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  1. P.S. I suggest you plug one in at a time. Insert each plug separately into channel 1 and confirm that each responds as expected. Once you have ruled out any problems with the servos and leads slowly build up each conbection, one plug atva time, testing after each plug in. When you have a problem like this its easy to miss something really obvious. We've all been there! Good luck.
  2. You should have 3 plugs going into the receiver. One for the steering servo, one for the speed controller and one for the gear change servo. Can you post a photo of the receiver showing the plug connections?
  3. I've just *** in my pants !!! Fantastic photos and thanks for sharing.
  4. What a fantastic story and a great resto job! Thank you for sharing this. I love this car. I'm not lucky enough to own an original but I do have the Tamiya 1/12th plastic kit (original) that is partly built.
  5. Sorry I couldn't make today, but I would be up for a regular meet. Delamere Forest would be good !
  6. Hi mate, I have the kids next weekend but I could pop along for a couple of hours. Which beach ? I only have one runner at the mo', my vintage hopped up Manta Ray. But I hav at least one other runner and LOADS of batteries !!! ;-)
  7. Great news. Its sure to fly off the shelves !!
  8. I had exactly the same problem the first time I tried to solder these connectors. I did as already suggested here, moved up to a 50W iron and used cored solder with flux in it. Now it works perfectly everytime. You only need the iron on the tabs for a second or two, otherwise you will melt the plastic holding them. Don't ask how I know that ! Cheers.
  9. Yes it can be a lonely hobby, which is why sites like this are great. I think my most enthusiatic fellow RC car hobbyists are my 2 kids ! Maybe some people retain their childlike sense of fun, fascination and wonder in to adulthood at these things and never lose it, or it maybe that we simply do not feel the pressure to conform to society's pressures regarding what men should, and should not, do. This is a hobby like any other (model trains, aircraft, etc.) and, in my experience, many man play with "toy" cars, trains, aircraft, etc. and they are all generally happier and more relaxed than those who don't. My father is a certified RC boat nut and my father in law runs RC live steam trains in his garden, as do I, so maybe its in the blood ? Whatever the reason I'm not going to change the hobbies I love for society's or other people's sakes, I don't think any of us will.
  10. Yeah I spotted that. I took off the clutch and tried to remove it, but even strapped to a bench vice the things wouldn't budge ! Just have to be VERY careful I guess !
  11. Hi, and welcome ! I'm not aware of any local meets planned currently, both the North West Nutters website and facebook group have been quiet for a while. Anyone else out there locally who would like to meet? Let me know preferences and I'll gladly arrange. Thanks.
  12. I use Strava for cycling but it does the same if you strap your phone to your RC car ! Shows distance, speed, etc. Great fun !
  13. Thanks for the honest assessment @speedy_w_beans as I was considering the purchase myself. Sorry to hear that it has disappointed. I have a small drill press stand and mountable vice for my dremel, so I'll stick with that. Thanks again.
  14. Oh @wilton84, I feel your pain. I remember about 18 months ago, after spending a couple of months completely restoring my original Manta Ray, complete with alloy hubs, very nice alu shocks and front & rear FRP shock towers. I took it to the park with my eldest son, he was 5 at the time, and yes I should have known better. I drove it for, like, 5 minutes and he was pestering me to have a go. Against my better judgement I gave him the Tx and told him not to press the trigger fully on the steerwheel transmitter. That's exactly what he did and the Dyna Tech 01 motor, with full timing advance, propelled it at top speed in to a brick wall, completely smashing the front end ! The front hubs, carriers, wishbones, shocks and shock towers were completely destroyed, quite an achievement I thought. I am proud of myself for my reaction as I was very calm with him, took him over to the car and showed him the total destruction, but in my heart I wanted to slam him in to that wall too ! All's forgiven later though !
  15. Mystery solved. Its not even Kyosho ! Its a Hobby Products Texas Wild Baja from, I believe, 1979. Proper vintage ! Many thanks to Al Hacker from Vintage Tamiya & Kyosho Radio Control Cars Facebook group for the ID.
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