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    Building RC cars and occasionally driving them.
    Love any cars and buggies that can be used on the beach.
  1. I've just got hold of a very clean BF chassis and wheels from eBay and whilst I wait for it to arrive I'm beginning to wonder how I want to finish it off. I need tires but fancy something different to stock and welcome any suggestions. I also need a body and again welcome any ideas. I'd like to have the Ford F150 body on it but I want it as a runner and as the body kit is quite expensive I'm looking for Lexan options. Any help would be welcome. Cheers Mark
  2. So I have an Axial SCX10 and I'm looking to improve it's looks and fit another body shell. The obvious after market shells aren't that good I don't think and nothing really you would see in the UK so I'm looking for suggestions from you guys; clearly a scale Landy is the preferred choice but I can't see any that are under £50 and don't come from HK. Any suggestions would be welcome and if you know of any stockists please let me know. Cheers Mark
  3. I might have one; I'll check tomorrow and get back to you.
  4. I like the idea of all these events that I've seen posted in these pages but is there anything up in the NE/NY area? There is a local club nearby for me if I wanted to go but it's all 'deep pocket' racing from the major race spec manufacturers. If there was scope to hold something up here I would be happy to get involved with any organizing. Cheers Mark
  5. I was driving home from work today and I was following a VW Lupo GTI that seemed to be in mint condition and it got me thinking about what people's most wished for body sets would be if Tamiya had license to produce them. So I'm putting this question out there; perhaps we could apply some pressure on Tamiya too! The 3 I thought of were as follows; VW Lupo GTI to fit an M chassis Landrover Defender (SWB/LWB) to fit a scale chassis as opposed to something like a Lunch Box chassis. Ford Escort Mk1 Looking forward to your thoughts. Cheers Mark
  6. Thanks for all the posts guys; I'm opting for the higher turn motor with some minor adjustable restrictions via the transmitter. I have a re re brat I had in mind after I nipped out to the garage earlier but I'm also considering a full bumper buggy as suggested in a reply above; I just need to source a reasonably priced used roller, something that I don't need to do much to (other than put the servo, radio gear and batts in) and something that I'm not going to care about too much should her driving skills be slow to learn. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks again. Mark
  7. Thanks for the advice so far. I have got a 55T motor in an SCX Crawler that I could use; it would be easier enough to drop out and put in. I like the idea of making a gate too; I have an old 2.4 stick transmitter that I could use for this too. I could on the other hand program my Spektrum but to be honest I think kids prefer a stick transmitter, I know I did all those years ago but there was nothing else at the time. My daugher has a mini Losi Baja Beetle, 1/16 scale I think but I was going to introduce her 1/10 Tamiya and start off with a cheap buggy, Fighter FX or something.
  8. With the better weather on it's way (less rain in some parts of the UK) it will be time to get the trusty RC cars out of the garage. My six year old girl wants to go 'driving' with me and I'm all for it; kids after all are the future of the hobby so I'm putting these questions out there for some advice really; Is there any way that I can limit the speed on the cars as previous trips out have resulted in full throttle (direction optional) until a solid object has been struck? I don't want to be altering the gearing and motors I just want to restrict the forward and backward speed but still give her an enjoyable time so that she wants to go out again. And whilst I'm on is there any transmitters that are specific for smaller hands; she finds my Spektrum gear a little bit difficult to get away with? Cheers Mark
  9. M01 battery holder parts; both ends. Any beach/sand going runner or resto project Sand paddle tyres. Been searching for the battery holder pieces for yonks!
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