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  1. A static super detailed Porsche 917k in 1/12th scale. Can’t understand why they never offered it as Tamiya s relationship with Porsche used to be so good.
  2. It’s a beauty mate. Top vintage racer.
  3. Original new built Evo. Only the decals are repo although I do have an original set.
  4. Get it bought. It’s a classic, such a good looking r/c car
  5. Nice. I had a Carlos sainz 185. Great car, stupidly selling it about six years ago. It was a low mile mint one too.
  6. Servicing and installing the cpr and Dynatech in my new built genuine Top Force Evo
  7. Cheers but not really. I’m a stickler for originality and want a set of spire spikes not the square spikes. They look quite different. thanks.
  8. Is this a decent ESC? No experience with LRP. Any idea what it’s worth because I don’t need it along with a Novak receiver.
  9. As in the title, I’m after a new pair of rear spire TFE tyres. Anyone help? cheers.
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