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  1. eriknyg

    M-cars, what does M stand for?

    Thanks guys!
  2. eriknyg

    Spur/pinion for (Tamtech) GT-01 GB-01

    Thank you/takk skal du ha!
  3. eriknyg

    Spur/pinion for (Tamtech) GT-01 GB-01

    Is there a Tamiya support mail for such questions?
  4. eriknyg

    Spur/pinion for (Tamtech) GT-01 GB-01

    Thanks for trying! I replaced the original motor with a 380. So I need a pinion for the 380, and I have found several that can be used, but don't know what pitch or module to choose. Some are standard 48 pitch, others are module 0.6 and so forth.
  5. eriknyg

    Spur/pinion for (Tamtech) GT-01 GB-01

    A little help, please?
  6. I have the 1:12 Porsche 934 version. Need to know what pitch/module the spur & pinion are. :-)
  7. eriknyg

    How to Dye Wheels

    I'll do this, or dye trying! Thanks a lot!
  8. eriknyg

    Next Re Release

    Dear god, I bet you're a Tamiya fan too, please bring back the Egress! The only "Avante-buggy" I find sacret. And the rebirth of the Porsche 959 can't be wrong, either. :-)
  9. eriknyg

    Help wanted to ID a chassis

    Since it came with Graupner gear: Graupner BMW 3.5 CSL Kit no. 4972 in the 79 catalogue.
  10. Post deleted by user. No help to get here, anyway.
  11. eriknyg

    Removing glue

    I will follow your advice. Thank you!
  12. eriknyg

    Removing glue

    I bought myself a scale Robbe car. Previous owner has of course bonded the headlamp (plastic) glass to the reflector using superglue. What a mess. The glass has come loose, but some glue remains. I wonder how I should remove it.