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  1. I just fit the bearings and don't worry about lubricating them as they come pre-lubricated. If you think they might get wet during running I would smear some grease on the outer surface and the surface the bearing seats onto to act as a corrosion deterrent, but bear in mind this will collect dust and dirt if running in a dry environment.
  2. Just to bring you all full circle, none of the above issues occur with electric cars ....
  3. Well put. However, duration has never been an issue for me as I usually break what I'm running due to the extra performance, before the battery gets anywhere near flat.............
  4. True, but also don't forget, if you take into account weight, where you have a Nimh and LiPo that weigh the same amount, the LiPo will have a much larger capacity, and therefore last significantly longer.........
  5. Just to put the other side of the coin (And again, go with what you feel comfortable with), as well as having a less steep voltage decline, LiPos are considerably lighter than their NiMh equivalents, which is going to improve acceleration and handling. It's not just about the small amount of extra voltage, LiPos can provide a lot more current than equivalent NiMh cells, which equates to faster acceleration. I'm a casual user of cars, i.e. I don't go racing, and the difference in performance between Nimh and LiPo is quite striking. With regards to charging, I use a multi chemistry charger that has different charging profiles for different chemistries, even if you are just nimh, you should have a good quality charger like that to get the most out of the cells, not just a basic trickle charger. To get around the worries of garage fires, I bought an old ammo box, drilled a small hole in it to pass the charging cables through, and put the LiPos in that to charge them. Then, even if it explodes, the flammable mess should be contained to the box. I also never charge them at greater than 0.5C, so for a 4000mah battery, I never charge it at more than 2 amps, so the cells never get warm.
  6. TT-01 is ancient now, TT-02 is it's successor, so if you want any kind of meaningful spares support I would suggest the TT-02
  7. and don't forget a virus and malware check if you've been to a dodgy site ......
  8. Have seen the pulling tractor on youtube with 2 Rolls Royce Griffon engines in. They pull well for 70 year old engines
  9. Looks nice, although You might want to think about changing / losing the rear spoiler. The car is front wheel drive, so the spoiler being quite savage looking will provide a lot of downforce / drag abouve 50mph, and all the downforce will be behind the rear axle, giving a tendency to try and lever the front wheels off the ground.
  10. My 2 cents on the diff (I had an entry in the speed run with a DF-02 that did 80Km/h + would be to forget the putty and just lock the diff. I ran my DF-02 with locked front and rear diffs. You're mostly going to be going in straight lines anyway and not going to be worrying about cornering ability. Good luck.
  11. Some very cool cars there, I've been lucky enough to have a ride in a Sunbeam Alpine (and a tiger with a 5.0 in it), but if I was going to drive one of them home it would have to be the Shelby Cobra.
  12. Dumb question. but you have checked that the jumper switch is set to LiPo and not Nimh ?
  13. Square Lipos (Certainly 2S Zippy hardcase Lipos) will fit straight into the hotshot battery tray with no mods required (Maybe the 8.4V battery holders are needed, I can't remember if I've got them fitted to my car or not)
  14. What are you doing for rear uprights ? (The super hotshot rear uprights won't fit the boomerang arms and red rear uprights are only available as vintage items, or are you going to use re-re boomerang bits and dye / paint them)
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