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  1. Agreed. That is undoubtedly the unicorn model...... I'll get my coat.
  2. I reckon a good vacuum and a going over with a Vax and it'll look great 👍
  3. To be fair, you only said it wasn't green, which means you may have thought it looked red, which would have been even more wrong than me. So, can we really say we are at the top of our game? Yes, absolutely. I am constantly telling people (my wife especially, but only because I don't really talk to anyone else) I'm not appreciated enough. The wisdom, whit and wisdom (there's a lot of it, so I think it deserves another mention) that I impart on a daily basis that goes unappreciated could fill several sturdy thimbles. (When was the last time you saw a thimble? Does anyone use them anymore? Has the excessive amounts of scrolling and tapping screens made the average seamstresses finger that much more callused that they are no longer required?) I bet Mr. Tamiya has a fantastic lawnmower. Anodised blue, undoubtedly.
  4. Finished it! (the little hole there is to give access to the hex head of the screw to hold down the interior) quite like how the little smiley lights came out the motor isn't connected yet, as I need to extend the wires, but I did manage to get all the radio gear in!! there was only one choice for the wheels in the end Overall I think it turned out ok. I can't decide if I should put some sponsor stickers on it or not - might cut out a few and see what I think. Otherwise, once I've got the wiring extended I think I can call this one done! Back to the Pumpkin now to get that one looking better!
  5. Great work @Aerobert!!!! I think you're spot on there! 😎👍⭐ there you go @wolfdogstinkus - you were right - someone more sensible did come along
  6. Pictures or it didn't happen. Them the rules on here
  7. Great to have you back @KalEl63 - looks like you've been very busy in the interim, some great looking projects there!
  8. My mistake, it's Japanese Army Grey: which, to be fair, does have quite a sage green vibe to it. Getting back on topic, I reckon it's a nitro, as that looks suspiciously like a transmission and radio box (quite similar to the Terra Crusher TGM-02.) It also has the whole "push me pull you" thing going on with identical front and rear bumpers (with spot lights?) which is common on 1/8 scale nitro truggies. The suspension arms look quite Team Academy-ish. All that said, I've had a good search through https://www.rcscrapyard.net/ and can't find anything matching.
  9. it's a photo of a sage green carpet with a tape measure and an rc truggy on it. 👍
  10. In my near fanatical pursuit for cool hopups I never knew existed, I was very excited when our lovely postlady dropped this off for me this morning: I was hoping to have got it for significantly less than I did, but I seemed to be bidding against someone else almost as keen to get it as me. I sincerely hope it wasn't a fellow TC member!!!
  11. just a little update, but nearing completion on this project now, so getting exciting (for me at least!) I spent hours looking at wheels and tyre combinations and I think I've found something I like now. The previous ones just looked a bit too chunky and "overwheeled" for me. Anyway, the fronts I've decided on (for now anyhow) are non-hex drive wheels, so I needed to design some new hubs for a suitable shaft. At the same time, I wanted to make the front track slightly narrower, as the thinner front wheels would have looked a bit too far apart. There was plenty of material to pinch from the existing design, so this was an easy fix: and fitted: I've also painted the front crash bar (?) black to tie it in with the rest of the cage etc. I think it looks better like this and less toylike. Round the back I designed some new hubs to fix the camber wobble issue I had with the old ones: You can see how much of an error I made here!! but boy do they work better now! Also painted the exhaust can (not sure it will stay this shade) and I've test fitted my rear lights. I also needed to flip the jerry can so it sits above the cage as the arm hit it at full compression. So, I'm just waiting for some outer cvd's to arrive and that will be all the mechanical parts done! The driver needs his arm painting and I think I'll redo his helmet. Oh, I also made some filler pieces for the spotlights as I'm not planning on fitting LED's but didn't like the holes in the back:
  12. Some people say the reason for his attic conversion is so there will be more headroom over the aforementioned beds so his stash seems less obvious to the casual observer......
  13. Sending you all the best wishes I can fit in a forum post. 🐧 Hope you make a good recovery and that you get some positive therapy from practicing with the M08 👍
  14. I really love this! Makes the best use of one of my favourite bodies - it just looks so right on this chassis! My favourite TD2 so far! Hope you have a great holiday and get to have lots of fun on the beach with this!
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