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  1. I fully agree with @El Gecko and @Finnsllc and their recommendations. The only thing I would add is that it looks pretty cold where you are at the moment, and if you have 30+ year old plastic bushings in there instead of ball races they might be causing a few issues too. They'll be quite brittle now compared to how they were when new and combined with the cold they might be binding and slowing up things.
  2. aren't they supposed to go on the floor?
  3. Oh my goodness I think I'm in love!!! That's a stunning car you've made there!!!
  4. Sold to me - send me your paypal details
  5. get some WD40 in behind them and let it soak in for a while, then give them a good tap as @Matty36 said. If that fails you could put the uprights in hot water water for a while, as the plastic should expand more rapidly than the bearings, allowing them to come loose.
  6. love to see old buggies revived and enjoyed! agree with the others - claggy grease and seized bearings would be my first port of call, followed by battery and motor. let us know how you get on!
  7. It does seem that there are two camps in ebay - one that thinks it is ok to ask stupidly high prices for things and those that think that you are doing them the favour by buying your items, so you should basically give them away. To give a little anecdote: I was selling a part which was only £14, and considering there were others for almost twice that price for sale I thought it was very reasonable. I had this one guy offer me £10 including postage (I was charging £2 I think) to which I politely replied, no, it's a fair price as it is. A week later he came back saying that as it had been up for sale for a while will I now accept his offer. I politely replied no, but thanks. So he replied with "ok fair enough. Relist it for £11 inc P&P and I'll take it now, thanks" So about your Super Astute. I'll take it off you for £50 if you throw in the Top Force too. Sound fair?
  8. just had to bring this one back to the top as the photo's are just awesome!!!!!!!!
  9. It's funny how things can rapidly snowball when you're under engaged (I've been in too many work motivational meetings lately!) and not able to get out and do stuff.... Normally I'd spend a few hours at the weekends tinkering in the garage with other peoples resto projects or one of my own. The ones I have on the go at the moment are all paint related, and as the weather has been truly atrocious for the past few weeks and I'm not about to ruin their prized possessions I've been at a bit of a loose end. So, I've spent a bit of time getting my King Cab built and am nearly there (last part minus the body arrived today!) and the rest of the time has been spent sorting through spares and generally gazing at my collection. It's here that the combination of these two activities has snowballed. As most will realise, the Astute and the King Cab share several common parts, so I've been rummaging through both sets of spares to get the King Cab built. As I mentioned before, this has been built mainly out of the spares from my Monster Racer. A while back I converted my Astute into a Jamie Booth replica, so all the original parts had gone in the spares box, and combining those with the bits from the King Cab I thought "hang on, I'm not far off having a spare Astute here....." Deja vu anyone? So I did a quick scan through: gearbox, check. arms, check. shocks, check wheels and tyres, half check various bolts etc, check bumpers, check A plan began to form in my head. Why not strip down the Jamie Booth replica, leaving only the original parts on it, clean up all the original bits I didn't fit originally (original shocks, wheels, radio gear, battery holder, arms etc) and make it a super clean example of how it was back when I was a kid. This would leave me with a bunch of Madcap arms, Hi Caps, front wheels - I could combine them with the spare gearbox I had and make a sort of Super Astute hybrid I can have a blast with! The first obvious thing I knew I'd need was a set of FRP chassis parts, along with some rear wheels and tyres and a rear wing mount. Now, if I'd been sensible and not had so much spare time and a mind prone to wandering, a quick build with a box of spare bits and I'd have a nice Astute runner. Sadly dear friends, that's not the way things are now, is it? While searching for those parts I noticed a set of Super Astute front and rear arms for sale at a very reasonable price. "Now, if I get those I can leave the Madcap arms on the Original Astute and not have to worry about the broken steerers I've got - that'll be a sensible thing to do." And so they were added to the basket. A day or so later it dawned on me that I had spare Astute battery holder, but not a Super Astute one, and if it was going to be a runner, having a longitudinal battery would be so much better, so a SA battery holder tree was ordered. Then I remembered I'd also need the rear upright brace in that case, so that got added too. As I was paying for shipping I may as well get a set of screws to keep it all tidy. While I was waiting for some parts to arrive I began stripping the Jamie Booth down and getting the original bits all cleaned up. Everything was going well until I arrived at the arms and uprights. As everyone knows, the Astute uprights at the back are an engineering marvel that falls apart at the lightest of careless exhalations. The ones on mine aren't terrible - they work, but they aren't pretty. At the front both steerers have broken. As I had thought earlier, I could just leave the Madcap arms and uprights on it (they are brand new originals) and it would look lovely. But it wouldn't be how it was meant to be. Resigned to this fact, I took a look at the arms. The backs were in very good condition, hardly a mark on them. The fronts were a bit bashed. I had a go at filling some of the dings and sanding and smoothing them and made some progress, but they just weren't perfect. Hmmmmm, what to do.....? Obviously, original unused arms and uprights are just about impossible to find this side of a unorthodox organ donation, so another way had to be found. Rcjaz make alloy uprights and steerers, but not arms, so that would only fix half a job. Plus - and I know I'm going to sound picky here (as if I hadn't before) but they'd be metal, not plastic! There's nothing for it - I'll just have to 3D print some of my own! So, a few hours later, I have a set of models created, uploaded to Shapeways and ordered. Right - that's everything sorted for the Original Astute. But hang on a minute Jon - if you're going to build the spare parts into a Super Astute, you can't have a standard transmission. But that's ok Jon, you just built one of them and put it in your Monster Racer. Just pop it back out and you're all sorted! Nope - it just looks too pretty in the Monster Racer - I'll just have to get another TCC....... I'm sure I'd make a fascinating study for a psychologist who specialises in OCD behaviour.....
  10. yup agree on the vinegar - I've used window cleaner spray which is largely vinegar based I think and it works a treat.
  11. Burt Reynolds begs to disagree!! Oh you didn't go there........ya did, ya really did 🤦‍♂️
  12. I would be inclined to disagree that you need to, but it depends on what you want to do with it. If you're planning on fitting a low turn brushless motor and running lipo's then quite possibly, yes. If you are sticking with a brushed motor and are mindful that this is about 30 years old and in no way going to compete with a Traxxas and just want a bit of nostalgic fun, then no. The standard transmissions can and do slip eventually, but this doesn't mean they are only fit for the bin. When I rebuilt my Monster Racer I built it with standard transmission with all brand new internals to the instructions and when I first powered it up it barely moved the truck at all. Took it apart, added one shim (as per the advice in the instructions) and hey presto all good! I'd personally say that 90% of the issues with the standard transmission can be solved with new spring washers (only a few buck for new ones) and a shim or two. I remember running my Astute for about 5 years and all I ever did to my transmission was clean it regularly and add 1 shim in all that time. The only thing to watch is that you don't over tighten the three bolts that hold the two halves of the housings together as these can crack and deform them and then it's game over. If you want the Super Astute TCC then you need the housing, cover and all the internals. The dog bones are the same, so no need for them. You can get the parts list from the Super Astute manual available on the tamiya website or here on the main site. The housing looks the same, but it is different so you can't use your standard one with TCC internals and vice versa. It's not a cheap swap either.
  13. Man, I wish I found things like that when I go into the office! Last time I went I found a mouldy coffee cup and a whole heap of aggro waiting!
  14. As we've previously established, my wife isn't interested in my hobby at all, but she's very supportive of it, which is lovely. I wonder sometimes though, if I'd actually want her to be interested or not - part of me thinks it's good to have something that's "yours" that you don't share with your family. So you have an "escape" or outlet that no one else effects? We do have some common interests that we enjoy together, but we both have our own things too, which I kinda think is healthy. We were never able to have any children sadly, but I was blessed with a nephew when I was just turning 20 so I got to share a lot of my toys, rc cars etc with him (hence how he ended up with my Astute which I managed to get back in a very roundabout way a couple of years ago) and then that progressed to 1:1 cars and so I gave him my mk2 golf gti. More recently some friends of ours had a little boy who is now 3, and I've become his best mate. I maintain it's because we have the same mental age now - we both love cars, robots, cartoons and find great interest in our poo's. I've taken him out in the garage a few times to look at my rc cars and his just stands there mouth open in awe Same thing happens when he comes into my study and sees my Transformer and Gundam collection, which is dangerous as it's hard to explain "no you can't play with that robot because it's worth about £400" to a 3 year old, so I've bought him a few of his own that are more hardwearing and have flashy lights and sounds (very important as I'm sure you understand) - to which his reply was "Joh, it is so coool!" We got him a radio controlled Thomas the Tank Engine (other tank engines are available) a while back and he has just learnt his left and right and can do a reasonable job of controlling it, so maybe a little rc will be on the cards for him soon. Right - I'm off to watch Grizzly and the Lemmings.....
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