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  1. I'm fine with taking my gearbox apart but have no reference as to which part does what once I get inside, does anyone have a copy of a manual or such like that they could scan and put up on the site somewhere, or perhaps email me on pookybaby_2@msn.com
  2. I've all but lost forward drive on my Wild Commando yet reverse is fine. It sounds like a clutch slipping in forward, can anyone please help with this problem???
  3. Wild Commando is a nitro car with FRAT gearbox
  4. I've all but lost forward drive on my Wild Commando but reverse is fine, can anybody help with a solution for this please?
  5. oooh missed that post about the blackfoot bodies, aint been on the site for a while, i'm really looking for a good example of a blackfoot body for when its cleaned up and sat on the shelf but a lexan one does sound like a good idea for wen i'm running it. The original is a little fragile and i dont wanna smash another one up
  6. One thing about my Blackfoot though, at the moment its sporting a polycarbonate BMW bodyshell made to fit. Blackfoot body is feeling very verrrrry poorly I'm afraid.
  7. Hi I'm in North Lincs, S****horpe to be precise and yeah a meet would be fun. []
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