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  1. not the best pictures, but here's a few of mine: This one was meant to look like Burt Reynolds....:
  2. ....ordered some M3x8 screws as I discovered last night that the Tamiya CR-01 spring holders are M2.5 screws and the Integy spring holders aren't. also broke my duck on ebay - obs
  3. no - they're plastic on this one.
  4. I just realised I haven't been on ebay since Friday!!!!
  5. While we're on the subject of Rock Sockers/CR-01s I dug mine out of the project pile darkness a few weeks ago as my mate is constantly on at me to get it running so we can go out together with his Traxxas. So I finally gave into the peer pressure to get it running and started by taking it completely apart. As anyone who has ever spoken to me or read one of my posts will know, I've never run a single one of my cars (or finish them in most instances ) so this was a Rock Socker minus a body (although I have the untouched Rock Socker body and a half done Unimog for it) but over the past couple of years I've collected a bunch of alloy bits for it. Therefore, first job was, quite sensibly, to take it all apart to fit ball bearings and replace all the plastic bits with nice metal ones. Now, I'm not a big fan of anodised baby blue, and most parts available for the CR-01 seem to be in that shade, so I needed to resolve that pretty urgently. First, slightly badly executed, job was to remove the aforementioned anodising. As that wasn't as effective as I hoped, plan 2 came into effect which was to paint everything with real metal paints, predominantly my own custom flat aluminium and steel. This weekend, in between a couple of other jobs, I finished off the painting and started on reassembling everything whilst working around the fact I'm missing a couple of parts to assist in extending the wheelbase. Hopefully next weekend I should be back upto a rolling chassis stage! Then we just need the body to turn up....Pics will be uploaded then..... The other jobs were drawing very close to finishing a box art Sand Scorcher for a fellow TC member and working on the last of a batch of 5 vintage polycarb buggy bodies for another TC member. I'll post pics of those once complete pending approval from their owners just found this pic from December 2016 when I got it. It never progressed beyond this point (except to collect a good amount of dust....) For those interested in such things, I realised we have had 2 different dining tables since then!!!
  6. It doesn't have ball bearings and the bodyshell is much more basic than the others - but that's it I think
  7. spraying Tamiya clear yellow over a chrome silver base gets pretty close (you may want to tweak it slightly by adding a little clear orange)
  8. Ooooh, my goals and plans for 2020.... grow more hair reduce body fat reduce blood pressure reduce cholesterol get bicep fixed In RC activities: finish Astute finish CR-01 finish M-03 complete last little jobs on Uber Boomer and WW Would like to do, but unlikely to: restore Rough Rider restore Bell 222 helibopper plans for 2030: actually run one of my RC cars
  9. guess who's my new favourite TC member Yup, pinstripe is painted too
  10. just to join in - most hair pulling is a joint award between Sand Scorcher box art and Kamei Golf. Hateful jobs - both of them. Most fiddly non-box art would be the Scania I did for a mate: though now I know how to do it it would probably be a fair bit easier to do again - I was learning on the job with that one. Most fiddly non-tamiya would go to @Peter_B's RC10 - which still ranks as my favourite paint job I've done:
  11. What is that - top left? Really don't recognize it!
  12. No, but I do find that when you're: Sitting with your friends cause y'all remincise About the days growing up and the first person you kiss And as I think back makes me wonder how The smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia Does that count?
  13. I humbly nod in deference to Waterbok - he's absolutely right. The ol' grey cells don't work quite as well as they used to! What I was mixing up in my head was that you want to be careful how you hold the assembly while you try and punch the pin out - if you clamp the bearing or the pot metal part it will probably break. Soak the bearing in penetrating oil before trying to remove it. Sorry chaps!
  14. No probs You can indeed - although if you have some spare hex drive pins from pretty much any other rc car you can use these instead, which have the benefit of not needing to be pressed in (and therefore you don't run the risk of breaking the alloy parts reassembling them)
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