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  1. Hi I had a wild willy that was extremely thick in places and all i did was leave it to soak in dot 4, foretunatly the wild willy plastic was fine after approx 12 months of soaking and the paint came off easily. I am now testing how long you can leave the white plastic soaking in synthetic dot 4 (because thats all i can get), i will let you know how it goes so you will have some idea of how long you can soak this type of plastic, i will let you know at the begining of feb as to how i am getting on. Best Regards Ben
  2. I'm sure you will know this but the chrome is probably appliied using electrolysis, can you not remove it mechanically? Best Regards Ben
  3. Hi Guys Thanks for your advice on this matter, all very helpful, I found an old blazer roof part that is the same plastic as the body so i am going to leave it to soak in brake fluid for a month or so to see if it is affected. unfortunatly my d0t4 is synthetic so i will have to see what that is like until i get some mineral based (Does it matter???). Take it easy guys and thanks again Best Regards Ben
  4. Hi I have stripped wild willy bodies in the past and found no matter how long the body was in brake fluid, the plastic was not affected, now I am stripping my blazer and the paint seems quite stubborn, my concern is will the brake fluid distort the blazer body over a length if time if i submerge it? I do not want to rub the blazer body down because i will loose the detail of the doors! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, after all you are the guys to ask. Best Regards Ben (Tamiya.mad)
  5. Hi Marcus Mechanically she is finished but i haven't started the bodywork yet and i am still after a few bits (just rear lights- I hope), I will post a few pics of what i have done so far when i have some!!!, i really should have taken some pics of the restoration!! I am only going to run her once on tarmac because i restored her to be a shelfer, she is my pride and joy and basically i cant afford another to play with Thanks for the response, i hope to finish her this year but my wife and i have just had a baby girl so we will have to see Take it easy Ben
  6. Hi I have a blazer that i have just restored, i want to give it a test run before i put it on the shelf.!! I have a shift gate, do i just start off in first upto full speed, then return to zero throttle and then shift to 2nd upto full throttle then return to zero throttle, shift to third and then upto full throttle? Thought i had better ask you guys before i wreck something Thanks in advance for any help Cheers Ben Also what are these cars like for cornering because i don't wanna roll it!!!!
  7. Thanks Guys for all your help, is there an exploded view in existance? Cheers Ben
  8. This is fantastic, thanks very much, I will now have much more confidence to attempt this task, I'm pretty sure my transmision is ok but I can strip down, clean and re-assemble now. Thanks for your help Ben
  9. Hi fellow enthusiasts. I picked up a thread on google a while ago that lead me to believe there may be a gearbox manual to help me strip down and rebuild my blazers geabox, I don't think anything is broken but for peace of mind i would like to strip it down, clean and re-assemble it, if there is a manual does anybody know where i can get a copy? Thanks alot Guys and Gals Ben
  10. These are a few pics if i can upload them sucessfully, not sure what the quality will be like i reduced the quality alot body pretty good needs steering wheel and column, complete roof, drivers left arm, head with helmet, left back light (are these handed? or interchangeable) chassis needs new plastic cover, pair new tyres (i have 1 pair), body clip mount. bad connection somewhere on the radio gear but can sort that If anybody can help me find the parts i need that would be great, I also picked up a thread that there may be a manual available to show me how to rebuild the gearbox, if anybody can help with that, it would be great Thanks alot guys and gals Ben
  11. Hi again folks Another question for you guys, does anybody know of an equivalent aerial I can buy that will suit my AP-427 Acoms transmitter, any help would be great! Thanks Ben
  12. Yes i will do that as soon as i can, not sure how yet, I have already stripped out the radio gear which works intermittently but i think its the switch, will try to post some pics over the weekend, to be honest i'm delighted with the car but it does need a few bits here and there including drivers head and left arm, battery compartment lid which is damaged, roof spoiler and roof sides, original decals and a pair of brand new tyres and finally ALOT OF ELBOW GREASE. my workshop should be finished in a couple of weeks so i should be starting the restoration soon. Thanks for the interest Ben
  13. Thanks Guys, you have put my mind at rest, thats great. Cheers Ben
  14. Hi Guys Can anybody help me please, I have just purchased my first blazer finally!!! My question is: The front wheels only turn in First Gear, they do not turn in 2nd or 3rd gear, the seller assured me this was normal and correct, is this the case please. Do Blazers only operate in 4wd in first gear? Thanks for reading and any help would be much appreciated. Ben
  15. Hi Guys and Gals I was hoping you could help me, I am thinking of buying a Sherman in the future and have read somewhere that the vintage ones with the silver metal tracks are much more rare and more sought after than the ones with the black metal tracks. the question is, is this true or is it just a myth? Any help or advice would be much appreciated Thanks for you help. Tamiya.mad
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