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  1. Now, I'm not being bitter here - but about 2 weeks ago, I "gave away" on ebay a mint King Blackfoot for £118. Today, I nearly got gravel rash on my chin as it hit the floor when I saw a M06 "with upgrades" (which appear to be bearings, a nimh battery and some cheap alloy dampers) for - wait for it - £874. The prices people are asking for some stuff recently is just criminal. I appreciate that to a large degree supply has been outstripped by demand for many RC items due to lockdown spending, but this sort of thing is just insane!
  2. for me, I think it's the colour of the rims in picture 2 which spoil it. If you were to paint them, say white or olive, then I think you could have a winning look there.
  3. I always love an opportunity to mention how I wish I'd never sold my custom Pumpkin, which happened to have the alternate door decals on it *sigh - wish I'd never sold it.....
  4. I'm confused. I've got a set of Top Force Hi-Cap bodies, building them up - all going fine until I try and fit the 53075 Hi-cap damper plastic parts - specifically the spring adjuster ring. It's just too small for the body, there is no way the two ends will come close enough to tighten the screw. I'm sure the Hi-caps are all one size diameter aren't they?
  5. i love the gold wheels on this!! Are they just painted originals?
  6. Hi, am on the lookout for a vintage SRB receiver box please - needs to have all 4 screw tabs and no cracks, other than that, open to options. many thanks
  7. I'm the same side of the pond as you I've ordered loads for both my and other members restos and think they are the best alternative.
  8. best bet is MCI Racing https://mciracing.ca/
  9. I'd 100% go with the kit option and with the money saved from not getting the XB version, buy a Team CRP front suspension upgrade and then go have some fun with it!
  10. if you want new items rc crawler shocks are a good place to start - they have the look you're after and tend to be available in different lengths (75 and 90mm eye to eye for the SRB if my brain serves me correctly.) You can get cheap and cheerful things like these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-Car-Shocks-Absorber-Damper-for-1-10-RC-Crawler-Car-SCX10-D90-TRX4/352799805302?hash=item522481cf76:g:ZsIAAOSwBPddiJyh or get some lovely items from places like RC4WD. If you want to reuse your original shocks and make them look like coilovers, something like this will be ideal: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SHOCK-CONVERSION-Tamiya-Sand-Scorcher-Special-Racing-Buggy-SRB-Team-CRP-5153-CS/233602449598?hash=item3663ca80be:g:3QUAAOxywbNQ-cQT but note these only work with the original SRB's, not the re-release. Hope that helps!
  11. ......a box of very exciting stuff from Japan!!!!!! ....which unfortunately was followed about half an hour later by a text from DHL asking me to pay the customs fee on it
  12. I'm confused - why couldn't they use your Mountain Rider and Arrma Kraton?
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