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  1. Seems I don't have this priced correctly, so I am willing to entertain offers. Thanks
  2. Hello. I have a monster beetle in great condition w/ upgrades. It has a rear suspension stabilizer on the gear box, the cool technigold motor, and an aluminum brace that i designed and programmed a cnc machine to mill. It has full ball bearings. I also have the futaba radio, 6 NiCd batteries, and 2 chargers. Included are boxes and manuals for the monster beetle and radio. I have attached some pics. I live in Austin, Texas...Looking for $375 dollars, we split shipping. Thanks for looking! Best to contact me at chris_fabATyahoo.com
  3. would anyone in this thread be willing to make one for me and I'll buy it? I don't have the tools or time!
  4. Looks like finding a thorp diff for my beetle will be tough, so in the meantime, i'm wondering if anyone could make the mod for me so i could just install it(is that even possible?)
  5. Title says it all...looking to upgrade my gearbox in my runner monster beetle. would prefer the whole setup instead of having to look for parts. let me know what you got. thanks! chris
  6. A few months ago I found a tutorial on how to fix the foglight mounts on a monster beetle body. It used putty and some sort of brackets. I can't find it on this site for the life of me. any help???
  7. Hey guys! I cleaned her up after a short run at the beach the other day, and I think she came out nice. Still need to repaint the body with a new color scheme. I've seen some nice ones in the showrooms for sure. Think I'm going to do something in yellow. Also, I'm still not sure if I should make it a runner or not as it is mostly original and in pretty good shape. I'll update as I continue with this project.
  8. Yeah, it definately says BEC on it. I started to take the MB apart last night for a cleaning, and was surprised that it has metal ball bearings already installed. Quite happy with my purchase. I have a few more questions, but will wait until I can post pics as the pics will help explaining my questions. Anyone have any ideas about whether or not I should disassemble the body before refinishing/painting?
  9. I am using the stock MSC. I understand what you are saying now. Thanks a lot!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I'm still confused about the BEC. Am I harming my electronics by using the 4 AA batteries?
  11. Hi all. Greetings from America! I recently got a great deal off of Craigslist for an old Monster Beetle with a bunch of accessories. I was surprised when it arrived as there isn't a broken bit on it, save for the headlights which must have broke off from the original shell during the packing process. I've seen the mod on this forum on how to fix that, but I do have some other questions. I will try to post some pics in a day or 2, our camera has been acting up when trying to upload to our computer for some reason... Here we go. 1. The Beetle came with a technigold motor installed. I have the original box and motor tools and instruction manual. I was able to run the car after it arrived(I don't think it had been run for a long time) and it seemed to have good top speed and acceleration. Being such an old motor, do you think I should look into overhauling the brushes etc, or just leave it as is? Are there replacement parts even available?? I only ask because I have nothing to compare it to other than my faulty memory of my old monster beetle with a suped up Trinity speedworks motor. How do you know when a motor needs servicing? Are there other motors that are "better" and worth installing? I've read that the technigold is somewhat desirable...will I hurt it by running it after all these years? 2. I've read that the gearbox of the monster beetle tends to bow out. There seems to be an old, but cool mod to help counter that. There are purple machine cut "braces" that are screwed into the gearbox kind of "clamping" it shut tight. I know its hard without pics, but was this a custom job, or a standard hop up kit? Would the technigold motor cause the grearbox to swell without the mod? I'd like to get into the gearbox to regrease and check the condition of the gears, but am afraid I'll mess up the modification. What grease should I even use if I do this? Can I get a generic kind at my local hardware store, which is a lot closer than the hobby store? 3. The body is painted a horrible color. A metallic greenish gold which I just can't stand. However it is original and in really good shape, just a scratch here or there, no chips, cracks, or chunks taken out(aside from the broken headlight mount and black glass which i don't think is original). I'd like your thoughts on trying to repaint it. I wouldn't want to buy vintage decals as the price is probably too high(on a tight budget), so this would be taking away from its originality. IF I do decide to repaint, what do I do about the old paint? Do I dissolve it with something, sand it down??? A combination? I noticed that the body is consisted of multiple parts, ie the nosecone, and held together by screws and washers. Would I disassemble the body before repainting? I've read that you can get the best repro decals from someone on these forums. How do I do that? 4. My most concerning question is about the "BEC" system on the receiver. Battery eliminator circuitry. From what I gather, that should mean I can run the servos off of the 7.2V battery. However, I couldn't get the servos to move with only the battery connected. I quickly put in 4 AA batteries into compartment on the beetle, and it worked. However, I am afraid if I am doing things wrong that I could fry something by using both the AA batteries and the 7.2v one. I clearly have the BEC type unit in my beetle. Please advise! 5. I currently only have the original nicd battery it came with. Can I damage any electronics/motors by using such an old battery? I've charged it and plugged it in and gave the car a go, and it seems to work fine....... I have read that nicd batteries give more punch during their short runtime as compared to nimh which may last longer, but don't run at full speed the whole time. I also have 2 nicd chargers, one that was bought with the monster beetle, and a more recent one I got from a friend that has a higher amp charging option. Neither can charge nimh. I am thinking I just want a handful of nicds to keep the costs down. With 2 chargers and say, 3 batteries, what is the harm? 6. I want to strip and clean everything as best I can....would a toothbrush and and dish detergent be enough? That is all for now...thanks in advance!
  12. When I was younger, trying to clean my Beetle, I used windex to clean the gold wheels. Well what do you know...this stripped the gold and left the wheels chrome. Be careful! I"m still looking for a MB....
  13. only had one offer so far, c'mon guys!
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