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  1. You may be better off fitting Traxxas ball ends
  2. And with the power to weight difference of Lipo batteries, silly things like this are possible.
  3. Once you start upgrading a Clod, it doesn't stop. Mine gradually broke everything (Clodzilla 2 chassis and metal 4 links), I locked out the rear steer and front mounted a beefy servo, and as Darat said, soft suspension helps to absorb the bangs. CPE do some strengthening brackets for the C-hubs that may help, or alloy tubes if your wallet is deep enough. Clod-talk and Clod-Parts are good sites to look for advice and shop from.
  4. One othe option if you can find it is the old MTroniks Super E-Truck, I run one on 4s with two 21t Titans. (Stupidly quick and it breaks stuff, but I love it.)
  5. I asked about this years ago and actually got a good answer. They were fitted with nylon bushes with the lack of maintenance in mind. Most will have been bought by parents for their kids, used and abused a few times then forgotten in a shed or loft for months or years. Bearings will rust and sieze, a nylon bush will just sit there. When they get 'rediscovered', no need to strip and replace, just charge the battery and go.
  6. Could it be the ceramic resistor playing up? It's been years since I used one but check the spade connectors are snug.
  7. Can be caused by too small a battery, if the ESC is a brushed/brushless one, it may be on the wrong motor type. (If the ESC is set to brushless and you fit a brushed motor, it does stutter)
  8. Over geared, it may have been okay with the stock tyres but Dirt Hawgs are bigger still. Your motor is really struggling. Try an EZRun Brushless. I ran a 10t set up in mine and it was stupidly fast.
  9. As said, the belt tension puts a lot of drag on the drive train, as does using too much grease in the gear boxes. I only use Tamiya's white grease in mine and only a couple of blobs per gear too. Check the pinion/spur mesh is loose too, the paper trick is the best way (put it between the pinion and spur, tighten the securing screws and take the paper out, you should have a tiny gap between them) Great for drifting, I love mine. (I have four in each set up.
  10. I'll get back to you if I get a buyer for mine.
  11. Grumpy, would you swap this for a TL01 with. a DTM CLK shell? Biggest mistake I made selling my old Blitzer.
  12. Would a set of barrel nuts from a set of hex extensions work? Either that or I f your Blackfoot uses normal dog bones then the TG10 wider out drives should give you enough thread on your hubs to work. (Part number 50808)
  13. Lexan shell, Sports tuned motor with 13t steel Pinion and a Lipo battery. This thing would just rip away. Even more mental with a 9t EzRun brushless.
  14. A 35t motor would be good combined with either 16 or 17t pinion.
  15. Or you can use the dog bones from an Ofna Dominator with Mr T's hardened outputs and drive cups. I broke several cvd's with my Daggers (twin sport tuned and Lipo on 2 of them and 0 timed RZ motors with Lipo I the other).
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