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  1. Nice. It would be ok to run it on short grass. I’ve restored an original to as new condition and will probably run it before displaying it.
  2. Fantastic thanks. It’s there, pictures of it how I sold it with all the boxes etc. Shame but I don’t think he’s been here for years.
  3. Cheers, do I have to be a full member to view his showroom? It looks like it’s him.
  4. I found a picture on the main site and I’m 100% sure it’s my old original 88 Avante which I sold on eBay to someone in Greece in 2004. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted it, it’s got a few features which stand out. Does anyone recognise the pic or be able find out who posted the pic or is a member on here? I think his name is Thanos. I would love to buy it back
  5. They are all fantastic. This is one of my favourites.
  6. I picked one up recently on fleabay
  7. Old thread revived These are hard to get. Never seen a complete nib chassis set or screw set available.
  8. Wow, that looks good! Fully optioned. Needs paint. The driver figure never fitted properly after the ballraced steering set was installed, the plastic ball joint used to foul the front of the dashboard.
  9. Trying to find the Carbon chassis set was a challenge. It's so rare these days, one of the hardest kits to get.
  10. I'm selling a set of nib posi joints ( front) I have a similar collection for the Avante Nice collection by the way, I will get a nib vintage egress in the future.
  11. Biggest blunder...... selling most of my r/c 15 years ago and having to buy it all back and much more over the last eight or so years and spending a huge amount of money in the process.
  12. For sale, mint set of front posi joints. Rare these days. Offers. Cheers.
  13. I've only seen one of those 65 editions once on evil bay in years and years.
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