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  1. does anyone out there know of alternative wheels and tires for the Subaru brat? preferably something same size diameter or at least close. thanks for all your help in advance
  2. thanks thats what i wanted to know and its also same person that i was going to order from
  3. its automatic 2 speed supposed to be able to raise pinion gear 1.3 to 1.6 times what your actually using now so if you were running 10t you could go to 13t to 16t pinion gear
  4. it is a 2 speed gearbox (by nova?) not the motor. i was just wondering if anyone has used this and if so whats your opinionwouldnt mind any info or opinions from any one
  5. i have drift wheels with soft street tires on them
  6. im from southeast iowa and i order from hong kong all the time. for some reason its usually cheaper . just check there ratings and if theres any questions about there status use your best judgment. shipping takes a while though so be patient
  7. do any of you know what other pinion gears will fit the stock motor mount holes on the traxxas spirit i think the stock pinion is 19t 32p
  8. king blackfoot with the gravedigger body the gears are stock as far as i know
  9. i think speed is alright its getting it there that is the problem. it has no take off power at all. the current speed control is a old mechanical one from a traxxas spirit. im not sure what it has for gears.
  10. the reason for needing this info- a few days ago my son and i were out running our trucks on our race track in the back yard and things were good till my son set his controller down and started crying. when i finally got him calm enough to tell me what was wrong all he would say is "my truck cant keep up with my eyes" then he went in side to his mom. so after thinking about that for a while i finally figured out he needs more speed/power. hopefully the new esc will make things better for a little while at least
  11. will a 1/10 12turn esc work on a factory silver 540 motor but there are no markings on motor to know what it is esc specs: High-power FET (Field-Effect Transistor) control with proportional forward and reverse <LI>High-frequency design delivers smooth speed transition <LI>Push-button programming makes setup a breeze <LI>Designed to operate with stock motors (12 turns or higher) <LI>Thermal Overload Protection prevents damage due to overcurrent <LI>Pre-wired with Tamiya battery plug and bullet-style motor connectors <LI>Compatible with 4-cell 4.8V to 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery packs and most lipo batteries 12T High-Power Forward/Reverse Electronic Speed Control (ESC) features a high-frequency design that delivers the smooth speed transition desired by electric RC racers. This ESC comes prewired with a Tamiya-style battery plug and bullet-style motor connectors.Forward: Yes Reverse: Yes Time Delay Brake: Yes Continuous Maximum Current: 250A Input Voltage: 4-cell (4.8 volts) to 6-cell (7.2 volts) DC and Lipo Batteries Input Connector Types: Tamiya Output Connector Types: Bullet-Style Momentary Peak Current: 1000A Length: 1.575 in (40mm) Width: 1.575 in (40mm) Height: 1.063 in (27mm) Weight: 1.87 oz (53 g) BEC Voltage: 5V DC, 1 amp max PWM Frequency: 1 kHz Overload Protection: Thermal Full On Resistance: 0.0014 Forward / 0.0028 Reverse (not an advertisement just the best info i could give minus the brand. it is one that i have purchased and and currently waiting to receive)
  12. hello again to all who visit. I'm in need of some help or explaining of esc's. i was wanting to know what can be used with what? does the scale really matter with esc's such as can i use 1/10 12 turn esc with a 1/18 12 turn motor or a 1/8 esc with 1/10 scale motors? another example would be is a 300 amp 1/10 scale esc the same as a 300 amp 1/18 scale esc? does amps mean more power? what do i look for when buying an esc with out judging by the brand
  13. I'm like 98% sure my sons gravedigger is a king Blackfoot but I'm not 100%. It was just one i got on ebay that was false advertised. I had bought a Blackfoot that was supposed to be in excellent condition and the now gravedigger was supposed to be for parts seller said "electronics turned on but nothing worked but still had lots of usable parts". The truck that was supposed to be in excellent condition showed up with broken front suspension arms and and junk body but after checking out the electronics of the "parts truck" i found that they had plugged in the servo and esc actually between the slots on the receiver so nothing was making connection. after properly plugging stuff back in to the receiver i charged the battery and wahooooo it rode wheelies on demand and it was pretty quick too. So i took it apart painted it put it back together as what is now my 4 year olds gravedigger. As for the Blackfoot i originally was after i fixed it from other spare parts and both trucks painted and back together was less than 70 US dollars so i never did complain about the broken suspension arms or junk body because that 70 bucks did include a new body from parma for my wifes Blackfoot and a new parma body for my sons grave digger so in the end i was satisfied with the purchase
  14. i have a lunch box that im rebuilding for my older brother and only one side steers properly but i have double checked all steering linkage and components and cant find anything wrong also when you go in reverse both front tires point in all the way does someone out there know how to fix this i can post pictures of the front end if that would help
  15. do any of you guys know of any good rc truck pulling web sites for parts and/or also pictures (preferably tamiya compatible)
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