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  1. I’ve always wanted Tamiya to produce a 1/12 scale static Porsche 917. I don’t know why they haven’t.
  2. Spray Tamiya smoke on the inside. It works really well.
  3. The front damper mount was included with the mini hi cap set not the chassis kit 👍
  4. Thread revival. I have this Avante shop ceiling hanger.
  5. They are all still good too 😎👍
  6. I’ve never seen an actual Tamiya Rough Rider kit with this early image. I’ve asked a few collectors that I know and they haven’t seen one too.
  7. It’s an early poster, Tamiya didn’t use this image much.
  8. Looking good. The first images of the Rough Rider were a lot more accurate to the Bel Ray Bullet. Quite a few differences to the later box art.
  9. I like it like this. I’ve used an Astute wing mount so it’s different to the egress original
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