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  1. yup, if you want? As far as I know they are for a 210 - I've based it on how it was set for the Mini shell, which I believe is 210? I'm afraid I'm not too conversant with this stuff! Did you want a different version? I'll get a set printed and if they fit ok I'll pop them in my store. I guess you don't have a 3D printer?
  2. Did that big bag of Pro-Crastination arrive?
  3. and quick evidence of why you always measure twice, cut once!
  4. modelled up a couple of adaptors for my M-03/4 twinni Will make a mockup out of balsa just to check and then send this off for printing
  5. Yup, it actually came with a complimentary packet of unicorn poo as they had some laying around going spare I know what you're saying about the MF-01X chassis etc, but lets face it - this isn't in meant to be in the slightest bit sensible or efficient - it's just a case of having a bit of fun! Besides, you don't know what drivetrain i'm sticking in this thing! 😜 It'll be the 210mm wheelbase to suit the Mini 1275 (or Cooper) shells I've got, but may see if I can make it adjustable. Oh, 3D printing makes things so much easier, and a lot less messy and involve a lot less plasters in my case
  6. As expected, I ended up working longer than planned, so RC stuff was somewhat limited last night. It was too cold to paint, and there wasn't enough time to get involved in bodywork on the Scorcher Rover (although I did make a cover plate for the radio box as the original is too tall) so I decided to start something new! I bought an M03 a couple of years back with the intention of getting it running so I could race with my mate at the local club. Unfortunately, the building they were using was just about to be demolished and didn't have anywhere else lined up, and then my mate got more into RC planes, so it kinda sat, (yes, like all my other stuff before anyone says it!) pretty close to finished but not running, sat in crate. . Here's what it looked like when I bought it: I'd stripped it all down, bought a set of ball races for it, new tyres, an iconic RC approved motor (cant remember the name now sorry) a Manta Ray ball diff, a set of TRF dampers and rebuilt it all. The repro body I bought looked horrible around the arches, so I bought a bigger set of tyres (didn't look right) and then a set of bigger wheels and tyres which looked better, but they stuck out too much. So then I modelled up some shorter camber arms to tuck the top of the wheels under, which looked much better, but only if the car was stationary as they hit when the front wheels turned. I then bought a genuine Tamiya Mini body for which was in better condition but still needed the paint stripping and I've not got around to sorting that, and my aforementioned friend very kindly bought me one of the 1275 Mini shells, but I've just drawn a blank with what to do with it, and so it has sat since. A little while ago I was browsing some showrooms on here and something caught my eye and imagination. An idea was formed. The web was scoured. Parts were located and ordered. And yesterday a screwdriver was utilised.... So I started by removing everything from the rear half of the M03 Leaving me with this: Add a sprinkle of new parts (those M04 parts were harder to find than a triple ply cushioned toilet roll) Mix it all together and voila! So I need to model up some adaptors to fit the 2 halves together, buy another Manta Ray ball diff (I did order one but it never turned up, so will need to try again) and another motor of some description. One upside of working from home now is that it's not quite so obvious that I'm working on RC stuff when I'm measuring up car parts at my desk - that said Mrs. Jon just walked in and said "that's funny looking work!" 😏
  7. Oh, please accept my humbles apologies for any aspersions I may have appeared to cast upon your procrastinating character
  8. That's going to look cracking hidden behind the desk next to the SA for the next 2 years!
  9. Well said, I think the shop workers and delivery guys (not to exclude everyone else who's working on the front line of course) will be the unsung heroes of this crisis. To maintain their decorum and politeness in the face of a lot of very impolite and thoughtless customers whilst working in ever more demanding conditions, on top of having to face the exact same fears and concerns as everyone else, they all deserve medals. At the very least, a heartfelt "thank you" from all of us when we next go shopping. To all those who are either on here or have family in these positions; 'thank you very much for everything you are doing.'
  10. i just reported them on ebay - and they have lost a buyer here. disgusting
  11. that sounds perfect! You're good at throwing black paint around
  12. this weekend I did a little bit of work on a project for Mr. @barneys66 started a job for @acprc did a little bit on the ever-on-going Scorcher Rover and finished off the chassis for my CR-01 project. Unfortunately I'm now working from home, which tends to mean I work longer than if i was in the office and I don't have covid19, so I'm not "off work" either, so progress will continue to be slow to glacial btw - i have no idea why the ghost of Pikachu is appearing in that cushion.....
  13. Hope it heals quickly there are plenty of good deals out there to fix the lack of kits - just be quick before the postal services slow!
  14. I'm so sorry for you my friend. Pets can be incredibly therapeutic and a source of love and comfort, and can therefore leave a big hole when they pass. I can appreciate it probably doesn't feel right to even think about getting another pet right now, and you need to mourn. But try and keep that option open in the back of your mind, we are programmed to love, and it does us good to express that, and of course, receive it too. As the others have said, you may find that another little fella will come and find you (chances are higher I fear at this time with people probably thinking feeding an unwanted pet is not something they need to deal with right now) so try and keep your eyes open for a little lost soul in need of some love Don't forget though, you have plenty of mates here who are happy to listen
  15. thank you very much - really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness
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