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  1. Just out of curiousity,do you think that the "winger" shell for the Boomerang,could have been the original idea for the BigWig? Possibly designed before MoonCraft and the 10th anniversary where considered? Also i was thinking,do you reckon that the name maybe started as BIG WING and got abit lost in translation? Maybe a new BigWig could have the unique feature of coming with a more performance motor (Tamiya brushless) and promote a newer racing pack (Tamiya Li-po/Life relaunch)?just as the original did. Its surely a model that would deserve something special,just like the original
  2. also noticed in the pictures,that those FAV rear lights? regardless how you mount them,the light slots both slant one way?it looks like eyes that are looking down and to the side whilst im at it,anybody figure a reason to this. the Fav driver's outboard arm is glued on,fair enough,Tamiya make plastic models. but once glued in the seemingly correct position,not only can i not get to one of the screws that hold the cockpit in anymore,but his hand gets in the way of the bonnet fitting? I dremmeled two semi-circles out on the dashboard to allow for fitment,but only after i snapped the poor guys arm off trying to fit the bonnet. like i say,the arm kinda "fits" into the shoulder naturally and even the creases for the clothes line up? strange
  3. the alloy roof is a splendid idea,thanks TA-Mark. and i like the simplicity of the single bend for the visor.(the easier the better as i can make a mess of most things!lol) im gonna try a carboard version and then transfer to aluminium. As for the front towers,i procrastinated on these for a while,i just know if i vinyl them,it will work out horrid with crease lines ect, and if i paint,it will get scratched whilst running and look poop. The alloy roof would certainly tie it all together without having to mess with the front? now im even thinking of making using a ball hammer to give it the "bump" of the Hornets roof? tho best stick to simple! Btw TA-Mark your micro Grasshopper project is insanely clever and unique i wish you the best of luck with it!
  4. Thanks for the likes! For Callisr, i used a Frog gearbox as i liked the idea of metal sides to the gearbox,but more so,because i have modified the diff outputs on this one. The Fav/Wild One diff has been said to be a random design for reliability along side the Frog's. I decided to shave the bevel gears a fraction and use 4mm circlips to hold the diff output cup to the bearing. it kinda makes a one piece part out of the white bearing holder,the bearing,drive cup and bevel gear.and it reduces the chance of the diff gears spreading and mangling themselves. For GregM,i have black sticky vinyl,but im hoping to get a roof to ensclose the cabin bit like a Hornets,i think the Wild One roof matches the Fav's bonnet better than the Wild One's bonnet?kinda two pressed out panels. i am considering if i should sticky vinyl the front damper brackets or paint them black? i think the brightness of them doesnt fit with the black chassis of a Hornet? Im also looking for a wing to put on the mount above the gearbox,gotta have somewhere to place the "anytime baby" logo!
  5. If a Sand Viper is to a Rising Storm,then i think it has to be a Hornet is to a Hotshot2. DT02's have very little in actual part share with a DF02 but the time line and 2wd/4wd equiv is there. By that thinking,I think a Hotshot 2 (rere Hotshot in "2"box art with dual rear dampers possibly) is the most convincing 4wd counterpart to a Hornet from Tamiya's line up. Beefmuffins photo shows the visual aspect,the timeline is ok and the "2nd model in chassis" element is there too. As for actual chassis type or parts shared? consider the Hotshot 2 as the Hornets brother from another mother? lol!
  6. I had a totally random visit to Glasgow's St Enoch centre and saw Modelzone.bought some Tamiya spray paint ,then saw the Holiday buggy just sitting ,dusty on the shelf! i had a look,seems there are two? Modelzones in Glasgow?
  7. Here is my project of a 1:10th of a 1:1 trying to look like a 1:10th? The idea is that the Fav and Wild One look as if they were modeled on a 1:1 Chenworth sand rail. My idea was to make a model that looked like a 1:10th of a Chenworth that had been built to look like a Hornet. basically it is a Wild One rere chasiss,Fav rere bonnet and roll cage,Frog rere gearbox and Hornet rere wheels ,tyres and decals. The drive shafts are Frog UJ's and the front uprights are carbon reinforced F1 fellas to remove the glaring white nylon look. The Wild One G parts are a nightmare to paint as they go "furry" if you try to sand them prior to painting and paint doesnt adhere if you dont sand them.It does say in the manual that they are nylon? or such and i wondered why Tamiya didnt just make a Z part sprue with the Drivers helmet and front spots in regular plastic for the re-release version? oh well. Im thinking i'll get a Wild One roof at some point as it matches the panels on the bonnet and i know the Fav roof bar will NOT take paint for very long as it is quite rubbery plastic and it would just crack off. Heres the idea so far..
  8. AHH! the Hotshot 2 really does LOOK related ,box art wise,and i guess it is an evolved version of the original Hotshot,just as the Hornet is an evolved version of the original Grasshopper?. The re-re Hotshot painted in Hotshot2 box art perhaps?
  9. Its been a while since i was last on the forum,and i was quite vocal about the Holiday Buggy being an unwelcome twist in the re-re chain. But fate is a unusaul mistress and i ended up getting a Holiday Buggy DT02 from of all places Modelzone. I went in a good few weeks AFTER the mega deals on black pumpkins,violet racers and XB Blackfeet? 3's and the little buggy was sat on the shelve at £40? turned out it was the last one,the display model, and i was promptly offered 10% off! it has been painted very well even the driver had that creased/brown wash effect on his arms and only required a strip to grease the gearbox etc. I hadnt even seen the Holday buggy listed on the Modelzone web site? I ve had a go at trying to vintage-ise a Super Fighter G in the past so i havnt even attempted to chop parts to narrow its stance,but me and my 4yr old nephew had a blast running it with its 380 motor in the park and im converted to its wide boy look and even LOVE the pogo stick dampers! the 380 speed is perfect to allow you to watch the suspension following the ground with a kinda realistic bounce. its a buggy that really grows on you for simple driving fun.
  10. I hear you with the modding part,my TT01 was bought as parts for a "fun car".im sure it was around the £30 mark.I then spent more than that on Tamiya's Countach shell alone? then the dampers,drive line,carbon top brace....i must be mad! lol!
  11. to be fair,the plastic driveshafts and diff outputs are ok.the centre prop?i replaced it with Tamiya's alloy set in my TT01 so i cant comment on that,but i have heard the standard plastic prop being refered to as "a rattly banana". What i always found a puzzle is why were these designs introduced? I have a TT01 and a Holiday Buggy DT02 and the plastic drive line requires quite alot of new components to replace the normal all metal set up. the cast diff spider gears have an oblong centre point instead of splined,to fit to the oblong pressed diff out drive cup,that takes a HUGE diameter plastic dogbone end. Tamiya however do a metal hop up (not sure im comfortable calling something so basic a hop up) diff output with oblong insert so you can atleast move to metal dogbones/wheel axles or UJ's or just use splined spider gears that come with EVERY other Tamiya gear diff. Maybe Tamiya wish to move away from seperate diff outputs in their cars as alot of Tamiya's ball diffs feature the design of diff outs being one (or two) piece to the diff itself. The move to all plastic may be the least cost option for their entry level stuff?
  12. I think the TB models have the benefit of the suspension arms attach to the chassis via pins and blocks,same as most "racer" brands.the TT chassis just have a purely moulded plastic arm that is held by the gearbox sides. The block and pin allows for caster and inboard toe adjustments,the TT approach allows for your gearbox to be split in two if you clip a kerb! lol!
  13. My second Tamiya ever was a Terra-SCORCHER and it was like a pre-hopped up Thundershot type kit.It came ballraced,4 yellow CVA's,adjustable upper arms (with Egress 6mm blue connectors) front and rear anti-roll bars and front universal joint drive shafts.(and unusual rear wing) Then i noticed the TERRA-conqueror...that is like a pre-hopped up Manta Ray.same kind of spec. Then this? the Nova-SCORCHER,its certainly got the box art apperance as a nod to the Terra Scorcher so i kind of expected a hopped up TT02B straight off the bat? I figured that the DF02 models had set the precedent and this may have been to set the DF02 replacement bar alittle higher? But this new Scorcher is the basic entry level of entry level.no adjustable bits other than oil dampers?(atleast better than TT01 twist n fit shocks). I feel if Tamiya could perfect plastic springs and screws then the TT01/02/B would come with them? This new Nova Scorcher seems more like a Nova (fire) Dragon?and as mentioned,the hopped up version in the picture would easily be over twice the price of the kit alone to do? and that would place it in DB01 territory
  14. I really hope Associated re-release that RC10! I had an A stamped gold tub about 4 years ago that had been retro fitted with a white stealth transmission.I really liked that buggy,but between a lack of non extortionate priced wheels and parts,and the fact i had little knowledge on them at the time i sold it on the bay.I always thought it would be a super kit to own if complete and looking like that photo!
  15. I was remembering the "Avante front" Tamiya R/C guidebook,it shows how to fit the cargo van to a Tamtech chassis.along side the make your own shell that looked like a wonky delorean
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