme. Incidentally, I was wondering if you'd taken inspiration from the RC Car Action article ?? https://www.rccaraction.com/good-vibes-custom-tamiya-comical-hornet-jun-watanabe-version/ It's "THE" way to go to make these look even cooler...., just my 2 cents Thanks a lot to everyone that contributed to my post, much appreciated. This forum provided such a massive wealth of knowledge and experience. Based on the posts it appears as though I have a list to start working on. Let the CAD games begin..... Cheers.... Jason
  2. Hi all, I'm just getting a feel for potential interest/opinions?? I'm intrigued by the the new range of Tamiya's comical range. the current range includes the Grasshopper, Frog, Horner, Avante and most recently the Hotshot. What Tamiya 1/10 classis bodies do you feel would warrant the "Comical" treatment? Any suggestion would be appreciated.... Just to start the discussion, we could consider these: SandScorcher Blazing Blazer Toyota Hilux Sand Rover/ holiday Buggy XR311 Porsche 959 Bigwig Falcon Egress Astute Grasshopper 2 ...to name a few... Cheers, Jason
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