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  1. might be worth emailing them to ask - could just be they haven't got them listed due to demand.
  2. I've got the whole G1 Sunbow series too, along with several versions of the movie. Don't be surprised if your son looks across to you in an accusing manner when you put the cartoons on - they haven't aged well!! Somewhere up in the attic I've got most of the comic series for G1 too. My parents weren't keen on me playing with guns (despite my continual protests that they were blasters!) so I didn't have many transformer toys as a kid, but I've made up for it since! The IDW stuff is very cool to read too. Personally I think the toys peaked with the Prime and War For Cybertron series, since then they've looked a bit cheaper to me. Those along with the Classics and Masterpiece lines are the bulk of my collection now. And no, I'm not a fan of the Bay movies!!!
  3. At last! someone I can share my secret Transformer addiction with!! Really looking forward to the new Netflix Transformers: Beast Wars. I just hit "buy" on the Weijiang Metal Dition
  4. that's really beautiful - gotta be the nicest one out there. Looking forward to seeing the matching trailer!!
  5. please delete
  6. hands down I reckon this is the best Lunchbox out there - brilliant!
  7. Hi, bit of a long shot, but I'm on the look out for a pair of spring retainer clamps for the short (larger diameter) hi-caps. If you've got 4 of them, even better!! many thanks Jon
  8. Yeah, tried all the ones I can think of - can just about put a set together of front and rears and springs by using 3 suppliers - 2 from Japan, 1 from the US!! And that still comes to over £150!
  9. They look to be spot on! Thanks for the recommendation!! So do you find them a bit leaky or sticky with the standard seals?
  10. Very much a first world problem here, but I've grown dissatisfied with the look of the DF-03 upgrade dampers I've got fitted to the Durga - I just don't think they fit the aesthetic of the rest of the buggy. The obvious upgrade would be the Buggy Big Bore Aerations (54504, 54505) but at over £150 a set (assuming you can find front and rears and springs) it's a bit too steep an upgrade. So, is there an aftermarket alternative to the Big Bores? Do 3Racing or YR do something similar? Does anybody have any experience with them? Also, is there any idea if the Big Bores will be coming back into stock at any point or are they discontinued for good? Cheers!!
  11. "what we're dealing with here, is a complete lack of respect for the law."
  12. I think it's a fantastic choice - I used to watch that film practically every day and could quote it word for word. Plus I always wanted to be Snowman rather than the Bandit! I'd then go and recreate scenes with my Matchbox cars and Convoy trucks really looking forward to seeing this one progress!!
  13. I disagree - you need somewhere to store everything, and there's no point having a scale roofbox to put everything in if you don't have a roofrack/cage to put it on - that would be strange!
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