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  1. apparently he's very handsome too, and very, very muscular!
  2. I think so too - @jonboy1 FTW!!!
  3. modesty would prevent @jonboy1 from disclosing his philanthropic activities - he really doesn't like to talk about it
  4. Are we allowed to vote for ourselves? I'm blown away by some of the insight and brilliant work @jonboy1 has come up with this year.
  5. Astute - will always be my one true love and I won't hear a bad word said against it Avante - I know it's flawed in many ways - but will you just look at it!! It's gorgeous! Monster Racer - the younger, hotter sister of the King Cab - best looking rear end of any truck Durga - again, like the Avante, it's flawed, but can be made awesome with hops ups (as with many other of Tamiya's fleet) and I just love it!!
  6. I know I'm liable to get a lot of grief off a lot of people for saying this (epsecially @ThunderDragonCy ) but the Terra Scorcher. (ducks as many non-standard size tires are lobbed at me! ) And you know, that was part of the problem for me - back when I was a kid the internet wasn't around, so any parts had to come from the LHS - which in my case, wasn't especially well stocked. So when my tyres got worn it was basically impossible for me to get some replacements as they were a funky size. So I kinda fell out of love with it. The chassis was very fragile on them too, but I did manage to get a replacement for that, but by then I was regretting not saving up a bit longer to get the Vanquish instead. Ironically, fast forward to a year or so ago and I bought another one as a resto project to try and rekindle the love for it. This was before it was re-released and everything was either unobtainable or rediculously expensive, so I gave up. So I was thwarted both times by parts availability!!
  7. Hi mate, I can't say I've given it a lot of abuse but I have compared the stock items to the carbon reinforced ones back to back on the bench and there is a light and day difference between them. There's absolutely no give in the reinforced items at all. I'd be amazed if you have problems with these.
  8. It's been a while since I did an update on this. I took a break from it for a couple of weeks to do Grumpys Hi-Lux as that had been sat in a box in my garage since the beginning of lockdown I think and I could see this job going on for a while! I've also had a bunch of major family issues going on so spare time has been at even more of a premium, but hopefully things are improving there. Anyway, we left the Scorcher shell looking very bumpy and sorry for itself - aaaaaaaaand it still is! It still looks horrible, in some ways worse, but honest - it's much better than it looks: As you can see from how the guide coat has been sanded, the whole thing was just gouged and scraped and chemically attacked from front to back, so I ended up practically covering the whole thing with a thin layer of putty and flatting the life out of it with 800grit wet and dry. Once the worst of it was repaired I gave it a guide coat of pink and repeated the process until we got to what we're looking at now. It looks horrible, but up close and to the touch I reckon it's not far off a baby's bottom for smoothness. (Are we still allowed to say things like that? Should I reference my bottom instead?) There are still some issues to fix - the bottom of the windscreen for one - it just crumbled away, so that needs replacing, along with the quarterlight upright, and once I've got an even coat of paint on it I can look at what to do about the arch and body trim lines, as they might need some work to bring them back. Overall though, I feel a lot better about where it is now than how it was looking in the previous update. And there isn't a hint of an ESC or motor catching fire so I'm well happy with it!!
  9. I was reminded today, that I should stick to making shelf queens and not try to get them to run..... I'd recently rebuilt and refurbed a Technigold motor, which I decided to connect up to test before putting in my UberBoomer. Some glowing red contacts and smoke later I decided it wasn't quite right..... Undeterred, I thought I'd tweak the tracking on the CR-01 as I'd now got that to have 4WS. There it was, sat on the bench behaving itself, then I just nudged the throttle slightly, upon which it crawled back an inch, then there's a lot of ticking from the ESC, smoke, before it fires off backwards at full speed, smoke pouring from the ESC. I manage to disconnect the lipo and throw the car outside where it soon stopped smoking and calmed down. Pulled the ESC from the car and found it has melted what i guess is the potting (black sticky liquid.) Never had an issue with it before - ran a treat only a week or so ago (it's a proper Hobbywing Quicrun 1060) I'm sticking to painting from now on - far less hazardous to my health and wallets' health.....:(
  10. ....in for a looooooot more than a penny me thinks!!!
  11. that's really interesting - I've got far too many projects on the go really but I'm very tempted by something like this. I know what you mean about resin kits - I've got a few Gundam garage kits that you'd swear were made for something completely different sometimes the fit is so bad, but look amazing if you persist!! Stunning work again mate - just beautiful
  12. Out of interest - what do you guys use to get the music onto your minidiscs now? I remember them needing an optical fibre lead - and the only thing I had back in the day that had one of them was my PS2!
  13. I was just looking at your albums - absolutely stunning by the way - and have fallen in love with this one: Did you buy it with that body kit already fitted? Or is it scratchbuild or aftermarket? I've never seen aftermarket bodykits for 1:18 scale cars, only 1:24 Stunning build though - you got some skills there man
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