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  1. To be honest, I’ve always found Tamiya bottle paints an absolute knightmare to paint figures with as blending colours or overpainting another colour often pulls the original layer off, probably due to the high solvent content of the Tamiya acrylics. They are great for airbrushing though. I prefer Humbrol or Games Workshop acrylics (mainly as they’re easily sourced in the UK) to lay out the base colours and then use artist oil paints thinned with white spirit to add shading and depth. Heres a driver ive painted with a mix of Tamiya white & yellow sprayed over the helmet to get the flat colour, Games Workshop paint for the skin. After an oil wash and a little blending and details picked out with GW acrylics. Or here’s another that’s had a bit more oil paint added. Whatever you use a light dusting of Matt varnish spray will help protect your work and kill the shiney look some paints & washed will leave.
  2. mr crispy

    Do I want a truck???

    If you’re even asking the question “Do I want a truck?”... then yes, obviously you do. Now go and warm up your credit card! 😜
  3. mr crispy

    Tank kits

    Did you go for anything in the end Jonathon? Like AdLav says Tamiya full option 1/16 tanks have amazing control and sounds, will give you a long and challenging/enjoyable build experience, but obviously at a higher cost. Heng Long have actually gotten very good with their RTR products. Movement and sounds isn’t on a par with Tamiya but it’ll give you the feel and if you like it, all the internals can be upgraded. Externally they are 80-90% what you’ll get from Tamiya with a lot of parts interchangeable. Plenty of upgrades out there. Check out Welsh Dragon Models and Forgebear on eBay! If you’re thinking of a British Sherman then Heng Longs M4A3 is very nice straight out of the box. If you want a little BB fun it was the best performing shooter I had! All I did to mine was weather effects, modify the commander and add some stowage. There are tank meets around the country. AdLav often organises one in Tunbridge Wells if your close. Nic
  4. Hi all, I just got around to stripping a vintage Wild One I picked up from eBay last year to restore. Noticed the rear end was a little wonky and found the metal aluminium mounting plate had been bent and repaired a few times. Took it off to straighten it and this happened obviously over fatigued metal 😖 So does anyone have a spare part for sale? Thought I’d check before splashing out for the full parts bag. cheers Nic
  5. mr crispy

    Fast Attack Hopper budget build

    Thought I’d update this old thread as the Fast Attack Hopper is finally finished. Traded it with my brother in law and he gave it a rather nifty P51 Mustang paint job! I’d like to point out the drivers face was painted by yours truely 😉
  6. mr crispy

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Having had a great time at the Capel Military Vehicles show this weekend I needed a lazy way to clean all the dust off...
  7. mr crispy

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Took a handful of vintage Wild One with a few tweaks, some Shapeways goodies from Toykid and a Sand Scorcher bodyshell to see if I can get some groovy Baja action 😎
  8. mr crispy

    Smoke units?

    Heng long smoke units draw power straight from the battery so will work happily on 7.2 Nimh & 7.4 Lipo volts. I havent tried running on less but have had one running on a 9v battery fine. Length of run depends on the oil reservoir but you could get a good 30-60 mins out of a single fill. Hard to say for sure as I’ve not run one flat out until empty. Best oil I’ve used in them is paraffin based baby oil. It gives out a thicker, whiter smoke than the standard HL stuff, is easy to buy and smells lovely 😉 Theres an easy mod to ditch the HL noisy pump with a 12v fan. Here’s a clip I did of my one. Heng Long smoke units on eBay:
  9. mr crispy

    FS : Kyosho HOR 1/8 Motorcycle

    Not from me, I sold it over a year ago.
  10. mr crispy

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Got my old 1/6 scale Willis Jeep back on the work bench to finish it off for a show later this year. Had a little test run to try out the narrowed FlatIron tyres I made and check they hold ok on the dressed up Tamiya stardish wheels. (Dont know why YouTube won’t accept any title for this video btw). Seems to run great and the tyres look a lot more scale than anything I could find 😉
  11. mr crispy

    Sand scorcher body on TL01B - How?

    Looking good Phill. If you want one I may have a spare bumper somewhere. PM me your address and if I find it I’ll stick it in the post mate. Larger tyres should increase the top speed but be aware of overheating the motor. The limited gear options on the TL chassis can make that a problem.
  12. mr crispy

    Sand scorcher body on TL01B - How?

    Just remembered you can still get these VW Engine sets from Duratrax: I screwed mine to the rear bumper and it even comes with the bar cage. Makes the rear end look so much better especially if you make up a little fan shroud like I did on the TL01 Baja Bug.
  13. mr crispy

    Sand scorcher body on TL01B - How?

    Looks good to me. Think I had to bend the rear posts a bit to get them to fit and over time they’ve taken the shape. It makes for a fun runner and the Beetle body means should you roll it, 90% of the time it lands back on its wheels with virtually no damage done! I’ve been running mine on and off for 7-8 years on that same body on only picked up scuffs and a few cracks along the running boards. Superglue and fibreglass tape on the inside has fixed that. It’ll out perform any 2wd on loose ground thanks to the 4x4 and the supergrippers... almost feels like cheating 🤪
  14. It’s great to see this back on your work bench Jenny, looks amazing. You always seem to out do yourself with every build 😮 Loving this one, top build 👌