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  1. On the sides I find a needle file the best option as it allows you to be very precise. Every time I've done one of these I've still needed to use a little filler though, there's always a little trough just ahead of that line that needs filling. As the others have said the arches are always a bit rough, both front and rear. There is an interesting article on tamiya101 (http://www.tamiya101.com/article_sand_scorcher_shells.asp) that shows the differences between the various beetle shells and the arches are significantly different between the original and the re-re, not only in not having the trim line around the edge but also the shape: http://www.tamiya101.com/image_wrapper.asp?image=images/articles/beetle_2.jpg http://www.tamiya101.com/image_wrapper.asp?image=images/articles/beetle_4.jpg so while you've got the file out why not round them off a bit too?
  2. well @Re-Bugged, maybe you could swap roles and brush its hair?
  3. Would it give you everything you need though? Would it give you a warm hug on a cold, dark and lonely night? Would it brush your hair before you went to bed? Would it lick your toes to wake you up in the morning because it needs to go to toilet?
  4. This is mine: Started out with a Zahhak, then I got every single high carbon chassis part - chassis, A, B, C, D (25 deg,) F, J, L, M and R parts I could. Pink wheels and C spec tyres followed, along with big bore buggy dampers and springs, alloy idler shaft, high carbon gear set, DB-01 rear drive shafts, all metal bearings replaced with ball bearings, either flourine coated or blue alloy ball connectors, flourine suspension balls, alloy rear suspension/camber mount (XA plus XB on standby,) light weight alloy motor mount, titanium suspension shafts, black alloy wheel nuts (rear only of course!) alloy servo mounts and screws, high strength turnbuckles and a slipper clutch. Other mod added was a Kyosho gear diff. It's got a Savox black edition servo and a SKYRC ARES PRO V2 Competition 13.5T motor and SKYRC Toro120 alloy black ESC. I'm currently in the middle of replacing all the screws with hex heads. I've also got a Team Azarashi body and wing waiting for painting too as Im really not happy with how this paint job came out. It also had TRF501X rear hubs, but I've replaced these with the high carbon XV-01 hubs now. I ended up having so many left over bits it didn't take much to build another stock DN-01 chassis.....
  5. Hmmm. So I've got no actual idea if this will work, but I wonder if bleaching them might bring the colour back a few shades? The way I see it is that it's dyed, not impregnated pigment, so it should act the same as if it were a fabric (polyester is largely similar to acrylic, and it would work on a pair of polyester undies) Might be worth a try on a spare parts tree first?
  6. Yup these are the standard white star dish wheels that I used Rit dye on: You pop the dye in a bowl of hot water, mix it up, add the wheels and leave them to soak for a few minutes and then take them out and rinse in clean water. This is the stuff I used: https://www.ritdye.com/products/super-pink/
  7. Looks amazing! Have you thought about dying the white rims pink? I dyed my Super Astute rims pink using Rit Super Pink dye and I reckon that could be a good match.
  8. I really like the look of this - think it's going to look awesome all finished! Can't wait to see it! Great work mate!!
  9. Out of interest did Nate ever offer to do a new print of your decals @Kol__? Personally I've never had an issue with anything he's made for me and always been very impressed with the quality. My guess would be that he gets a bit overrun with orders when he does a discount offer and struggles to get everything out in a timely manner, so checking might not be as precise as usual. One time I asked him to do me a favour to add a couple of small freebie stickers on a sheet I'd ordered, which not only did he do for me, but he sent me a bunch of free sheets of ones he'd discarded as faulty. When I emailed him to say I thought he'd sent me someone elses' order by mistake he explained he'd rejected them so were free I spent ages staring at them trying to work out what was wrong with them. Eventually I found an error on 1 of them, but have still to find the problem with the others. Although the quality of Tamiya stickers are generally better I'd dispute that they are faultless and point you in the direction of the Midnight Pumpkin and Vanessa's Lunchbox for starters. They look like they've been printed with a dot matrix printer! And as previously stated by others, MCI are a lot cheaper than Tamiya and at the end of the day, they have enabled many of us to complete restorations that would otherwise be left stickerless. I find it strange that so many people that are complaining about the quality yet are all so happy that he offers custom stickers! They are made with the same printers - so why is one ok and not the other?!
  10. yeah that's what he went for - the minilite style ones Scale Dynamics make (I just used that pic as it was the first one that came up on google search) - but now I'm thinking I gave him faulty advice if they won't work with regular tamiya tyres
  11. So, a mate of mine is getting bits together for a rally car build - L&L Lotus Sunbeam body, TT-02 chassis and he really likes some Scale Dynamics rims. The question is, they have the black ring on the outer face (which I guess is to stop the tyres disappearing when drifting) - do these cause any issues with fitting regular tyres? I think he was planning on road tyres rather than off road/rally stage. Any advice very gratefully received.
  12. absolutely beautiful, and just love it in that colour! Perfection!
  13. Ok, I'm going to sound shallower than a mirage in a desert here, but it's purely aesthetics.... All your comments are quite true and I agree entirely (except in one area which I'll come to) and I too have a Tamiya JIS screwdriver set which I think is the best investment I've ever made in this hobby. I just prefer the look of the hex head screws. One caveat to this is on vintage models, where I just love the yellow zinc plating on the old screws - nothing can replace those. But on a newer model where the screws are all, not quite black but more a very dark bronze I'd say, I think the hex heads look more sleek. The one bit I'd disagree with, which @Howards points out correctly, is you can use a ball head wrench on them - and especially on the Durga (and as anyone who has built a ORV will know too) in some places a JIS screwdriver is just a bit tight in some recessed holes which can make getting a good purchase on the slots tricky. The corresponding hex wrench is way thinner, so access to these screws is much easier. I didn't know about this - I was aware of titanium screw sets but they are crazy expensive. Can you point me in the right direction of these please? Thanks @Juhunio - I'll give them a look 👍
  14. So recently I've been doing the only sensible thing to do and have been setting about swapping all the JIS head screws on my Durga and Zahhak over to hex head screws. After all, cross head is soooo 2021! Going through the manuals I've been working out what I need and then been searching the interweb for the replacement Tamiya hex head screws. M3x5/6/8/10/12 are all easy to find (as long as @Badcrumble doesn't get there first! ) both in csk and button head but I was drawing a blank finding some of the longer sizes, like 23/25/28. I also couldn't find any 2.5/6 screws. So off I go to the Tamiya website to look for part numbers and low and behold they don't make them!!! So now I have 2 buggies with a mix of JIS and hex head screws! Why on earth would you offer hex head screws as an alternative to the JIS ones if you then don't offer them in all the sizes you use ln your products?! So now I'm stuck on what to do. Go back to the JIS ones or see if I can find matching hex head from other manufacturers? Has anyone else got themselves into this predicament?
  15. Yup to both! My work environment had become extremely toxic - I had a manager who decided that because I expressed my opinions on matters I was a trouble maker. So when a new bloke joined the team that was incredibly rude on top of incompetent, I was forced to raise the issue with my manager. What happened? It was all my fault - I wasn't a team player, I was aggressive, I needed to be more tolerant and helpful if he didn't know how to do a or b. Then when things went wrong - yet again it was my fault. Finally well into covid other people had noticed that I was right about the other guy and my manager and helped me get a transfer to another team - but not before my manager told me it was his doing because I wasn't a good fit in his team. It took a long time to build up enthusiasm for work after that but I work with a great bunch of people now and am getting close to finding some interest in my work again. I certainly don't miss being in the office though - the current plan is it'll be 2 days in the office and 3 from home when things go back to "normal" and in my mind that's still 3 days in the office too many. I'm have severe social anxiety, and it's only been made worse by the lockdowns and wfh so I really don't miss being around people, but I do miss chatting to some of them. I can go weeks with the only face to face contact being my wife and my dog. Back to the original topic! Having a budget is a very sensible thing. Much like @Mad Ax once pay day comes I pay all the bills and whatever is left over is for "nice to haves" - new clothes, shoes, tools, "luxury" food and drink and of course RC stuff. My serious weakness is hopups. I don't have a huge collection of cars - 16 I think - and I really can't get anymore as I don't have space for them all as it is - it's only because I've still got to build/finish 4 of them that it's not a huge issue already! If I didn't have a budget I stuck to I know my garage would be floor to ceiling with kits - and I'd probably be living in there too! So I scratch my RC itch with getting hop ups for what I have, and it's an endless obsession! Tracking down those hard to get bits, deciding whether to go for flourine coated low friction or anodised blue ball nuts, racing to beat @Badcrumble to the last pack of 3x10 socket screws - and then you get the fun of taking it apart to put the new bits on - what's not to love!? I'll tell you - the ****ht you get when you add up the spend column in your spreadsheet of how much you've spent on each car doing that! I've stopped updating the total box on the spreadsheet for my Durga because it's just got embarrassing!
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