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  1. jonboy1

    Help, Original Sand Rover.

    That looks great - I'm sure you'll have o trouble selling it. My first option would be to try selling it here - you have a captive audience who know what they are looking at!
  2. jonboy1

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    "Homeward bound, I wish I was, homeward bound." Well Willy, it won't be long now... There is so much wrong with what I've just written there - sorry. Anyway, what I was trying to say is that Barneys M38 is 99% there (see - I restrained myself in that instance) All the soldering is finished, the wheels are on, tyre lettering painted, windscreen fitted, side markers painted, the few little tweaks done here and there and Willys helmet is done. (I'm holding off on attaching his head until I get the final sign off from Barney) The two remaining jobs are attaching the wire antenna mast and replacing the spade connector on the resistor wire. Oh and find the switch cover I hid... If it hadn't been for another horrible cold/flu bug I've had again it would be finished, but hopefully it will be very very soon. One thing I did discover though was that I really ought to take more of my pics in daylight - who knew?
  3. jonboy1

    Hardbody painting questions

    what he said above I'd use Tamiya paints wherever possible, and they do make a gloss clear - TS-13. Same with masking tape - Tamiya. Personally I find a lot of the automotive paint cans have far too much propellant in them and therefore make the paint go on far too heavy. Definitely warm the cans as advised. A little fan heater is essential in this climate - the solvent just won't evaporate off in the cold and you'll end up with a crummy finish. @Juggular made a very good point if you are looking to do pinstripes - if they are very fine and you are going to do a clear coat over the top they may well bleed. Therefore, go over them with an acrylic clear X-22 first, to provide a barrier then go over the whole thing with TS-13. Again, as he quite rightly said, you may have to do them with an airbrush as you might not be able to get the paint light enough not to swamp the masking tape.
  4. great build thread this - will be following!
  5. jonboy1

    Painting translucent colours

    I find a drinking straw fits perfectly over the little nozzle head , so I wrap a bit of tape around this to make sure it doesn't come off. Then put the other end of the straw in a paper cup and cover the top of the cup with cellophane, taping around the straw to prevent leaks.
  6. jonboy1

    Painting translucent colours

    The only other thing I could suggest is decanting the paint, adding a bit of thinners and putting it in an airbrush?
  7. jonboy1

    Painting translucent colours

    Ha - me too! Do you make little whirring noises as your arm transitions across the part? I don't.....
  8. jonboy1

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    Slip of the finger - so easily done and....ooops! Didn't mean to do that! Thanks very much - It's not finished yet so I don't want to tempt fate, but so far it has been really satisfying. There's been a couple of places where it felt like it was fighting me to get it looking good but I have to say, I think the fact it isn't mine made me push that little bit further to keep at it, whereas if it were mine I'd probably have said "good enough" and constantly be disappointed with it. I can feel a rebuild of mine pending after finishing this..... I know I'm probably a little biased but I do think it's looking lovely
  9. jonboy1

    Painting translucent colours

    I second this Warming the cans should be standard practice for spraying with any can really, make sure you shake it really well too. And again as OCD says very light coats, spray past the part so you don't get a heavier deposit of paint as you stop/start, and stop before you think you've done enough - guarantee you will give it one more spray and overdo it. Voice of experience speaking here..... Oh, and make sure you aren't spraying in cold conditions - the paint will take longer to flash and will contribute to a poor finish. If you have a little room heater point it in your spray booth on a low heat.
  10. jonboy1

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    You know the old (and very wise) saying about "never poke the bear..." the little known ending to that quote is "...especially if he is holding your Willys in one hand and an airbrush in the other"
  11. jonboy1

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    Well, he hasn't got his fickle little hands on it yet, and one more "critique" about things being too shiny and it might get frozen in highly polished carbonite.
  12. jonboy1

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    Oh, and apologies to @barneys66 as I PM'd him telling him I'd spent all weekend repainting everything gloss
  13. jonboy1

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    This weekend started off with much the same theme as last week - lots of work going into things but little progress seeming to be made. Got the detail bits finished on the body - windscreen surround painted, indicators and rear lights done (forgot the rear side markers though - rookie mistake) extinguisher and spot light fronts painted, NOS bottle painted, rear wheel cover painted, decal added and cleared, another couple of coats of clear on the body (after fixing a couple of small issues) wiper blade painted, bolts for the rear boot painted, holes drilled in the grill for the winch, windscreen arms stripped and sanded, screen polished, repainted Willys helmet in white as wasn't happy with the finish and I'm pretty sure there were a couple of other things I did - oh yeah and I cleaned and polished several nuts and bolts. However, I still seemed to have a bench full of bits at the end of this, but wait..... I don't have anything left to paint for the body....... Can I...could it be that time.......can I........ rebuild it???? Still a bit more to do - I ran out of bolts to screw the NOS tank in, so I'm going to have to scavenge some from one of my kits, rear side markers as I mentioned, fit the screen and one or two little touches here and there. Plus of course, I really should give Willy his arms and head. Have to say, I couldn't help myself but I popped the body on the chassis and I think I squealed a little!
  14. jonboy1

    cant post from IPad

    i found this at the weekend too! could log in, but the reply box was permanently greyed out Had a whole weekend of biting my tongue!!! It's sore I tell you, Sore!!!!
  15. jonboy1

    Restoring an 80s Wild willy

    no worries mate and if you need any advice etc feel free to ask - happy to help