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  1. I remember running my freshly built Porsche 959 in the late 80s on a path and driving through a fresh dog turd. It was horrendous, I still remember the smell to this day and the hours it took to completely strip the car afterwards to clean it in my parents laundry sink 😆 with old tooth brushes and warm water.
  2. Absolutely love the Terra Conqueror. This is my hopped up one. Started with a genuine one and used vintage hop ups to up the performance. Evolution diffs, Universals all round, hi caps , top Force mounts, one way gear, o2h , cpr p-160, alloy hub carriers.
  3. I restored my original but it wasn’t as faded as yours. It’s cool anyway
  4. Polishing the frp won’t do anything as I’ve tried it. You are limited to what you can do but I never tried a new thin coat of clear. I’m not sure even that will fix your problem. Once you have the radio gear fitted and the driver it covers most of it anyway. Find a CPR unit 👍
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