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  1. Hi all, Been outta the game for some time now but I've developed a longing for one of my most missed models, a Semi truck and trailer combo. Ideally mfu'd up etc'. Would prefer a European style but I'm not gonna be too fussy Have cash waiting for the right set up when it grabs me. I'm in Kent but will travel within reason for the right setup. Cheers Cliff
  2. Due to 1:1 car issues I'm having to put my newly acquired Egress up for sale. I have just gone over it replacing some of the dodgy parts and had a general clean up and re-grease. Comes with spares, some new and some lightly used and a FULL SET of those ever elusive posi joint shafts. Could/would include the period radio and esc if wanted. I'm really gutted at having to do this but when needs must....... so looking for sensible offers please. can/will supply more pix upon request but for now please see showroom link here cheers Cliff
  3. Hi Markus, I have one in my traderoom if that's of any interest?? Cliff
  4. Liek it says above. see main ad here for more info cheers
  5. Dcided to see if there's anyone out there after a set of these for their prized possesion. It makes no odds to me whether I have these fitted or a set of cvd's, as long as I can drive it so looking to sell these to someone who will appreciate them for what they are. Only thing is I'd really want a set of cvd's as part of the deal so I can throw em straight into my Egress. They're still fitted to the car atm but will be able to provide pix of them asap. lemme know if you're interested and we can go from there cheers Cliff
  6. This came with my latest addition but I have no use for it and I'm sure there's someone out there just waiting for the right period esc to come along to complete their prized possession. Comes with instruction sheet and tested by me just now and all seems to work fine. I also have a period Futaba FPT2PBK Megatech Junior 27 meg TX available for that added touch of authenticity ;-) Open to offers on one or both. pix in my traderoom cheers Cliff
  7. Evening all. I'm trying to renew my subscription and get as far as " agree and pay" then get a message saying the transaction cannot be completed. I know I have enuff funds in there, and I sent some money elsewhere a short while ago so don't think it's a problem with my pp account. Any help and advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated cheers Cliff
  8. Just seen they even fitted 53009 suspension Titanium rod set in place of stock.
  9. Fair point and from flicking thru the avanta manual that came with it I think you could be right as there are various scribblings next to some parts like SA3 being crossed out and ballraced steering set 53033 written next to it, diff gear bag parts crossed out and Ball Diff written in, all drive shaft bits crossed out and 53031 , 53032 posi joint written in. This also points to it having been owned by a racer at some point in the past as they've been meticulous in the detail going into it. Looks like they even bought the inner sponge set for it too, will have to have a lok and see if they're still present.
  10. I was actually thinking about taking em out, cleaning em and maybe offering up to someone who would really appreciate em for what they are. Tbh it makes no odds to me whether I have those or normal cvd's in my car, as long as it runs fine. I'm just pleased to have the car and be able to run it as I really love the way they drive, and it's not gonna get used that often really. No plans to change the wheels at all, but maybe eventually would like a box art shell as I think it's looks the nuts in the siver scheme. Also gonna get rid of the older electrics as I use spekky radio and have some modern speedo's sitting here ready to go in. Hopefully find someone out there would like the classic radio and esc to finish off their shelf queen. Cliff
  11. LOL. as far as I can tell it's deff' an Egress, so not too sure why there's an Avante manual in there, unless a previous owner had one of those two and the manuals got muddled up????
  12. Just had the offending corner apart and found that out, thanks. Like I say, until this afternoon I never knew such things existed. Learn sommat new every day eh? Are they really much better than cvd's tho? or were they something designed to be the latest must have? Cliff
  13. Sorry, forgot that bit. hehe. I know it has the wrong rear wing but I have a few "buds" adjustable racing wings knocking about so I'll throw one of those on for now, but appears to have come with the most vulnerable bits as brand new spares which is a real bonus. I reckon it's been raced in a previous life as some of the parts have been "beefed up" and it even has little dirt shields of sorts around the rear gearbox outputs I'm hoping to giver her a good going over to make sure all's well then she'll be a runner, with more up to date electrics obviously. I'm over the moon with it tho as a few yrs ago I really wanted another to replace mine I sold a few more yrs ago, but with the prices so high on these I couldn't buy outright so was wheeling and dealing my way up to one when I got scammed on an Avante 2001 I was selling by someone and that put the kybosh on any hope I had of getting another, until now. Cliff
  14. Evenin all. Got a bit lucky yesterday when the Mrs was browsing her interweb and came across an ad for "2 rc's, reddy to go". I got home from work and about an hour later I dained to indulge her ( she keeps her eye open but most of em are the tenner down the market jobbies so didn't hold out much hope but looked anyway. My interest rose when I saw one was a tamiya but couldn't quite work out what car from the poor pic. Then my eye caught a glimpse of alloy hiding inside the front wheel and I studied even harder. Mind working overtime by now I looked at the asking price and my heart nearly stopped. Half hour later it's sitting on the kitchen table with all the spares strewn for all to see and me with a grin like a cheshire cat. Pix to follow very soon but while looking over it I noticed a knackered front uj but thought "oh well, reasonably easy to get hold of" but then on closer inspection I realised it wasn't knackered or broken but was unlike anything I've seen before and seemingly had just popped apart. Bit of reading on here later and I realise it has Posi joint shafts fore and aft. BONUS ( I think) lol This has got me wondering what other secrets this machine has waiting for me when I strip her down and give her a good clean up.................................... First question tho is can I just tap it back together or is there a special method to re-joining the two parts??? Pix shortly cheers Cliff
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