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  1. No don't worry - it won't become a shelf queen! and just to clarify - I'm not going to be buying a new chassis or motor heatsink! In case you hadn't picked up on it I'm somewhat OCD about tidiness and things being perfect - I've trained myself to be restrained about it in most day to day things but I hadn't realised quite how I'd let it go wild on my RC stuff. I used to be like this with my motorbikes - I'd take them out for a ride and as soon as I got home I would strip the bike down practically to the bare frame - fairing, tank, lights, seat, undercowls, mudguards - all came off to clean it fastidiously. I even dropped the engine a few times to get in all the nooks and crannies. It seems I'm back to that behaviour with my RC cars! So no - the Durga will be a runner - but it will get stripped every time!
  2. I don't know - a big part of me is saying it's violated now and will never be pure and unsullied again, so I should just scrap the whole thing. I'm unfamiliar with this term "runner" - can you explain it please?
  3. Don't put more worries in my head please! Yes, I am wishing it had stayed NIB with a little plastic storage box of hop ups snuggled alongside on the shelf. I'm wondering if it's possible to shrinkwrap them? Anyone got any experience in this? I spent about 3 hours last night stripping it apart and giving it a thorough clean. The good news is is handled the abuse pretty well - especially as it cartwheeled on the axles several times 🤔😬👍 The bad news is I need to get some replacements - the chassis and alloy motor heatsink picked up some scratches as did the front bumper, so they all need swapping out, but other than those it's all good 😜 my beautiful anodised part is ruined - just ruined I tell you!! one for the scrap bin..... looks ok from this side, but when you turn it over......... Horrifying!!! Why do we run these things again???
  4. Yup - everything else has been screwed or glued to the shelf to make sure I don't have another episode like that. Top tip - give the sticks a few coats of clear yellow or orange (depending on how dark you want to go) - it gives them a lovely deep varnished wood look
  5. Yesterday I had another epiphany (I really should look that up and find out what it is in case it's serious) I took the Durga to the bmx/pump track for a proper run...... Yup - that was why I left them on the shelf If you're wondering why the picture is slightly blurry it's because I was sobbing whilst taking it. So to those who have projects in progress and planned with me, everything has been pushed back 2 months while I strip and rebuild this and find brand new replacement parts......
  6. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for some invisible body mounts? I hashed up some quick and basic ones with some little 10mm diameter magnets glued to the inside of the Land Cruiser body on my CR-01 and the whole body just slid backwards off the chassis as soon as I pulled away from stationary!! Is velcro any good? I'm reluctant to drill post holes through my body - and I'm sure I can't be the only or first one to not want to do that! Thanks guys
  7. Contrary to appearances I haven't just been spending all my time over the past couple of weeks building my Durga. Honest! No really! I think I did another 4 applications of paint stripper on this and then resorted to a lot of elbow grease. It's getting there, but there are a few issues that need to be dealt with now. First, there's about 5 cracks in the body - one in the A pillar, one on the engine deck, one in a rear wing, one in the front wing and one around the front panel mount hole. I've managed to undo some of the very heavy scratch marks and pitting, but there's still a fair amount there, so I'm going to have to see what else I can sand out before cracking open the filler. The other issue is that when it was heavily sanded in the past some of the fine detail on the waistline trim line and window frames has been lost. I'm also worried about some of the panel lines disappearing. I'll get the scribing tool out on them and see if I can clean out some more paint and debris and go from there...... oh, and the rain gutters have seen better days too!
  8. I had an epiphany this weekend. For several years now I've been building and restoring both my own and other TC members cars and gained a lot of enjoyment from it. I've got to admit though, that apart from a quick servo test in the garage, I've not run any of them. The last time I took a car out for a proper run would've been probably about 26 years ago. Well - some said it would never happen (I could list them all here but they know who they are!!! ) but I'm pleased to report that this weekend - that all changed! No, I didn't run one of my cars..... I ran 2 of them!!!!!! It was blummin awesome!!!!! I'd completely forgotten how much fun it is to use these things in the way they were designed to be used! It was only a couple of test/set up kinda runs up and down the road and around the back garden but I had such a silly grin glued to my face! First up was the inaugural run of the Durga. After getting my rx channels sorted thanks to @Jonathon Gillham I took the Durga out of the garage and out onto the road. A gentle little run back and forth a few times to get the trims right and work out the responses and then I gradually increased the throttle inputs. I jokingly said to my mate the day before that "A 5.5T on a 2S lipo is pretty much the same as a Sports Tuned on a decent Ni-Cad right?" to which he replied, yeah, as long as you don't go beyond 3mm with the throttle stick!" and you know what - he wasn't wrong! LOL! Oh my word does this thing move! I never got anywhere near half throttle before I had to back off. The one time I did it just spun itself sideways in a powerslide. Methinks I need a much bigger space to explore this with. Next up - and at the complete opposite end of the spectrum was the CR-01 Land Cruiser. I think I've got a 55T brushed motor in it, but even with that and a 2S it was not far off what I remember my old Blackfoot being like So there I was in the back garden acting more like a 13 year old than a 43 year old gathering up bits of wood and making obstacles for it to climb over - loving every minute of it Hopefully I'm off to a local BMX/Pump track tonight with a mate to go and give the Durga a proper run! So the message I want to pass on to all those shelf queen chaps out there - I was like you - but it's good to change - no it's GREAT to change! Get out there and use them!!! disclaimer: I won't be running the Avante or Astute though - I'm not that far converted yet!
  9. It Worked!!!!! Thanks very much @Jonathon Gillham
  10. Love the wheel/tyre combo on this!! 👍 Are they 3D printed rims?
  11. gunna go try that - thank you!!!
  12. Can one of you wonderful clever people help me out please? I got my transmitter and receiver to bind ok, and when I turn the transmitter on it asks you to move the throttle down (left hand stick) and that's all hunky dory. However, I've got throttle and steering both on my right hand stick - nothing on the left. On the receiver I've got steering as channel 1, throttle as channel 2. If I try and set up the ESC (Toro) it doesn't see any commands from the left stick at all. I've obviously done something wrong here but I'm truly flummoxed as to what. (pretty sure it's a stupid mistake though) Any advice would be awesome! Thanks!
  13. Glad to hear any wrinkles in your plan have been smoothed out 🤩 That's great news about Mrs BC's job!!!! - really happy for you both 🤗😃👍🎈🎉🧥👔👕👖👗👘👚🚈 (yes I know it's a train but it's as close as we've got to an iron emoji!)
  14. Are you sure she didn't have in mind a steam iron? You know how these women love their laundry duties If you end up with something from Tefal don't say we didn't warn you!
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