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    Obviously Tamiya, and pretty much anything that involves tinkering!!
  1. Loving this thread! Makes me want to get one for myself (or the jeep!) even more! I have always wanted one of these chassis since I first clapped eyes on one! Keep up the good work!
  2. Fairly certain that the body itself is the same on the original and rere. Differences in the chassis itself from (my dodgy!!) memory are as follows; Original had no diff in the gearbox. Original had a 360(?) motor not 540. Original had a seperate servo saver, not one on the servo. Rere has extra width where the battery compartment end lugs screw on to accomodate better the 7.2v stick packs. Rere has electronic speedo not mechanical. Rere has tinted glass not clear Front body post is annodised aluminium on Rere, steel on original. Rere has oil filled shocks on the back (my original one had just springs iirc) Rich
  3. anything here any good? Never seen the film personally so not sure what you are looking for exactly. http://www.imcdb.org/movie_77523-Every-Whi...-But-Loose.html Rich
  4. It's a 'characteristic'! What makes it so much fun is you never know what it will throw at you! I can put my Hornet down on the workbench at the end of the day and when I return in the morning it will be on its roof ! They are that unpredictable !! (not quite but you get the idea!!) Rich
  5. Think your shed has seen better days LOL!!! Wish I was allowed to dig up our garden for a track! My wife just doesn't seem to get it !! Every garden should have a mud run / bomb hole IMO.... Rich
  6. Great choice!! It is definately worth ordering bearings aswell. For less than a tenner they are well worth the money and make a noticeable difference. I am sure you will both love it! As far as ideas for a paint scheme are concerned, take a search in the showrooms (under the 'members' banner) for inspiration. Lunchies really lend themselves to creative thinking!! Rich
  7. +1 for the 'not allowed' club!! Although we are extending the house soon and building a new bedroom for the kids so their room will become an RC display unit! Their present room is tiny so my cars are just wherever i can find a space for them! Rich
  8. Perfectly normal!!! Just wish I had the cash to spent on rc instead of boring housey things!! What have you spent $500 on?? Rich
  9. I think the Lunchbox and Pumpkin are both great fun and I have both (although I cannot bring myself to use the pumpkin for fear of scratching the chrome body!). I reckon the Hornet is another great place to start - fairly quick out of the box and pretty much bomb proof! My 8 year old has bashed mine unmercifully for the last year (I hardly get a look in!!) and nothing has broken except for a crack in the front bumper after a launch off an 8ft bank onto its nose! My 10 yr old son is also fairly unforgiving with my Lunchbox and that has also only suffered a cracked front bumper and some severe paint loss (which is unavoidable on a hard bodied basher) All my cars are ballraced but otherwise standard. A point to bear in mind is the bodies. Lexan is painted on the inside and also needs to be cut out. For a novice, one colour painting on these is easy as any blemishes / runs etc are hidden to a degree. Hard bodies are painted on the outside and are easier to paint more detailed schemes but at the first roll on any surface other than grass or sand, scratches will be inevitable whereas lexan bodies look better for longer as the paint is on the inside. For their birthdays this year, my 8yr old will be getting a Hornet of his own, and my 10yr old will be getting the Blackfoot Extreme. Again they will be standard to start with apart from ballraces instead of the stock plastic bushings. Whatever you choose though, you and your son will love it and there is no way you will be able to stand back and let him have all the fun! You will then need another car for yourself. Much more fun driving them together than alone too! Just my thoughts! Rich
  10. glassback

    Brat Tires

    If you are in the UK, try these.... http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...goryID=99701515 I deal with them a fair bit and they have always been excellent Rich
  11. Mog looks wicked as does the new 'play ground'!!!! What are your plans now then??
  12. Looks like it's going to be a great truck! Love the front suspension and the wheel / tyre combo! Do they fit straight on with no mods? Can't wait to see more! Rich
  13. Yeah great pics! I am jealous! Wish I had somewhere to run my stuff like that! Rich
  14. Oh the possibilities you lucky lucky man!! I would definately get a nice mud hole with a steep side and a more gradual side, maybe with a few sticks or rocks in the bottom to make things interesting. A few ruts perhaps to get cross axled on? Some humps and side slopes, rocky steps, a sand trap and maybe a see saw? All of these things were my faves when I used to do 1:1 scale offroading a few years back! Will be great when you get done! Rich
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