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  1. Random question, has anyone replaced a solder tab on a silver can motor? I snapped one off when i was cleaning the end cap. Decided to remove the the end cap to have a look inside and noticed the solder tab is pinned/riveted into the end cap. Is it possible to remove the pin and replace the tab somehow? It would be a shame to ditch the motor because of 1 tab. Any advice gratefully appreciated.
  2. Hi, would anyone have one of these spare please? It's not used at all on the Blackfoot as far as I can tell, so I reckon there must be thousands of the things about (except where I need one, in my garage ) Thankya JJ x
  3. to be honest, with a wing, you could get away with giving the underside a coat of acrylic clear or TS-clear to give it a shiny finish. I've done it with a couple that I know won't get abused and it looks good.
  4. Not quite sure this is the right place to put this sorry: I wondered if anyone could help please as I'm a complete noob with things like this - I want to create a custom decal for a Ford Ranger F150 - specifically the white/cream side panel that covers the door. All I want to do is add some text - maybe an image - to the panel. I've looked at MCI Racing and the page on how to create vector files etc and that's fine, but as I don't really want to create a decal from scratch, rather copy and modify one, is there an easy way to do this? Does anyone have a vector file for this decal I could use, or could someone point me in the right direction please? Any help gratefully received and appreciated.
  5. yup - that's the one - just googled it myself. I really should do that before posting shouldn't I?! thanks @DeadMeat666
  6. morning peeps, I was having a rummage in my spares box a couple of days ago and I found a mabuchi motor with a red bell cap. It'd not dyed as far as I can tell (I'd have thought it would be tricky to do that without wrecking the motor and there's no evidence of it being taken apart) so I guess it's genuine. Anyone have any idea what it would've come from? Is it super rare and worth a small fortune??
  7. .....absolutely nothing!! paid customs and handling fees last week on a delivery from US that sat in Miami Airport for a month, scheduled delivery for Saturday - nadda. Also waiting on a motor and a few other bits and bobs from Japan and they are well over a month in delivery. I'm starting to get the shakes - I need some new shiny stuff to play with!!!
  8. Hi, just on the off chance someone replaced the bumper and got a spare one laying around on the parts tree - its one of these I'm after please:
  9. .....my adspec transmitter, CPR P160F and servo set!!!!!!! so I started stripping the Avante chassis plates to make a nice new home for them
  10. I totally love this!! So cool!
  11. howdydoody found the motor plate and some link pins, but...............the link pins are the 25mm long ones out of the Terra, not the 14mm ones from the Thunder. Well, this is somewhat awkward now, as I was going to ask £85 for the parts...... PM me what you think they're worth mate, you are the fountain of knowledge of all things Thunder/Scorcher so you'll have a far better idea than me.
  12. yeah of course mate, no worries, they aren't going anywhere I'll have a dig around in the meantime and see if I've got a couple of those pins
  13. is it the e-clips (BC2) or the pins (BS5) you want?
  14. Here's the bits I've got: The gearboxes are fully built, ready to go. I'll have the springs and lower spring mounts too. Oh, and I've got a motor plate too.
  15. I'm pretty sure I've got some spares stashed away - I'll go check and get back to you.
  16. What about carefully folding them flat and storing them all in a vacuum bag? I must say though, I'm calling you out on this line here: "Typically, when I finish a build....."
  17. I'd recommend the Revell Paint Remover if you want to get those window sections back clear. Do you have an airbrush? If not, I personally wouldn't try a fade You really need to have full control over the amount of paint you are putting down and it's incredibly difficult to do that with a can - especially across multiple surfaces.
  18. This bank holiday I spent Friday and some of Saturday out in the garden cutting back everything in sight with my new hedge trimmer (good lord, they're amazing aren't they! ) and then planting new stuff to replace the stuff I over trimmed. Unbeknown to me, during this time I managed to give myself a very red tribal stripe across my lower back (the tribe being that of "those who sunburn really easily and should know better by their age") so I spent the rest of the weekend sitting uncomfortably. Soooo, I sent myself off to the garage for the remainder of the weekend and pootled in a vertical attitude to distract myself from the burning griddle mark on my back. To aid in this I finished up the rear lights for the Scorcher Rover. I toyed with the idea of using some trimmed Scorcher rear lights but I preferred the fact that these lay flat, so to give them a little more definition I scribed some lines into them to designate the different sections. A little tweak, but a good one I think. Next up was to make a windscreen, repaint the rear guard as I didn't like the colour, repositioned the motor up a bit and devised a away to fix it to the gearbox casing and assemble the interior and driver. Oh, and I made a dial and some switches for the dash. Nearly there! Following that I spent a few happy hours sticking decals on a body for @acprc and then to finish off the productiveness of the weekend I completed the rebuild of the stadium truck I bought a while back. It was an unknown entity I saw on ebay with no bids on it. It looked nicely made, I fancied a tinker with something new, so I put in a cheeky last second bid and got it for £20! Upon receipt I did some digging and eventually by googling the lettering on the front tyres found it was a Team Academy RT Sport. This is what it looked like when I bought it: All I've done is strip it apart, give it a thorough clean, replace all the wrong screws (there were a lot of those) replace the bushes with bearings, stick a new motor on it, regrease everything, paint the wheels and buy some nice new schumacher mini dot rear tyres. It's missing a gear cover, so I might have to 3D print something for it. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I've got a spare Rock Socker body which I reckon should fit so at some point over the next 3 years it might get that stuck on it. Otherwise I might just sell it, although I don't get the impression there's a big market for these, so, we'll see.
  19. Yup absolutely hate that! VISIT MY SHOWROOM FULL OF ONE OFF AMAZING BUILDS AND RARE COLLECTABLES On a serious note though, I fully agree that it has its uses and certainly isn't all bad. But, it is primarily designed as a medium for people to inform the world what you are doing - which is fundamentally egotistical. Why anyone would think the world would be interested in what you ate for lunch today and what you were wearing at the time is beyond me, it just breeds self importance, which unfortunately leaves you open to be brutally knocked down by people who don't like you, or what you ate, or wear. An old chap I used to work with said something to me a looong time ago and it has stuck with me. It was about adult entertainment, and he said he'd never viewed any and he never would - no interest in it at all. I asked why, and his reply was "why on earth would i waste time watching people do things I would much rather be doing myself?" And you know what - I think he hit the nail on the proverbial with that, and I apply that to almost everything now!
  20. Keep going with the orange, it will eventually go almost opaque given enough coats. It might be worth getting a translucent red and adding a fade at the front edges of the panels to add a bit of depth. I'm going to shamelessly flaunt the flames i painted on my sorely missed Pumpkin to explain about the fade. It's basically the same principle, just instead of a clear coat you would use the orange/red.
  21. Sending you both my best wishes - hope things work out ok with Mrs. BC's job
  22. thank you thank you thank you! PM sent
  23. Hi, I'm after a set of front and rear clear light lenses for a Sand Scorcher please. They're what comes with the window sprue. Thanks!
  24. straight over my head...................like a helicopter.........................anyone? I'll get my coat once @Peter_B has got his and left a 2m gap. Then I'll throw my coat at him.
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