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  1. As you all may have noticed - my projects progress at a glacial scale, so it should come as no surprise that over a year later not much has happened with my Uber Boomer. However, something has happened.....it's got new tyres!! The motor is still waiting on me soldering on the wires, the driver (still kindly donated by @Peter_B) is still waiting to join in on the fun and the radio gear is still waiting to go in, but little by little eh, you can't rush perfection now can you! (as I keep reminding my customers! ) And I still need to paint the insides of the wheels!!!!! I also thought I'd take a picture of my dear, lovely Astute wearing its new rear wing which I bought off the very nice @Baddon and the semi-period correct radio gear. I really wanted a CPR unit, but just can't justify that at the moment. Oh, and a threw a wet rag over the body. I've got the other body to strip and paint still, but well, you know, these things take time!
  2. Right - I suppose I'd better get this done and out of the way. I've been a bit lax with the camera I'm afraid, so I'll have to paint pictures with words I got the Hotshot 2 stripped apart last week, put all the plastic bits in a big bucket of hot soapy water and all the metal bits in a degreaser (the electric bits went in an ice cream tub (pre-emptied - Mrs. Jon has drummed it into my head NEVER to put anything in her ice cream again....) Some scrubbing and washing and drying later, I got dressed and fetched the bits out of their cleaning solutions and it they all looked good, rough, but good. First job was some repair to the chassis tub. It was rather scraped and battered, so a lot of sanding to remove all the gouges and scratches was required, followed by more sanding through various grades to get it silky smooth and shiny. I've shown it next to the unrestored bumper plate to give an idea of the condition: As you can see - there is plenty more to do! I thought I'd give myself a break from polishing at this point, so grabbed the electrical bits and bobs, took them all apart and a thorough clean. The servos and their horns etc are all good and ready to go back, but some knucklehead cut the antenna so I'll have to replace that and the battery connector wires from the speed controller are looking somewhat sorry, so they will get some attention/replacement too. I'll try and remember to take some pics tonight of all that stuff. That's all for now!
  3. that explains the musty smell on the Hotshot..... No, it isn't finished. Now stop pestering me kid!
  4. hoooold on there a daggan minnut ya rapscallion! By "bribe" you mean you sold me something, you may have disposed of the body but you posted me the head and we were both in 'that' video and neither of us were proud of what took place!
  5. I'll have a rummage this weekend - I think I've got some spares from my Uber Boomer build. Just to check - you want: A1 (the blue wing mount) 2x D2 (servo mounts) D7 (the battery tray) F and R parts (wishbones) a driveshaft and that diddly little steering pin (I'm gunna say right now I'm 99% sure I don't have one of those)
  6. Hmmmm One was not intending to do a resto thread for the amusement and gratification of Messers @barneys66 but he has since provided gifts, sorrow, song and apparently the dancing girls are en-route, so I have succumbed, albeit grudgingly and with little enthusiasm. So - here's some pics of it at Abode Barney (note the very expensive cowhide rug - I dream of being able to afford a Maccy D's cheeseburger and Barney has literally the whole cow on his spare room floor.) Yup - woohoo - looks ok. Next up - some pics of it finished. Stay tooned.
  7. Nope - you didn't ask me nicely..... and by nicely I mean I want grovelling, tears, gifts, songs of woe and dancing girls!
  8. Hi everybody! I know I'm probably asking the equivalent of Unicorn poo (although, ironically that seems to be quite prevalent nowadays) but does anyone have a Madcap rear wing mount spare please? Willing to pay for it and any postage. Many thanks! Jon
  9. I find the friction welding method the best. There's a post on it somewhere on here, but basically you get a rod of ABS and hold it in the chuck of a drill or dremmel and, with it spinning, feed it into the join. The friction melts the rod and softens the panels and you get a lovely rock solid join. Soldering iron is another way, but it's a lot more messy and liable to burn through.
  10. Hey, I'm almost certain I've got one - I bought it by mistake a year or so ago off ebay thinking it was for a mkII. PM me your address and I'll get it off to you.
  11. Thank you very much, I really appreciate that The grille was repaired using plasticard cut and shaped to replicate the original "ribs" which I then plastic welded in place using a soldering iron with a thin tip and a little extra rod of plastic to use as a kind of "filler." Once this was all cooled down and looking suitably horrible I sanded/filed it all back smooth and gave it a coat of Mr. Surfacer brush on filler. The bottom of the tub was basically the same process, but instead of using filler on top I sanded it down starting with 800 wet and dry, then 1000, 1200 and finally Autosol Super Resin Polish. It took several goes to get it back looking shiny, but you'll get there in the end. Feel free to give me a shout if you need any further advice
  12. if there aren't many parts out there it will take you a while to find them.... that almost sounds deep..... Don't thank me too much later - I'm off home in 15min
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